Pro Music, hello, everyone amania from mr phone and in this video lets talk in detail about the redmi smart band pro, which has also become my favorite hybrid of a smart watch and a fitness band. But before we do that, consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates lets get started. Key highlights of the redmi smart band pro include a full color amoled display up to 14 days of battery life 5 atm water resistance and over 110 workout modes. The price of the redmi smart band pro is set at ’99 rupees, but as part of an introductory offer its being offered for 3499 rupees. So is the redmi smart man pro worth your hard earned. Cash lets go ahead and find out the redmi smart band. Pro comes in this rectangular box and inside you get the band along with the proprietary charger and a quick start guide, thats it. So the redmi smart band pro is basically a fitness bank, but unlike how xiaomi has popularized their mi bands, the dial that you see here is slightly wider, giving you more screen real estate to play around with and aesthetically also the redmi smart band pro. In my opinion, looks really good on the wrist. I mean its not as bulky as a smart watch, but it is also not as tiny as most other fitness bands on the market, so the casing is made out of plastic all the good quality plastic.

The fit finish is great behind the watch is where you find the health sensors and the charging pin the silicon bands. Quality is also very good, and the bands are removable as well in terms of weight. The redmi smart band pro only weighs about 26 grams, which is extremely light, and it was a very comfortable experience wearing it day in and day out. Additionally, the redmi smart band pro is also 5 atm water resistant, so it doesnt matter if you take it out for a swim or in my case, ive been wearing it regularly. While bathing and its been working just fine. Now, coming to the front, you get an 8 bit 1.47 inch amoled display that offers a peak brightness of up to 450 nits, and the best part is that it supports always on functionality and overall, the display on this band is superb. For whats on offer. The panel gets plenty bright even on the brightest of sunny days, and since the display is amoled, the colors look absolutely fantastic here. The touch response is also very good, and i had no issues operating the redmi smart band pro even at times when my fingerprints were wet, my only gripe with the display and its a minor one by the way, so the ambient light sensor on the redmi smart Band pro does get finicky, sometimes in adjusting the screen brightness to say uh. When im about to go to sleep, the room is pitch dark.

So, in some cases i have noticed that okay, it took a bit of time to adjust the screen brightness, which can be a little annoying when you are under the blanket on a winter night, but otherwise. Overall, if you see its a good panel and ive hardly had any complaints with it. Moving on to control the redmi smart man, pro youll need to install the xiaomi wear app from google play if youre using an android smartphone or the xiaomi, where light app from the app store, if youre, using an iphone. So after the setup process. This is what the home screen looks like on the xiaomi wear app do note features such as app notifications, incoming calls, continuous heart rate, monitoring, advanced sleep, monitoring and more are disabled by default, so make sure you enable all the needful settings during the setup and speaking Of notifications, the redmi smart band pro can also display app notifications and you can only check them, but you cant interact with them, and so there are many smart watches on the market that let you check the notifications, but you cant interact with them, and that is Very annoying, if you ask me, because smart watches have the rear screen real estate to take advantage of the functionality, but in the case of a fitness band, i think so its okay. If you can only check the notifications, i think the screen is good enough to see your stats battery levels, time etc.

But beyond that, if you really want to uh check your notifications, reply to texts or take calls on available, i would suggest go out and buy yourself a smart watch from either samsung or apple, but, as i was saying, being able to check my notifications on this Thing was just a fine experience. The vibration intensity is also great, and whenever you receive a notification or a call, you feel a solid buzz on the rest, so full points there. You also get a bunch of band displays to choose from xiaomi says there are over 50 watch faces to choose from in terms of health and fitness tracking. There are a total of 115 workout modes to look out for yes, i counted them, and these workouts are easily accessible from your watch, so no issues there and as for the accuracy bit in terms of step tracking, you can always check your data access. Your data from the home page of the xiaomi bear app, and so, as i was saying in terms of accuracy, i counted 1000 steps in my head, while walking and the xiaomi smartphone pro was right there on my wrist and it recorded a 1023 steps which i Think so was pretty accurate. I know its a little deviation from the 1000 number that i counted in my head, but yeah 1023. I think so its acceptable, so pretty accurate in terms of step tracking for spo2 monitoring and heart rate monitoring.

I tested the redmi smart band pro against a pulse oxymeter and both the blood oxygen, as well as the heart rate. Readings were pretty much in line. Sleep tracking was also very accurate on the redmi smartband pro. In terms of the time i went to bed and the time i woke up, of course, you can check the complete breakdown of your data, including deep light ram and awake periods. Other handy features on the smart band pro include a stop watch timer alarm, guided, breathing and find my phone youll also find a remote camera shutter for your phone in the menu, although the feature seems to be in beta and did not work during my testing coming To the battery life of the redmi smart band pro now, the company claims a battery life of up to 14 days 14 days of endurance. But honestly, i wasnt able to hit that number or in fact i would say that battery life, you know totally depends on how you use your fitness band. It totally depends on your mileage for me, with the always on display, raise to wake continuous heart rate, tracking, advanced sleep monitoring, spo2 tracking every 30 minutes. All day, stress monitoring and the notifications turned on my smart bank pro lasted for about eight days, which is not a bad battery life at all by the way, but is totally off from the 14 days promised number, and even when it comes to the charging.

The redmi smart band pro takes about one and a half hours to fully top up from zero to 100, and i think so that is absolutely fine. I am okay with charging my fitness band once a week. For me, eight days of battery life is also a very good number. My only problem here is that redmi or for that matter, companies in general. They should always, you know, double check these endurance numbers before going ahead with the marketing of the product, so with everything that the redmi smartband pro brings to the table, is it worth buying? You see in terms of fit finish: the redmi, smart man pro looks and feels great. It is light and comfortable to wear the display. Superb, you get a good amount of workout modes plus when it comes to accuracy in health and fitness tracking. The smart band pro does a fairly good job. Now, as a xiaomi fan, it is a no brainer to go out and buy the redmi smart band pro for the introductory price that is 3499, but once that offer runs out, the retail price of this thing would be three triple nine: three thousand nine. Ninety nine rupees and that my friend could be a little stretch. Additionally, one also cant ignore the real me band two, which also offers more or less the same functions as the redmi smart band pro, but that one retails for about 3 000 rupees. So what im saying is with everything thats on offer, with the redmi smart band pro.

If the company sticks with its introductory price as its final price, then this my friend is a solid purchase. So if youre looking to buy a capable fitness tracker and your budget lies around the 3 500 rupees mark then go ahead and buy the redmi smart band pro. You wont, regret it, and that was my review of the redmi smart band pro so guys. Now it is time for you to share your thoughts with me in the comments below and remember, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.