Right now i am using the oneplus 9rt as my daily driver, while all of our team members have been pretty occupied with at least one smartphone to test one. Such phone is the xiaomi 11i hyper charge, which we have been testing for almost three weeks now, if youre not aware, it is xiaomis latest mid range smartphone for the indian market and the successor of the incredibly popular me 10, i from last year in china. It goes by redmi, note, 11, pro plus 5g, and the company might even launch this phone with a different name elsewhere. As for the price, it starts at 27, 000 indian rupees for the base 6128 gb variant and 29 000 indian rupees for the 8 128 tv model, so yeah its priced way too higher than the meter nine in xiaomis defense. They have included this 120 watt charger inside the box, which itself costs 4 000 indian rupees according to the global vp of xiaomi. Mr monaco margin goes on without saying that this charger is insanely fast and can take this phone from zero to 100. In just about 80 minutes, but what about other crucial aspects of this device? Is it on par with the competition lets find out? But before that, allow me to address how beginners in the field of trading and investing often face a hard time due to lack of a professional advisor. A financial expert helps you identify areas of opportunity to avoid such scenario.

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There are also no complaints from my side. In terms of weight distribution, since it has that solid heft ive come to expect from a smartphone still in all, i would have loved it even more if xiaomi had given metal frames here, but i completely get it since its a part of the cost cutting measure. Xiaomi still offers an ip53 rating on the 11i hyper charge and is among the few brands to provide such splash resistant properties on its budget and mid range phones. Moreover, you also get an ir blaster and a 3.5 mm headphone jack here. The latter, as you know, is pretty rare these days even on mid range phones, so that is something we got to admire about xiaomi. On the other hand, the volume rockers here are not the most tactile ones, but they get the job done. This power button doubles as a capacitive fingerprint sensor as well, which is fast and accurate, and definitely faster than the one you get on cheaper xiaomi phones, like the note 11.. Alright, over onto the front, we are greeted with a 6.7 inches display that takes all the boxes at least feature wise that you can expect from a phone of this price in 2022., this amoled screen refreshes at 120 hertz and is complemented by a faster 360 hertz Dot sampling rate up to 1200 nits of brightness hdr10 compliance white, one l1, certification and whatnot for protection. Xiaomi has gone with the good old gorilla glass 5.

in actual real world usage. This display is say better than last years. Redmi note 10 pro and slightly inferior to the one you get on the me11x or the poco f3 plus in the recommended vivid picture profile. The colors are slightly more punchy and vibrant, but it looks really good. The smaller bezels and a tiny bunch hole cutout further improves the overall viewing experience as expected from an amoled panel. The contrast here is top level which is especially noticeable when watching content with a dark ambience. This display can also get plenty bright and you will have no issues texting or checking your messages, even if youre outdoors, however, the minimum brightness on this thing is a bit higher, so not the most comfortable experience. If you happen to be a night out, plus one underlining issue that i faced with this display is that whenever i tried watching hdr videos on netflix theres, this weird pale hue and over sharpening going on which completely ruins the experience i dont know. If this is the new media, tech diamond city 920s, in ability to process hdr videos effectively or i have netflix to blame at the end of the day, the frustrating thing is that, despite multiple reports from both the general users as well as a few reviewers, i Have not received any updates addressing this issue, so xiaomi should really look into such issues and try to fix them asap, because you know what xiaomi does not have the best of reputation when it comes to their software.

Here, apart from the poor, dark mode implementation in some apps and some frequent freezes in messenger, i havent faced any major issues with miui on this one. But to be honest, you never know what you will stumble upon in the future. Likewise, i am pretty surprised to see xiaomi not specifying the number of years of guaranteed software updates for the 11i and the 11i hypercharge. This is a bit concerning because the company did promise three years of os updates for the eleven night ne, which is cheaper than this phone. So i think they need to maintain some level of consistency going forward now getting to the performance side of things. The diamond city 920 has fared really well so far. If i have to compare it is on par with the snapdragon 778 g, but certainly not as good as the snapdragon 870 or the diamond city 1200. Nonetheless, you will definitely enjoy using the xiaomi 11i hybrid charge. Its respectably fast enough, apps open quickly and multitasking, has not been an issue either with the 8gb ram variant that i have, but having used so many phones with the snapdragon 870 or the diamond cd 1200 chip. Lately, this one feels a tad bit slower. Then again, if you are coming from a budget or a mid range phone, its going to feel faster and also smoother with that 120hz display. Another thing where the diamond city 920 is good at is handling thermals, be it while gaming or using heavy apps.

This thing does not throttle at all. If you recall, mediatek processors were always a victim of overheating and to come from that to this is a job well done. Likewise, im also pretty satisfied with its gaming performance. Here you can play most games at high settings with 100 stability. Pubg mobile plays smoothly at 60, fps with graphics, set to smooth and frame rates to extreme. If you want better visual instead, you can set the graphics to hdr and frame rates to ultra, although the frame rates go down to 40 fps here. Similarly, call of duty is another high end game that takes a toll on the graphics, but the xiaomi 11i hyper charge gives a stable, 60 fps in high graphics and very high frame rates. Kenshin impact, however, is not enjoyable in the highest of settings, so youll need to dial down the settings to 30 fps and the overall stability jumps from 71 to 94. Likewise, most 120 fps games, like mech arena and odd mark, can hit 120 120fps even in the highest of settings, which means that xiaomi has optimized these games well for this phone. Additionally, the stereo speaker here is quite good. It can get plenty loud with a decent level of meds and vocals, its obviously not as good as the premium phones, but you should enjoy listening to music or podcasts from this speaker setup Music. Unfortunately, xiaomi has not included an impressive vibration motor here. Its certainly good enough for most users, but this is one area where i would have loved to see.

Companies take things to the next level by including flagship tier motors thats, because, from my experience, a high quality vibration motor makes a big difference if youre typing or if you receive a phone call while riding a bike. Similarly, given the price tag, i believe the camera is one area where xiaomis mid range phones do not provide the best possible optimization, and the same applies with this phone too. Here you get a quad camera setup at the back, with a 108 megapixel primary lens and 8 megapixel ultra wide and two useless 2 megapixel depth and macro sensors, starting off with the 108 megapixel main camera. I found the daylight images to be pretty average, given the price um at times it can click some good pictures with boosted colors and the right amount of details, while at other times it over sharpens. The images and the hdr does not work very well either, plus because of the big sensor size. It could not focus on close up shots that easily, moreover, as expected from a mid range phone, it does not have the fastest shutter speeds and an excellent image processor. To capture well detailed shots of moving objects like your pets, too whats even more lackluster from this primary camera, is that it over sharpens human subjects, especially under the portrait mode, and it just does not look good xiaomis product team should have addressed this fire and update Asap, but here we are, as for the secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens its all right and nothing extraordinary, but thats me lowering my expectations, given the average primary lens during low lights, the 108 megapixel camera does a decent job to minimize noise levels and you Can get even better shots with night mode turned on, although there is a noticeable boost.

In contrast, under this on the front, its 20 megapixel camera performs better than the back cameras, the selfies look good and it does not over sharpen the images like with the portrait shots videography wise, its, not the best phone. If you take a lot of videos, it maxes out at 4k, 30 fps, where the output is wobbly and even jerky, if theres an insufficient amount of light, it seems they have turned off eis here. For some reason, even the 1080p 60fps videos lack stabilization. So if you want to capture stable videos from this phone, you will be restricted to 1080p 30fps mode, both from the primary and ultra wide angle. Cameras, hey guys so right now, im shooting a selfie video from the xiaomi 11i hyper charge at 1080p 30fps resolution, and apparently you can only shoot up to 1080p 60fps from this device and nothing more in terms of stabilization. Well, at this resolution the videos come out stable. However, if you switch to 60fps the videos come out a bit probably in terms of quality. Well, i think its strictly average and the field of view is also quite narrow. I have to stretch my hands like this to get a fuller view of myself. Overall, if you want a good camera experience, you should definitely skip the xiaomi 11i hybrid charge at a similar price. You can get samsungs galaxy a52s, galaxy m52 or the iq7, all of which offer way superior cameras.

Finally, lets now talk about xiaomi 11 eyes. Best thing that ive saved for last, which is the battery and charging especially charging here. Its battery life is nothing to write home about. If you are a heavy user, it will provide you with around uh five hours of screen on time, which translates to eight days worth of usage and nothing more, but the charging tech thats embedded here is just extraordinary. As i mentioned in the beginning of this video, the 120 watt proprietary power, brick that comes inside the box charges this 4 500 milliamp hour battery from 0 to 100 in about 17 to 18 minutes in boost mode which puts it among the fastest charging phones in India, alongside xiaomis own 11t pro here, the boost mode, is a bit susceptible to heat, so i turned it off with this. It takes like 22 minutes for a full charge. Xiaomi also claims that they have taken industry leading quality measures with the charger by acquiring tuv rail lens, safe, fast test certification and over 30 protection features. On top of this, the company says that xiaomi 11i hyper charges battery retains up to 80 capacity, even after 800 charge or discharge cycles, whereas other smartphones retain only up to 60 percent of battery capacity after just like 500 cycles. So, yes, this is pretty high tech. Stuff for a mid range phone which brings me to my verdict about this one: should you buy the xiaomi 11i hypercharge? Sadly, the answer for me is a no and i have some valid arguments to back it up.

While i do appreciate xiaomi bringing such an amazing charging technology to the masses um in doing so, the price of the product has gone too high if it had a 67 watt or even a 33 watt charger. The overall experience would have remained the same, but thats, not the only reason why i would not recommend this phone. What other companies are offering at a similar price range is equally important. You can get the galaxy a52s instead. That offers a much better camera setup. Ip67 rating, alongside a very similar performance. On the other hand, you can also pick the good old iq7 for some 30 000 rupees from amazon india, which comes with a more capable snapdragon, 870 chipset on top of a good display and camera setup. So guys that was all for our really extensive review of the xiaomi 11i hypercharge uh.