We talk about samsung, galaxy s22 and s22 ultra the galaxy s22 family has arrived samsungs non foldable top shelf roster for 2022 includes three phones standard practice in the last few years, but for the first time one of them is a note in disguise, bringing together the Ultimate in camera, tech and the productivity of the s pen into one phone, the galaxy s – 22 ultra – is shaping up to be the one phone to rule them all. The most advanced galaxy that doesnt fold in half and its superior to those in many ways, but lets not go into that now. The non ultra galaxy s22s are less dividing theyre, not as extreme and target or more mainstream clientele. A couple of shrewd choices on samsungs part certainly help, particularly with the s22 proper. Its got a glass back this year, so its not missing out on that premium feel and its also a touch smaller to lure in the seemingly ever growing number of consumers. Looking for a more pocket friendly alternative here are samsung galaxy s: 22 5g specs, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, the samsung galaxy s22 ultra is the headliner of the s22 series, its the first series phone to include. Samsungs s. Pen specifications are top notch, including 6.8 inch dynamic, amoled display with 120 hertz, refresh rate snapdragon 8 gen, 1 processor, 5000 mah battery up to 12 gigs of ram and one terabyte of storage in the camera department.

A quad camera setup is presented with two telephoto sensors super bright 6.8 inch, oled display an improved main camera and more telephotos than most two is more than the usual one. The latest chipsets from qualcomm or samsung, and the versatility of the stylus for both work and play hdr support scratch, resistant glass, corning, gorilla, glass, victus, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor. For starters, the s pen is more responsive, as samsung made it 70 faster with less latency. The display is also super bright as its rated to go up to 1 750 nits heres. Another number i think, youll, like 45 watts. You now get faster 45 watts charging with the galaxy s 22 ultra, which will juice that huge 5 000 and a h battery up to 50 percent in just 20 minutes. But enough about numbers. The galaxy s 22 ultras biggest upgrades come with its cameras, as samsung is shooting to overtake the iphone 13 pro max and google pixel 6 pro as the best camera phone. With the help of a raft of upgrades, these include a bigger main sensor for better low light photos, an ai boosted, portrait mode and a new super clear lens. On the other hand, samsung is asking a lot of money 1199 for a phone that now comes with less ram than before, and the s22 ultra costs 100 to 300 more than its main competitors. Unfortunately, youre getting just eight gigabytes ram to start this time around.

As the previous galaxy s, 21 ultra came with 12 gigabytes with the entry level configuration, but if you opt for more than 128 gigabytes of storage, youll get 12 gigabytes of ram on this years. Ultra the samsung galaxy s22 ultra is simple but stunning. At the same time, i appreciate the sharp squared off angles and i also like that the cameras arent housed in a honking bump. They are more flush with the back of the handset. The overall look is minimalist and sleek another plus the 6.8 inch display is gently curved, so it adds some aesthetic appeal without leading to accidental screen presses.