Welcome to my review of the umidigi bison x10 smartphone. This was very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer. No moneys exchanged hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular just going to share with you my experience of using this over the past few weeks, so lets get on with the review. As i mentioned earlier, this is the umidigi bison x10. I just want to show you the box contents. First of all model number rp01. This little instruction manual is, of course, included, shows you how to fit your memory card and your sim very nice little user manual. We also, of course, get a charger now, depending upon which country you reside in. You will get a different charger im in the uk, so its a three pin uk charger, if youre in the us, for example, youll get a two pin charger inside the box and then we also get a charging cable. Of course, nice bright, red charging, cable – and this is usb on one end and then usb c. If i can just get this out usbc on the opposing end, so nice charging cable included inside the box and then of course, we get the smartphone itself now. Ive left this on just so, i can run through the specifications with you. This is the pre installed screen protector, but its got some specs listed on here so inside the smartphone theres, a helio p60 octa core processor, a 60 150 or 6150 milliamp hour battery, which is really good.

6.53 inch large screen, 20 megapixel, ai, triple camera and an 8 megapixel front facing camera as well. This is a rugged phone, very, very rugged phone. If i show you the sides, its almost as though its in a case, but its just a very tough smartphone weve got these bumpers on the corners and that lends itself to some really robust, build quality. Also inside which sort of mirrors its robust quality. Is that weve got ip68 ip69k mil standard 8110g protection also barometer and an e compass built in as well weve got two independent customizable buttons ill show you those in a short while and also android 11 as a stock android 11 as well. So we can peel this off this information sheet and underneath weve got a pre installed screen protector, very, very cool indeed, before i show you, this turned on lets. Take a look at the side, so, on the side, weve got volume up and down. Weve also got the power button, and fingerprint sensor says here: waterproof weve also got a customizable button. Just here, weve got a place where you can connect like a wrist, strap or a lanyard. Weve also got usbc for charging, and if we take a look around on this side, weve got the sim card and memory card slot under here also another customizable button as well, and then across the top. We have got a headphone jack, very, very cool indeed so, on the underside you can see.

Weve got the array of cameras, 20 megapixels, eight megapixels weve got a microphone. Weve got a pressure relief hole here as well. Weve also got the barometer. Weve also got the sim slot marked on the back here and the customizable buttons its just like a sheet clear film sheet that we can remove, of course, but i left that in place as well. Just so you could see the layout of everything the speakers down. The bottom is a fairly decent speaker goes pretty loud overall, its a really nice array of cameras, the camera works very well and again ill. Show you how the camera performs in a short while so my finger actually touched, or my thumb touched, that power button you can see just how responsive and how quick that fingerprint sensor is and its perfectly placed under the power button. I love it when smartphone manufacturers put the fingerprint sensor in the power button, because it is just a very natural way of waking up your smartphone, you normally wake up in this manner and having the fingerprint sensor, there makes total sense. Google android 11, as i mentioned earlier, weve got some pre installed. Apps weve got a nice turn of speed as well, and its just very, very responsive for this price point really impressed with the overall turn of speed. Also, i mentioned about the camera performance. Lets. Take a look at the camera, so ive been taking some pictures with the camera lets go into the gallery.

You can see here some of the photos i took earlier. This one was in reasonable lighting conditions and you can see a really nice amount of detail here. Very very good tonal quality as well, and if we swipe across you can see a low light photo just there nice atmospheric photo here. We have got again in good lighting conditions. This was a real nice amount of detail here this one again in good lighting conditions. Decent amount of detail, this was behind glass, i should add so youve got a slight sort of opaqueness to it and then here weve got in uh sort of a light shining through here. I like this photo because this little guy here didnt produce this shadow. It was another one of my collectible figurines that produced this shadow. I just thought it was a cool photo and then this was in dark condition, so low light conditions and again a really good turner speed there. Now, whilst im showing you, this youll notice, theres not much glare on here and thats, thanks to the finish on the screen, its got an ag. Matte fiberglass finish on the screen, so its not glossy its got a slight gloss to it, but its more of a subdued silk finish to the screen than youll have experienced on other smartphones, and i think that was a really good choice, so highlights for me, these Turner speed, camera performance is great love. The fact weve got these orange highlighted customizable buttons also really love the battery life easily a day between charges.

If you are a medium user, then youre going to get two days between charges on this, and then i really love the fact that weve got these rubber bumpers built in its waterproof, its dust proof its a really rugged smartphone, its absolutely fantastic. If you are looking for a rugged smartphone with a good specification as well and decent cameras and exceptional battery life, then the umidigi bison x10 is well worth considering so thats it. For my video. Thank you very much for watching. I really do appreciate it if you liked the video hit the like button.