The oneplus 2 reminds us of this, the nexus 5. Why? Well? Because its simple, it does pretty much everything youd need and it doesnt cost very much money. Well, it doesnt cost very much money in the grand scheme of things the phone will cost you either 330 or ‘0. Depending on how much internal storage you specify for that, you get a metal chassis, you get a plastic sandpapery textured rear panel, which is actually very grippy, and you get a 5.5 inch touchscreen on the front. The device before we go dive into having a look at the operating system, theres something we need to point out on the side here, its this little tiny switch its made of metal. It has a really nice action and what it does is adjust the priorities. Priority notifications, which is part of android itself, so you can have either alarms or notifications or only the priority ones, and you can do that without digging into the menus itself, which is actually a really nice addition and came in very handy on numerous occasions. The camera on the rear is 13 megapixels and like lg phones, it has a laser autofocus underneath and like also other lg phones. There is a tap to wake up on the screen like that, but were not going to wake the phone up like that, because oneplus has put a fingerprint sensor into the home button here. The home button is not really a button, its just a sensor.

It doesnt push or anything like that, but it is very fast with the fingerprint sensor, so you put your finger over and youre straight into the operating system. We think thats a really fast action, its certainly comparable to the iphone and in certain cases it is much faster, certainly faster to open from sleeping like this youre straight into the operating system. So its really nice. This runs oxygen, os, which is oneplus version of android. Its a skin over the top and for the most part it is stock android. It certainly doesnt feel like a third party skin over the top, which is a really really good thing. There are a couple of things that have been changed for oxygen os. The first is when you swipe from the side you get whats called the shelf, which gives you 10 alternative. Uh 10 frequently used applications which the list is updated every few hours so depending on what youre doing with the phone, and when this list will change and give you frequently updated new apps to open the list below here where we have frequent contacts. That can all be changed and you do that up here by using this system, and you can add widgets that you would normally put onto an android home screen. But you can have them all listed right here. So you could put google play music in there and you can have a shortcut down into the bottom there, which is really really nice thats.

Also quite a handy little feature. It doesnt come in useful every day, but it is quite nice to have those shortcuts there, which enables you to leave your home screens pretty free, open up the notification screen at the top and theres also a degree of customization. Here you tap that button. You can swap these information bits around, so if you really really want to have your chromecast stuff at the top, you can do its again. Another little feature that not everyones going to use, but its a nice addition to oxygen, os and thats, pretty much what one plus has done with the operating system. They havent changed. It theyve just added handy little things that dont interrupt usage of android, which is a very, very good thing. Indeed, you can check out our entire written review of the oneplus 2 on digital trends right now, but otherwise thats a quick look at the phone itself and we think its pretty impressive, certainly for the price.