The good thing about having so many phones is that theres something for everyone, but keeping track of them all is a real challenge. So here weve narrowed the field to the best shoomi phones available today for a range of budgets like share and subscribe. The video, as we explain how xiaomi differs in terms of price, specs and performance and give you all the information you need to pick the right. One for you subscribe the channel. If you are new on this channel, let us start the video shumi poco f3. The poco f3 is a cracking mid range phone selected as the best xumi phones that extends to gaming, where the 120 hd oled display comes into its own. However, that high refresh rate does hit battery life, especially when youre working with a smaller capacity than the poco x3 pro a premium design and solid set of cameras make for an excellent smartphone experience. Many people will find everything they are looking for in the poco x3. Pro a device that retails for less than the poco f3, unless you value an oled display slightly better cameras or a glass back, the cheaper phone might be a better bet. Specification of shumipoco f3 release date of this phone is march 2021.. Weight of this phone is 196. dimensions are 163.7×76.4 x 7.8. Its operating system is android, 11. screen size is 6.67 inch with resolution 1080 x, 2400 cpu version is snapdragon 870 ram size is 6 8 gb in storage.

Size is 128 gb, 256 gb. Its battery timing is hundred twenty ma has rear camera 48 mp plus eight mp, plus five mp and front camera 20 mp, xiaomis poco phone cell brand became very prolific between 2020 and 2021, and the poco f3 is part of the third generation of devices. The phone is a display and performance champion, making it great for streaming gaming and scrolling through social media as a low cost phone. There are things you are missing out on the cambers are not great and there is no wireless charging, but not everyone needs those things. Chalm 11t pro the shumi 11t pro is a strong upper mid range best, shoomy phones with decent performance and excellent 120 hd display and a capable 108 mp camera. The implementation of 120 w wire charging is certainly a catching, and if you frequently find yourself for charging on the fly, there is no better phone on the market. Specification of shoomy 11t pro release date is september. 2020.. Total weight is 200 fork. Dimensions of this phone are 164.1 x, 76.9 x 8.8. Its operating system is android 11. screen. Size is 6.67 inch. With resolution 1080 x, 2400 cpu consists of snapdragon 888 ram. Size is 8gb in storage, size is 120 8gb, 256 gb battery timing is 5, 000 rear cameras is 108 mp, plus 8 mp, plus 5 mp and front camera is 16 mp. The shumi11t pro is both a mid range take on the my 11 and the year on successor to the my10t pro, though its worth noting that it was the first phone to lose to my branding previously used by the company.

This is a great mid range handset, with a powerful chipset good, looking screen, useful camera array and intuitive fingerprint scanner. If you like the look of the maya 11, you will find many of its features here, like the 5mp tele macro lens or plentiful camera modes. There were a few issues with the phone, though its fingerprint sensor, though quick to use, was a bit too high for some people to reach. The main problem we had was that it got hot, really quickly which reduced processing power. Overall, though this is the best shoomy phone and if you need a new mid range handset, it is definitely worth checking out shoomy redmi. Note 10, pro the redmi note. 10 pro is one of the best chumi phones. You can buy with shumi delivering exceptional value for money highlights here, start with a stunning screen offering ammo technology and a 120 hd refresh rate and continue with an excellent set of cameras. The headline is a 108 mp whopper, which is backed up by reasonable ultra wide and a surprisingly decent telemacro. There are smaller delights too, such as the inclusion of a headphone jack arc, fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers and even an ir blaster battery life is also strong. Xumi includes a 33w charger in the box, and core specs are decent with a snapdragon 732g ensuring smooth performance specification of xumi redmi. Note 10 pro release date of this phone is march 2021.. Total weight is 193 dimensions, is calculated as 160 4×76 0.

5 x 8.1. Its operating system is android 11. screen. Size is 6.67 inch with resolution 1080 x, 2400 cpu based on snapdragon 732g ram size is 6gb, gb and storage. Size is 64 gb, slash 128 gb battery timing is 5, 000 point amount, rear. Camera is 108 mp, plus 8mp, plus 5mp plus 2mp front. Camera is 16 mp. If you are looking for the best shoomi phone. The note 10 pro is that phone it has top specs and a low price, making it a solid buy. The phone has a super high result: 108, mp main camera, a big and bold 120 hd screen and a massive 5 000 20 mah battery. As cheap phones go. It is a star shumi, poco, x3 and fc. The poco x3 pro is the best xumi phone designed for android gamers or power users on a budget, though it might also appeal to those who want to go big on specs in order to future proof their phone. If pure performance is not your priority, then you can find phones that are slimmer and lighter with better camera performance for around the same price. This is near flagship processing power in one of the cheapest phones on the market. Specification of xiumipoco x3 nfc release date of this diomyphone is september 2020.. Total calculated weight is 250. dimensions of his phone is 165.3 x, 76.8 x 9.4. Its operating system is android 10. screen. Size is 6.67 inch with resolution 1080 x, 2400 cpu based on snapdragon 732g ram size is 6gb in storage.

Size is 64gb 128 gb battery timing is 5160mah rear. Camera is 64mp plus 13 mp, plus 2 mp, plus 2 mp and front camera is 32 mp. The shumi poco x3 nfc is a surprising phone mainly because it is one. This phone has really impressive specs the devices loads of processing power, a really long lasting battery and a 120 hd screen all for a really low price. If you pick this device up, youre, certainly getting more than you paid for in the best possible way. Sure there are some quirks, not everyone will like. The phone is really big and the cameras do not match competitors of the same price, but this is still a worthy buy thats the best budget phone right now, shoomimy11 looking for the absolute best shoomi phone, then look. No further, the my 11 ultra is up there with the likes of the samsung galaxy s21, an iphone 12 pro for power performance and overall design. This premium phone is beautifully designed with a lovely size and weight to it. The generous 6.81 inch screen is pixel sharp, with a smooth 120 hd refresh rate and a qhd resolution with 12 gb of ram on board. It is a fast performer too, and the camera combining a 50 mp main sensor, a 48 mp ultra wide and a 48 mp periscope zoom, is simply fantastic. The 20 mp selfie camera is pretty great, too specification of shumi maya 11.. This phone released on the date march 2021.

It has the total weight. 196 dimensions of this phone can be measured. As 160 4.3 x, 74.6 x, 8.6 offered operating system is android, 11. screen size is 6.8 inch. With resolution 1440 x, 3200 cpu consists of snapdragon 888 total ram is 8 gb storage. Size is 128 gb, 256 gb battery time to work properly is 4 600 mah rear. Camera was 108 mp plus 13 mp plus 5 mp front. Camera is 20 mp. The shumi maya 11 is the companys flagship for 2021 showcasing new camera modes screen technologies and rear camera designs. At a premium phone price tag, we gave the phone a glowing review praising, in particular its macro photography mode. It is great looking screen with a high resolution and refresh rate and the processing power provided by its top end chipset xumi. My 11 is on the top in this list because of its budgetable price with the latest technology and high resolution camera. Thank you.