We have the hohem. I study mobile, plus three access. Gimbal lets start with unboxing in the box. You will find the i study, mobile plus, the mini tripod, a storage bag and a power cable. The gimbal has a sturdy body, it weighs 730 grams and thus its easy to move around even with a phone mounted on it. It has an updated sports mod. It also offers the perfect balance for capturing steady videos with a cinematic look, its equipped with a high performance motor, its 3 axis speed. Adaptation is extremely sensitive to hand movements. Thus, the images are crisp without any shakes. It is apt for various kinds of shoots. Apart from the basic zoom or focus control, the gimbal has several features for achieving a smooth tilt and panel. You can access more features with the hohem gimbal app as well. It has a 12 hour battery backup, so this gimbal is a great device to achieve cinematic shots, while on the go Music hi guys. This is shannon molani. I love taking videos and of late. I was looking for ways to improve the quality of my content. So last week i got myself this ho hem, i steady gimbal stabilizer and it really has improved the quality of my videos. Lets take a look. Lets. Take a look inside the box in here. We have the gimbal a mini, tripod storage, pouch power, cable and a wrist strap. The gimbal is quite sturdy and has three motors.

When you use it on different modes like the pan or roll and tilt, it will offer the all around anti shake and deliver high quality photos or videos. It has a non orthogonal x design which can easily hold big screen phones with a wide angle lens. It is equipped with a steady, 3.0 automatic upside down detection and auto rotation technology, so you can even capture extreme low angle shots without any problem. It also has a selfie stick mode to use the gimbal for clicking selfies with one press of a power button. You can switch between horizontal and vertical modes. The hohem pro app further unlocks many features for the users, such as time lapse mode and auto inception mode. This gimbal stabilizer is available in two color variants: Music, hey guys. So if youve bought yourself the brand new dji, osmo, 3, gimbal and uh, if youre wondering how to set it up, maybe you do know how to set it up, but you know were going to walk you through the proper way to put your phone on the Gimbal and balance it because balancing the gimbal is what gives you this amazing battery life that dji claims its devices to have so lets just go ahead and see exactly what you need to do in order to balance your smartphone on the dji gimbal. First off, when you buy the dji osmo 3 youll also get this little tripod. Like thing, this is actually to help.

You balance the phone on your gimbal properly, so you just screw it in at the bottom over here and then you can put it on a table so that its flat its stable and there are absolutely no uh Music Applause, Music Applause, yay, Music, Music, Music. Do Music, Music, dji om4 tutorial videos in this video we will introduce how to set up dji om4 for the first time and demonstrate how to use it open the package of the product and take out dji om4 and its accessories before using please download the dji Memo app after installing the app you can choose the magnetic phone clamp or magnetic ring holder to mount your phone to the gimbal magnetically. Installing the grip tripod align the screw of the grip tripod with the quarter inch at the bottom of the gimbal, then tighten the screw until both points are aligned then unfold. The tripod, attaching the phone to the magnetic foam clamp place. The magnetic foam clamp in the center of the phone Music make sure the dji logo and camera are facing the same direction unfold.