The huawei p50 pocket is what you would call an engineering marvel when unfolded. The p50 pocket offers a fully flat 6.9 inch screen with a 21 inch to 9 aspect ratio. The display also delivers an extraordinary experience when watching videos or movies. The phone also uses new generation, multi dimensional hinge, which is a total upgrade from its predecessor with zero gaps. The new hinge also features an even shorter radius, combined with the exclusive multi dimensional lifting design. It allows the device to be even slimmer and produce a smoother screen when unfolded. The huawei p50 pocket also comes in two dreamy colorways. The one you see here is the white edition, while theres also a premium gold edition, which is co, designed with famous fashion designer iris van happen. The white colorway emanates diamond like brilliance, while the premium gold is an elevation of artistry, the back of the device captures the shadows and texture of the earth which are brought to life through the advanced 3d microsculpture design. When folded, the huawei p50 pockets cover screen, supports the display of notifications, schedule, calendar music, weather and controlling of other features. You can also choose from various rich dynamic themes and create your own foldable theme and wallpaper to customize. Your cover, screen content and services seamlessly flow between both the screens and you can now even access the camera from the cover screen. The selfie game will be elevated to new levels because the p50 pocket uses the rear cameras for super portraits.

All you need to do is unlock the cover screen by sliding your finger and then selecting camera. Now compose your shot and press the volume button to click. The picture the huawei p50 pocket features, rear camera portrait, selfie, algorithms, and it uses the big camera sensor to boost low light performance. This allows the p50 pocket to take full advantage of its form factor and empower you to take superior selfies. The huawei p50 pocket also supports the true chroma image engine huawei, xd optics and more. It also comes with an improved and reimagined version of the huawei xd fusion. Pro with that, as a foundation, huawei has created the ultra spectrum image technology, which is built into the p50 pocket. The huawei p50 pocket also comes with a 40 mp true chroma camera and an ultra spectrum camera forming the main camera module. This is augmented with the image engine to produce images with vastly improved light intake and clarity. The p50 pockets ultra spectrum camera enables an all new camera feature called the ultra spectrum fluorescence photography. This feature interprets aesthetics in an all new way, creating something that can only be described as a fusion of art and physics. As you can see, over here, weve captured a 500 dirham note in complete darkness. The result is just outstanding, also through the mirror app. You can now use the sunscreen detection feature which uses ai to check whether you have evenly applied sunscreen. The huawei p50 pocket runs on emui 12, which offers a straightforward smooth, safe and reliable user experience for working studying remote communication, gaming, entertainment or video editing.

You can also install all your favorite apps thanks to huaweis, app gallery and petal search, whether its social media, apps latest games, banking, apps and so on. You will find them all in one place now, thanks to the super device features, huawei has also consolidated different tools into the control panel device plus menu with a simple swipe. You can explore the control panel and get access to audio playback, wi, fi and bluetooth settings. The huawei p50 pocket also packs in a 4000mah battery and supports 40 watt, who have a supercharged for effortless and high speed charging. The overall performance of the huawei p50 pocket was excellent. We did not find any lags or stutters even when gaming on the device, the huawei p50 pocket in white is available at a price of 5099 dirhams, while the p50 pocket premium is available at a price of 6299 dirhams, with the pre order offer in the uae. You can also get gifts worth 1959 dirhams from huaweis e shop, hawaiis experience stores and across select retailers.