Oh, no, its, not its a brand new edition of the s21 which released about a year ago, but its being released about a month before the s22 flagship series of this year. Confused lets see if we can try and unravel this discombobulation, oh and if you enjoyed this video and want to see sneaky hands on s22 content, which is coming very very soon make sure you subscribe to the channel turn on the notifications. So you know when i post. So what is the fan edition? Well, samsung first released their first fan edition with this here: s20 fe and it looked to bridge the gap between the premium high end and mid ranges hoping to give flagship, samsung fans a taste for less it launched about six months after the s20 series and provided A pretty interesting proposition for a few key reasons now in order to provide a phone for less samsung, had to make obviously some cutbacks. Some of its features were less premium than the flagship model, like the look and feel in the hand plastic back compared to glass. A full hd display, as opposed to quad, hd, larger bezels, etc. But, interestingly, some features were actually better. We had a larger battery. We had a snapdragon chip everywhere which appealed to many customers in regions like europe, for example, where we are used to getting exynos chipsets. In samsung devices and the phone itself was received pretty well now, while i thought at the time the s20 fe was a confusing release due to being hard to place in the market, i actually feel the s21 fe is an even odder addition to samsungs range of Phones, but before we get to that, what do we actually have here well up front? We have a 6.

4 inch, 120hz amoled panel, really bright and vibrant, something you would expect from a decent samsung device and really its only the fact that its full hd and not quad hd max resolution. That makes it differ from the most premium handsets, but to the untrained eye, most people wouldnt, really notice. I really actually like using a samsung phone with a flat display for a change having been on the s21 ultra the note 20 ultra etcetera over the past couple of years. Thats not to say i prefer a flat display to a curved display, but its nice to have that option. You have the strongest corning gorilla glass victus on the front, but on the back we again have plastic. Yes, this does feel cheaper or more budget to be polite um than the glass more premium models. But if youre going to skin or case up your phone, it may be less noticeable and if youre a massive dropper like. I am take a look at that. That has seen some trouble if youre like me and youre a dropper, then its probably gon na be more well. It is gon na be more durable for you. The back also houses a triple camera setup: two 12 megapixel sensors one wide and one ultra wide and an eight megapixel telephoto lens with three times optical zoom, so its very similar to the standard s20. But the larger 64 megapixel lens on the original will allow. In more light, and usually therefore would provide a sharper image, especially if cropping in then the eight megapixel end on the fe, but the fe does actually have three times pure optical zoom to the three times hybrid zoom on the s21.

So at this point, its probably more of a much of a muchness again to the average everyday user, if we flip the phone, the 32 megapixel selfie shooter on the fe seems to offer slightly sharper images to the 10 megapixel camera on the s21. So again, this yoyo of pros and cons between the two continues right through to the battery, for example, which is again larger on the fe model at 4500 to the 4000 on the standard s21 nice to see that larger capacity, although in terms of real world drainage World drainage, this this phone is uh still not blessed in the battery department and ive really got used to the stellar performance of the pixel 6 pro. So i did definitely notice a slight wanting towards the end of the day. Um with this, and while were on pixel phones, unfortunately for the s21 fe as good as an all round phone as this is, it has two key sticking points. The first is price: it retails for around 700 pounds, which is more expensive than the pixel 6 uh. But in my opinion i think the pixel 6 has a better core camera if slightly less versatile, a slightly larger battery and stock android. If thats your preference and only 50 pounds cheaper than the standard s21, which is more of a premium handset but even more damaging for samsung, is the launch time frame. The s22 series has mentioned will be launched in a matter of weeks and they will be improved devices over this, and presumably the standard s21 and the rest of the s21 series will also be reduced as a result, whereas because this is just launching, it probably wont, Be so you may get to a point where the s21 premium device is cheaper than this or you can get a standard s22 for a similar sort of price to this and its going to be a better phone.

So its just an odd decision from samsung. As a whole, with the launch, the s20 fe launched, i think, around september time in 2020, some five six months after the s20 standard and and that kind of made sense, it refreshed peoples, memories on the s20 series it gave them a fresh, take on it um And, like i said it was a pretty popular device but to launch this one so close to the s22. The next round of phones, yeah, just a bit bizarre discombobulation, is a word of the day. Ive said it twice, doesnt make any sense anymore. Its a silly word, but im, probably gon na, put it in the title. Why not? What are you gon na do its not the end yet get back over it, pushing all those qualms aside, its not all doom and gloom. The s21 fe is still a very, very compelling option: very solid, all round camera great display, im, really enjoying samsungs one ui 4.0 software over the top of android, very clean customizable and just straight fun to use and really if they have released this phone mid to The end of last year, then it would be very, very hard for me not to recommend it, but unfortunately, because they havent its a bit more of a hard sell unless you can get it for a cheeky discount and then fill your boots fill your boots. Of course, if you are buying a brand new smartphone and are going to be using it for banking online shopping and just browsing in general youre going to want to make sure that you are nice and secure since its inception, the digital world that we now find Ourselves in is becoming more and more advanced with each passing day.

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