guys since the redmi note 7, all the way to the redmi note: 10 redmi note uncompetition. Now this year, master lupita and bani xiaomi specs upgrades for snapdragon 680 upgrades to display 90 hertz brightness, nice, 700 nits, typical wow and, of course, 50 megapixel, upgraded camera, but probably the best of all is when a miui, 13 sobrang optimized. Now a smooth smoothness interface, wouldnt youre, watching unbox. Ladies Music, all right here we go by the way from environment 464 at six one, two, eight parasailing less than 10k. But of course, is it worth the price or is it worth the upgrade? Redmi note? 11, elegant sleek, not a sexy design, is matte black matte finish on the plastic washer glass and it feels like glass too, is very similar to my flagship phones. That might really could it looks very premium, actually xiaomi amino classic design, and if you compare it to other phones at this price, it is some peanut premium under 10k. Actually, i mean, if you compare it to the competition, it simply blows away the competition, nothing like it at this price range. Young side sharing is plastic no pair. Although plastics and build quality and advantage plastic, i only 179 grams. That is very light. Your line is a totally box style design, my box style and shock. The back is pink curved and content not totally flat, but yes on the sides. I flattened the flat still looks like the redmi note, 10 from the big main camera lens to the small landscape.

Paragraph didnt see redmi note 10 last year, design accents aside from the redmi note 10, and with that the design looks very minimalistic gustorina, yes, by the way dual nano sim card slot, shaft, plus medication, micro sd card slot for expandability metabolism; 464, no variant admirable six. One to eight moment impression, but of course the biggest upgrade from the redmi note. 10 is thats, faster, smoother amoled, display 90 hertz, refreshment 6.43 inches full hd, plus with up to you, one thousand nits of brightness, seven hundred minutes per hundred typical, so sometimes brightness much brighter than the redmi note. 10. brad. This is so important to me guys. Sometimes i struggle reading text pictures kappa goddammit on the display and this one truly has those inky blacks, pure whites and those very punchy. Colors extra settings from vivid recommended to costume choice, to change the warmth of your display, which is available entry level phone. And if i uh very bright white display, but it came with dark mode, dark mood is very, very smooth, theres two apps running at the same time, boomerang marketing limitations, processor. Of course the processor is not too much faster than the redmi note 10.. It will have to benchmark almost 250 000 points at the post, snapdragon 680 pro source and judging from the performance well lets just say, para quantitative from last years performance, and i can see that in the actual performance of my games. They let also mobile legends at older graphics.

Yes, ultra graphics, right out of the box merchant high refresh rate, auto ultra. You can still feel the micro jitters from the performance now imagine if a frame drops but a major improvement over the redmi note 10. also, which means this phone is very good for gaming, especially for esports. Also that color schemes a big addition – some graphics, hdr capabilities, but the quality of the video itself is very sharp and very detailed. Yes, im pretty sure high quality display, yes very loud. Audio quality is good on his phone and, of course, the track on the league of legends while drift and by the way that customized graphics, setting, though max graphics, superb max textures max resolution and Music, which is something super useful. You know about daily lives, nothing every day like cures and sometimes scanner guys swipe down press that qr code and bam. How awesome is that feature? Samia 13 not available as a my flagship phones, dynamic shots are camera engine wallpaper then like in crystallization, but of course megapixel main sensor, 8 megapixel, ultrawide angle, lens 2, megapixel macro lens and 2 megapixel depth sensor. Now, when it comes to the camera, i would say for this price, although i could use some stabilization about lagging sharp. Looking in my photos, the details coming out of the camera is pretty decent. Color is well balanced, very naturally, Music, miroshan night mode, meronshang panorama short video already joining portrait mode, but not much has changed from the red note 10, which is not a bad thing.

Your life are coming from the red note 10. I think expected upgrades 30 frames per second stabilization. Advanced features: super 464 srp 8999 pesos only at six one, two, eight, nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine pesos online pre order, promo from february 11 to february 18th, admiral february 19, 12 a.m. Early bird promo price is 8 999 pesos plus mega man, redmi buds 3., so pastino. If you missed the early bird promo mass mega, millionaire six one two eight promise one thousand pesos now plus two gigs of ram and double the rom, especially in 2022. So go get the bigger ram, big rom as much as possible youll. Thank me later, if no columns, redmi note 11 s and the redmi note 11 pro magazine atmosphere in your budget ends in my preference next up at the launch points. By now ready note: 11.