How did it all go and which are all the strong and weak sides lets inspect Music? Hey welcome everybody tech pro channel. My name is michael and yes, we carry on with the tech inspections uh this time. Six months later me 11 ultra. I really wanted to make this video after the holiday season, because you know what happens before big holidays. A lot of youtubers and tech reviewers make nice polished videos about stuff because they want to make you buy these things, and i wanted to avoid any possible conflict of interest so now relaxed. We can talk about this smartphone in a matter of fact, ive switched to another uh smartphone a couple of months ago. Therefore, now from distance of time, i can assess and say a lot of goods, maybe not so good things about m11 ultra and this video is going to be about this now we know this is a dream phone for many of you costs really a lot of Money and, unfortunately, has been hindered by all these part and chip shortages throughout 2021, and therefore a lot of people have decided to go for the chinese edition unlock the bootloader flash some software and hope its going to be working. Fine well ive been doing this many times with my oneplus devices in the past years. But given the fact there are so many services that you can break and most likely you wouldnt pass googles safety net afterwards, im not really sure if its worth the effort.

Anyhow, now this video is going to be divided into three major sections, so were going to talk about the camera, the hardware and the software, so the cameras performance in its own league, you wont believe how much a footage shot with the mi 11 ultra is in The reviews that ive published and im sure that you will hardly notice any difference to sony zv1 or even the full frame sony a7c, which i use all the time, simply because the camera setup is impressive. However, ive only used the native miui camera app for the photos, the five time zoom telephoto camera with the image stabilization is brilliant and amazing. If you need good zoom, just switch to it all the lenses on the back are optically. Stabilized means that minor shakes are gon na, be compensated. Colors are okay, sometimes really great, sometimes not as they should be. I noticed that with artificial light, the tin goes in direction. Magenta. This looks a bit unrealistic, not horrible, but some photos are just not good. Looking if this defect shows up, i didnt notice this issue at the first place during my thorough camera test, because i mostly took photos outside in very bright or very dark conditions in that regard. The samsung and iphone color science are better, but when it comes to details and consistency, especially with video, nothing comes even close to me. 11, ultra ive recently switched to oneplus 9 pro three major reasons: size software and the alert slider, and while i really enjoy the lighter software experience on oneplus, i do miss a lot.

The battery endurance and mostly the cameras, especially for video. If you want to hear some best practices and probably count on some tips and tricks, the first advice i have to you download the gcam app its a modified version of the google camera app. It makes brilliant photos and i think the color science is a lot better than what is included with the miui camera app. The second thing im really grateful. I i figured out indeed, was to buy pro take for video recording, which uh well thats, yet another smartphone app, which allows you to access some professional grade features of the camera app, including shutter, speed, control and iso control and its true miuis camera. Video pro mode allows you to go to these settings, however, it wouldnt record in 24 or 25 frames per second in 1080p and 4k. The ultra wide sensor is also brilliant one, a bit wider than the competition, which is great, and the main image sensor is stopping the chart for the good reasons, its still very challenging for me to understand all the samsung fanboys who deliberately dislike my comparison. There is no way to say that s21 ultras camera is better than the one in me, 11 ultra color science, yes, camera app, yes, but the camera overall performance is just take the m11 ultra for some time and youre going to see it for yourself. If you need a phone that extracts the maximum out of todays photography, tech for smartphones, this one is: it next comes the hardware little things that make the phone amazing nice display on the rear.

You can use it as a reference display for photos also for videos, but up to 15 seconds xiaomi, never really properly enabled it with having such a good ultra wide camera framing is easy, even without it. So, honestly, i can live without its meaning that if this is not the major reason that attracts you by the mi 11 ultra think about getting the me 11 pro. The main display is super duper cool. I, like the colors and the tuning, but subjectively i like the s21 ultra display better. On the other hand, the 11 ultra display is much nicer than the one utilized by oneplus 9. As for battery life, despite the not too good snapdragon 38 inside speed. Doing rather, okay, yes, there is a very big for this scale phones battery inside with very, very, very quick charging capability, but we know that all the flagships of 2021, which are equipped with the snapdragon 8, are not great about battery life, most likely because this system Chip is manufactured by samsung, but thats another topic, so this phone in terms of battery engineering has been consistently good, providing me between day and a half to two days of battery life, while the oneplus 9 pro was usually is usually giving me one day at a Charge and the difference in the battery size is not that significant, which means that optimizations here are in place and im very impressed with the standby performance which most of the times has been working.

Okay, but sometimes there have been apps which didnt go to sleep. Therefore, the phone was staying awake all the time it was consuming quite a lot of power in standby mode, which was easily fixable through just a simple reboot in terms of design. It still looks great. I love this back cover, although i always carry it with the case and heres a fun fact for all these months, when im actively using me 11 ultra, i never managed to drop the phone on the ground. Ive been three weeks around the seasides very challenging conditions and im im using the oneplus 9 pro in the past month. I dropped it already three times kind of weird. The only phone that fell wars in that regard is s21 ultra by samsung with a bumpier case. True mi levonutra is the first phone that i use for that long and have never dropped on the ground. So maybe size is not a huge issue after all, but i hated the feeling when it is in my pocket, because it is both big and heavy in terms of hardware. I dont think it has anything missing its just about trying to be called ultra. If you need something to criticize usb 2.0 being used, but let me show you the difference of copying big files from and to the phone and compare it to usb 3.0 based smartphone with similar storage performance Music. I promise to cover the software as well miui insight up to version 13 and the time im recording this episode.

Well, sometimes, the software felt depressingly laggy, yeah kind of weird for such a great flagship other than that. We know that miui has a lot of features, but the animations because they try to be more like apple. I guess, especially if you do like me, and the first thing i do when i get an android based smartphone – is to lower the animations to 0.5. I guess this makes miuis animations look even worse. I hated the fact that using a third party launcher doesnt work good with clearing apps. From the reasons bar, i dislike the implementation of bluetooth unlock, because, unless you use only mid devices googles, smart, lock absence is also very annoying for the six months of using this phone, there were only two updates. Samsung s21 ultra, on the other hand, has received like five of them. I already got three updates for oneplus 9 pro in less than a month. There are, on the other hand, some things that are done right. I, like so much the way the torch works and you can shut it off by pressing the power button. The fingerprint is readable at any point of time with oneplus. I need to enable the display somehow usually with a double tap, and then it can read my thumb. Battery consumption graph is also cool and the themes engine, if you decide to use it at all, but overall, the impression that i got from miui is that it feels like driving a truck very powerful, but a bit slow.

The oneplus 9 pro, on the other hand, feels like a racing car so close to perfect hardware, maybe the best camera setup ever designed on a flagship, smartphone and software, which can sometimes be really annoying. This is how i can summarize my experience with me: 11 ultra. So far, but im thankful for each and every day when i have the chance to use this smartphone as a primary one, because above anything else, its extremely reliable. Therefore, i can certainly recommend it. Although expensive, i think its well worth the money, and i really hope the last few minutes make good sense if you happen to know something else or probably want to share some experience or simply have a question. Please be invited comment down below, of course, links to the products that you have seen throughout. This episode are somewhere in the description.