This new midranger from motorola is definitely aimed at those looking for the best bang for your buck device. Its got a high res camera, a flagship chipset and a very smooth display. So, if youre a value hunter, is this the phone for you im angie for gsm marina – and this is our review of the moto g200 5g Music, the moto g200 doesnt look or feel cheap, its rear panel and its frame are made of plastic, but the back Looks and feels like glass and the matte frame does a very decent impersonation of aluminum on the back youll find a ramp like island housing, three cameras and a matte stellar blue coloring, which is a bit of a smudge magnet if youre not too keen on those. You might want to go with a glacier green version of the phone which will make them less visible, theres a power button and a fingerprint scanner combo on the right hand, side of the phone and its always on and very fast. If you turn on the power touch option in the moto app, you can even double tap it and get a shortcut menu where you can arrange apps tools and contacts. The phone is rather narrow and has curved edges, which, combined with the texture of the back, makes it feel very comfortable and secure in the hand. The only caveat is that its not a light phone at 200 grams. The g200 has water repellent coating, but its only good for ip52 dust and water protection.

The screen is protected by flat tempered glass on the front. Youll see a punch hole in the lcd panel, but its nice to note that there are no traces of uneven backlighting. The 6.8 inch ips lcd itself has a full hd resolution and a 144hz refresh rate, its a larger and faster panel than the one on the moto g100. You can either choose to lock the refresh rate at 144hz, go for the standard 60hz or use the auto mode option which balances power and smoothness, but only goes up to 120 hertz. Overall, the auto mode worked well and with it on most games ran at 120. Hertz the panel got 558 nits of max brightness and it had a great contrast ratio, so it should be comfortable to use outdoors. The g200 has two color modes: saturated and natural. Both have alright accuracy, but the saturated mode shifts more towards blue, while the natural mode shifts more towards red. The phone has hdr10 support for high dynamic range streams on youtube and amazon, prime, and it supports widevine l1 drm support. The g200 only has a single bottom firing speaker and achieved a good loudness score in our tests. The audio quality is average and while voices in mid sound, good bass and high notes are blacking. The lack of stereo speakers, though, is our biggest issue with its output. Music motorola has been making a big deal out of the high end wireless audio experience.

You can get with this phone. So if you have a good pair of headphones, you might want to try it out. The large 5 000 milliamp hour battery got the phone a good 102 hours of endurance in our battery life tests it fared decently. As far as charging is concerned, too, the 33 watt turbocharger got the g200 from zero to 52 in 30 minutes and a full charge required an hour and 14 minutes. The moto g200 has android 11.. The phone has one major android version update guaranteed, so youll certainly get android 12.. Its disappointing. That motorola is unlikely to update this phone to android 13, considering the fact that it was launched after android 12 was announced if youre a fan of android as google intended. Well, motorola phones are definitely phones. You should consider most of the g200s customizations are limited to the moto app. You can choose icon, shapes, quick, toggles and accent colors, and you can turn on quick launch gestures like the traditional moto karate chop for the flashlight or twist to launch the camera app. There are a couple of display related extras, like peak display, which lights up when it detects motion and attentive display, which keeps the phone from turning off when youre looking at it whats a little newer is ready for platform which enables you to put the phone in The heart of a big screen setup: it runs within a window on your desktop and can be useful for multitasking between devices.

You can even use the phone for big screen. Video calls and use the camera to capture yourself and the external screen to see other participants. The moto g200 has the flagship, snapdragon 88 plus 5g chipset and 8 gigs of ram. Unsurprisingly, gaming is a breeze and it offers flagship performance across the board. In fact, the phone doesnt even get hot during stress tests, and it kept 70 percent of its max performance. At the end of an hour, long torture test, the phone has a 108 megapixel primary camera. It takes 12 megapixel bend photos a 13 megapixel ultrawide shooter and a 2 megapixel depth sensor during the day. Shots taken and the auto mode with the main camera have a lot of detail and balance. Processing, foliage and even intricate objects. Look good and we didnt see much noise. If any. The contrast is high and photos look lively, even if the dynamic range is only average. The white balance could be better with images coming out with a red tint on occasion, if you choose to capture shots in the high res mode, youll find white balance and dynamic range to be better. You get some extra detail, but also more noise and the images do look a little bit like oil paintings when zoomed to pixel level, the ultrawide shots are better than what we usually see from phones in this price range. They have a decent level of detail and sharpness is balanced, dynamic range is, okay, contrast is low and the reddish tint is still present but less noticeable.

Overall, we like them, the ultrawide camera has auto focus and the macro vision mode enables for extreme close ups. Photos are okay and offer enough detail, though you can tell that theyve been upscaled and arent. All that sharp contrast and colors are great, though, and noise is low, you can also take macro shots without the mode switched on, and these have more detail and sharpness, because theres no upscaling going on portraits were great. They have a ton of detail and excellent sharpness. Colors are accurate and contrast is superb subject: separation is adequate and the faux bokeh looks natural low light shots taken with the main camera looks solid and theres. Some ai low light enhancement turned on by default. Detail is okay, while colors and saturation are well preserved. Highlights are rare and overall, they are certainly great for the phones class night vision. Brightens the photos a bit further and also improves the dynamic range. You might also see more detail in the shadows. Low light shots with the ultrawide are good, which is frankly, a little surprising. Dynamic range was very good. Contrast was okay and it had good colors and saturation theres no night vision here, but even without it, the ultrawide camera did a solid job. The only potential issue is that occasionally the focus fails to properly lock and you might need to tap to focus the 16 megapixel camera on the front. Captures 4 megapixel selfies that are good, but not impressive.

Colors are accurate. Detail and noise are low and sharpness isnt overboard with the main camera. The g200 can capture 8k videos at 24, fps 4k videos at up to 30 fps and full hd videos. 8K videos are steady and have great detail and adequate dynamic range still its not perfect. Footage and you can spot compression artifacts. On the other hand, 4k videos of the main camera are excellent for this class theres. A ton of detail, accurate, colors, low noise and commendable dynamic range sharpness is excellent and foliage looks natural. Optional. Eis is available for 4k videos too. 4K. Videos with the main camera and low light are okay and theres a lot of detail and not too much noise. They have good exposure and overall colors are well preserved. Full hd videos with the ultroid had enough detail, but colors are a bit desaturated and dynamic range is average its a bit of a miss that this camera wasnt given a 4k option. The moto g200 is a phone with some of the best value on the market. Its display is one of the smoothest in the industry. It has a flagship chipset and it has an excellent camera. Sure the lack of stereo speakers in a plastic build do count against it. But if youre looking for an excellent, mid ranger with fantastic value, then we definitely recommend this one. Thank you for watching everyone stay safe and ill. See you guys.