This is normal here and in this video well be doing the detailed camera review of the infinix zero 5g, the latest smartphone from infinix and the first device with 5g from infinix in india. So this device comes with a dimension 900 chip and it also comes with a 48 megapixel, triple camera setup and a 16 megapixel selfie camera. So in this video we will be doing a detailed camera review and lets see how good the camera performance is for the price segment. So the infinix zero 5g is priced 1999 in india so before getting into the video. If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos be published. So lets first have a look at uh. The hardware offer the infinix zero 5g comes with a primary 48 megapixel sensor, with f 1.8 aperture and a secondary 13 megapixel telephoto portrait lens with 2x optical zoom sensor and both the sensors are from samsung. It also has a third two megapixel depth sensor. Sadly, the phone misses out on ultra wide angle lens and the macro sensor. The front camera is 16 megapixel shooter with f 2.0 aperture, so lets find out how the camera performs in this segment first step the daylight shots under bright outdoor conditions. The phone is able to capture good images theyre sufficiently bright with good colors too. The contrast and detail seems good.

We didnt see any saturation issues as such and colors were pretty well maintained. The sharpness levels are pretty good as well, and this is evident when you pixel peep. The dynamic range is also quite good. Overall. One of the features missing is the ultra wide angle lens and at this price segment it is quite definitely a big miss on the zero 5g overall. The daylight captures are pretty good on the infinix zero 5g. Now, moving on to the close up shots, it once again produces good results overall with vibrant colors, and even the sharpness levels are also quite good. The phone misses out on the macro sensor now. Another useful feature on the camera is a telephoto sensor. Now it can do 2x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom, the 2x optical zoom, produces good results and colors are good and similar to the primary sensor. So if you are a person who takes a lot of zoomed images, this is quite a good addition. Now, moving on to the portraits, you can take portraits using the 50mm telephoto lens, which is a 2x or you can go with the regular mode as well, while it produces decent results. Overall, the skin tones are a bit too saturated with the portrait lens, while the regular portraits with the primary sensor looks quite okay, the edge detection seems good. You can also adjust the level of bokeh for a portrait using the slider by changing the aperture values.

Now, moving on to the low light images under indoor lights or with artificial lights turned on the results are quite good and it produces good. Colors and images are sufficiently sharp too, but when you turn on the night mode, while the details are good and the images looks decent, there is higher noise when you pixel peep and the sharpness levels arent that adequate overall, we feel night mode could be slightly better. At least for the price segment, it is being offered the 16 megapixel selfie. Camera produces good results. Overall, the colors are quite okay, but there is a tendency to go to cooler tones and the white balance. Doesnt seem perfect. The dynamic range is also quite decent. Overall, the phone also comes with portrait mode for selfies, and here the edgy detection is fairly accurate, most of the time and does a decent job. Overall. Now, moving on to the video recording, the phone can record videos in 4k, 30 fps without stabilization. The details are good, but the colors are bit saturated and lack of stabilization means they are not perfect for moving videos. The phone also comes with 1080p at 60fps and it produces decent quality. But once again no eis is offered here. There is 1080p at 30fps with ultra stable mode, and here the quality is quite good and eis also does a decent job. Overall, you can also record videos in 2x. Optical zoom and quality is decent, but stabilization isnt implemented really well.

The phone can do slow motion. Videos and the quality is strictly average, with too much of noise being offered. So this is the video recording taken with the infinix zero 5g, with the bokeh mode turned on using the rear camera, which can record our videos in 1080p resolution with the bokeh mode turned on. So you can see how good the experience is. So this is the 4k video recording taken using the infinix 05g, so it can record videos in both 4k as well as 1080p resolution. So you can judge yourself, output, the clarity of the videos and also the audio output. So this is the video recording taken using the infinix zero 5g and recorded in 1080p resolution with ultra steady mode turned on, so you can judge yourself how good the clarity of the video is and also the audio output. It can also record videos in 1080p at 60 fps. So this is the bokeh video taken using the front camera on the infinix zero 5g, which can record videos in 1080p and right now we are watching the bokeh mode enabled so summing up how good is infinix? Zero 5g as a camera smartphone, the infinix zero 5g has some good aspects like good daylight. Shots 2x optical zoom at this price, decent, portraits and selfies too. The low light isnt bad, but needs a bit more fine tuning. The video recording is also decent quality, but it misses out on ultrawide and the macro sensor.

So what do you guys think about the camera on the infinix zero 5g? Is it really worth the pricing it is being offered? Do let us know in the comment section about your thoughts on this device, so that was the detailed camera review of the infinix.