This is actually my first time the makaka encountering a smartphone number on color. Changing Applause. Music lets start with the pricing. Actually, vivo released two new um smartphones line up marathon, vivo v23 e 5 g and then na vivo, v, 23, 5 g to those who doesnt know miranda actually vivo v23, pro 5g pero. Based on what i know it wont be launched here in the philippines. For the price, the vivo v23 5g cost 27 999 pesos, which is, i think, available, narendra smartphone. It was online stores non vivo anyway, lets start with our very quick unboxing. The design of the box is still the same. Pero coma papa senono mentioned glitters effect, its actually not just on top, but also on both sides of the box, not that it actually matters, but at least we know that they put some thought into it, guys jason. We got the phone itself, we got a clear jelly case: paperworks the 44 watt of evo flash charger, chambray usb type c to usb type, a charging cable for the mid range device and for its price, its actually pretty complete, most high end devices. We also got the earphones named 3.5 millimeter audio jack, but now that you guys already know what youre getting aside from our phone or snap smartphone im sure imagine you might at the end bucket shop caller changing okay. So let me explain guys the technology behind this young backpack, now phone guys, google machine and floor right, a g glass, not a baby, gaining texture.

Aside from this uv reactive color, which is again present in adidas, adding sunshine gold of variety, is it changes to different shades of blue and other use in between uv light smartphone? On the other side, i have here with me a uv flashlight. I use this guys for the beerus. The color changing will also happen, new young smartphone under the sunlight. You can also make different patterns depending on you, and it will be gone after around 30 seconds technology behind the back panel of this phone submarine stencil and then, of course, the uv flashlight ill do this for around 10 seconds after i remove this stencil lets. Remove the stencil adiva napa hansa valentines edge, now again, most of us tell again because of the iphones and yes, it looks very similar than the onsen flat edge from the operino parasite, justifying actually on the heavier side pero. It has a very luxurious feel to it that makes it even better to hold without a case yonya lang when it comes to any ip rating, since chambray were talking about a mid range device, that kind of leans forward to the premium side, young, any ip reading Or, of course, wireless charging anyway and of course, the power button below anything, i think cm3 another mic, usb type support and the jungkanyong speaker, grille Music display display its actually flat. It has a 6.44 inch display size in your merenta young notch that is kinda smaller, though, once a notch number entire from the iphones, i would say guys, know your forehead nathan, its not hdr, 10 plus and each lg, but it uses a 90 hertz screen refresh Rate when we go to settings kuma, pensinho marantayan, that long choices between smart switch, which is what im using right now 60 hertz and, of course, the 90 hertz overall by the second.

The display panel is caller, accurate man, but since it uses an amoled display per second more than enough 75 of brightness parasa everyday settings go anyways. Since we are already talking about my favorite features by the way, no machadong, like any other high end vivo phones, atom, vivo v23, is also focused on its cameras. It has a 3 pole, rear camera setup with 64 megapixels as its main camera and 18 megapixels ultra wide and a 2 megapixels macro camera, and then pyramids adding front cameras. Marine time 50 megapixels, dual autofocus with ultrawide and dual led flash before i describe atti manga photos. I just want to say in the middle mina bag was adding mismong camera user interface. Im not sure why perihuman attacks nathan now is smaller and medium lets start with the front camera samples along you guys. Young attend photos, probably is one of the best selfies, the nakita kosai sang smartphone priced at this point. Young high resolution 50 megapixel snap in is providing a lot of details and narrating the new skin tone snapping, which is obviously very important parasite, but to take nonselfies and then come up headlight that we also saw on the mundancer previews vivo v series smartphone. So its not like its new to me, pero, okay, its very helpful for the night time, selfies merentin eye tracking autofocus, featuring helpful and very handy guys, going into taking video sky or vlogging using, of course, the front camera satisfied in the menohosa atting manga photos taken By its 64 megapixels primary shooter lalong when it comes to night mode, dynamic range and, of course, the exposure actually no guys well dedicated telephoto lens, because, most of the time we get the slang smartphones priced at 30, 000 peta user interface, no camera application, usually they Focused on design display and the cameras paras avivo, v23 5g.

It uses the new dimension 920 chipset again its a samantha bagom chipsets numero entire from mediatek, and it is also a 5g ready smartphone at sham premier, linkedin 8 gig, with a 4 gig ram extension effectively. Making it a 12 gig ram device at man and some 128 gig of internal storage with the kind of gaming guys nagina saison smartphone, definitely kain kayani, vivo, v23, 5g, hindi, london, guys, graphics, wise magandadel, thermal management, yeah major impressive, actually for a device number one glass Back panel, although ill be very honest with you guys, he must have an impressive audio side device. Probably we can blame the ito, guys some single downward firing, speaker and lack of stereo set up, but yes, its loud enough, which is why no um tayo Music, despite the image of a bigot young adam device, it only has 4 200 milliamp hour, which is again Is already 5 000 milliamp hour? The device did not last me for more than a day, because, again, almost every end of the day, i charge my device. So i experiment but im actually imaging about it. When it comes to the charging speed, it has 44 watt fast charging capability, which is looking too long. It did not take me over an hour paramount, fully charged on vivo v23 Music. Now kaya measure me changes when it comes to its camera. User interface is because the vivo v23 5g already has the fun touch os 12, based on android 12.

. We still have our usual app drawer pair compartments in your right now, makassar control center and, of course, the notifications. There is also not much wallpapers such settings and, before i forget guys, meron and display fingerprint sensors, which is nabilis naman and in terms of the location, okay, its not on the awkward place. Actually, if i were to give my final verdict: parasating vivo, v23, 5g, again the lack of stereo speakers and mezzo hindi, okay on performance, but other than that, i do think vivo v23 5g performed.