Does it really need an introduction, its a big version of the s22, so lets whip it on out of the box? Take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software and for more on the latest and great stuff. Please do put subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so. First up what do you actually get bundled in the box, and i dont know about you kitties, but i get the feeling. This section is going to be rather bloody short. Well, youve got yourself one samsung, galaxy, s22, plus and youve got yourself a porcupine device and one type c to type c, usb, cable and, as usual, that is, your whack youll have to provide your own adapter and everything. So samsung is releasing the galaxy s22 plus, as well as the standard s22 on march, the 11th here in the uk itll cost you 949 quid for the base 128 gig model rising to a cool grand. If you want double the storage and while the standard s22 is a pleasingly compact, wii more for the s22 plus rocks a more typical smartphone build at 6.6 inches samsung hasnt really changed up the design too much for the s22 generation, or at least aesthetically from a Quick glance youd be easily forgiven for mistaking this thing. For an s21 plus one of the only giveaways is the fact that you get slightly flatter edging here on the s22 plus, and it also comes in a slightly different range of colors as well.

Black white green and a sort of subtle, shade of pink, which is what ive got here. However, while the s22 plus may not look any different, the actual materials that have got into the construction have changed up quite considerably so gone. Is the glastic arse end from the s21? What youve got now is gorilla glass victus on the back end, as well as the front end and thats, both good and bad. That glass finish definitely gives the s22 plus a more premium feel than previous generations, because that glass stick, it did feel a little bit cheap. However, the good thing about the glastic r10 was it didnt scratch up at all, no matter how many times you put it in your pocket with keys and coins and other bits as well, whereas the gorilla glass victor screen on the old s21 that scratched up pretty Badly so im kind of hoping the same doesnt happen to the back end and the front end of the s22 plus on the plus side. Haha see what i did there uh the gorilla glass victus finish does mean that the s22 plus should be shatterproof. If you drop it onto hard flooring, i did actually already drop the standard s22 onto hard floor from about head hide during my hands on session with those bad boys, and it was absolutely fine. So yeah and samsung has also added a tougher armor aluminium engine to the s22 range and the s22 plus is for the ip68 water and dust resistant as usual and yeah.

The design hasnt really changed up too much at all. Youve got a very similar looking camera chassis housed here in the top corner, not completely seamlessly blending in with that edge, and unfortunately there is a clear seam there, its a proper heavy mower for 196 grams and, as i said before, 6.6 inches so a proper hand. Filler as well still comfortable to clutch, but using it one handed good friggin luck. As for the sim tray, well, the space for two sims simultaneously chortled chortle, but no room for a micro, microsd memory cards. So lets shift on to software from the hardware and what youve got here is samsungs very own one. Ui 4.1 launcher squatting on top of android. Samsung fans will be right at home. Its your usual setup absolutely packed with extra features on top of the standard, android shiz, while also bringing the best of android 12 here so, for instance, the excellent privacy features are present and correct. You can fast toggle the camera and microphone access for all apps. If you want to and when you actually load up an app that uses the camera or the mic, youll get a handy little indicator in this top corner. Here you can drag down that notifications bar and get some more information on what app is using your camera. Unsurprisingly, its the camera in this case, and then you can change up the permissions if you dont want that thing happening well, samsungs knox security features, takes all your sensitive bits, so to speak and isolates them, so they cant be directly attacked your passwords, your biometric data, Etc, so if security is a big issue for you, then samsung smartphones, definitely among the best out there, along with the likes of the google pixel smartphones, youve got great customization in one ui as well.

So first is dive into wallpaper and style. You can change up that wallpaper and everything as usual, but youll also see the new color palette option as well, which is part of android 12., and this can actually change up. The theme and colors based on the wallpaper youve got installed at the time. Youve got the usual always on display options as well. I like to schedule that so it only comes on when im awake youve got a small range of digital and analog options, with the ability to change up the color scheme as well. Otherwise, you can just bug on an image, including one of those ar emojis. If you happen to be six years old and jump on into advanced features, thats, where you find a lot of the bonus samsung one ui bits as well, including the samsung decks. If you want to basically set up your smartphone as a makeshift computer, you can adjust the sides key or the power button. Basically, so you can wake bixby or actually use it as a power button. You can also quick launch the camera with a quick double push. As well quite handy and you get the feeling that one handed mode is going to come in pretty bloody handy considering this is the plus model as well absolute bloody godsend. If youve got stumpy wee thumbs like me, but anywho, i have actually done a full dedicated video on one ui, for so definitely go check that out.

If you want an in depth, look at all the new features and all my favorite bits for now. I will stop banging on about it uh as far as the security goes as well before i forget. Youve got an ultrasonic in display fingerprint sensor here on the galaxy s 22 plus and so far in my sort of 24 hours of testing, this bad boy out its been absolutely fine. Perfectly responsive works all right if your hands are a little bit grubby or moist, but but not excessively so, and this is backed up with a tasty bit of face recognition as well and as you can see, there are plenty of different options you can play around With to either speed up the process or make it more secure, no matter what options you set, it doesnt work if youre wearing a face mask, but otherwise it seems again pretty quick and reliable. Well, apart from that one time, obviously we scroll on down to the battery and device care section of the settings youll find uh. The likes of the storage in here youve got a choice for either 128 or 256 gigs of storage with the s22 plus ive already used a terrifying amount of that, and i havent even begun to shoot photos and videos on this thing at the time im shooting This ive literally downloaded a few apps, definitely not helped by the fact that 31 gigs is given to system files ouch especially worrying, considering its not expandable via micro sd memory cards.

Now the display is always a highlight on these sami blurs, and what you got here on the s22 plus is a 6.6 inch. Dynamic amoled display perfectly flat, as you can see there and ive got to say im really enjoying the panel here on the s22 plus. So far the visuals are nice and crisp. Despite the fact, it is a good size. As usual, the screen mode is set to vivid by default and im quite happy to just leave it on that, because i really love the punchy output which doesnt go to extremes. It just makes you know animation and like look really really poppy and beautiful nice sharp contrast as well, because its an amoled panel so really deep, dark blacks and crisp whites as well and ill certainly be testing out samsungs new vision, booster feature for my in depth. Review this can tweak the color and the contrast output, so it matches the environmental light just making those darker images easier to see. The screen is also brighter than samsungs previous generation panels, and you can really tell when you go outdoors. Everything is so sort clear. This is it here on the maximum manual brightness level and its positively icier and dive into the display settings. Youve got the usual eye, comfort shields and all the other bits that you can play around with as well. And if you add to motion smoothness youll see you have the option of keeping it at the standard 60 hertz for it.

If you just want to preserve your battery life or you can leave it on adaptive, which actually scales it up from 10 hertz, all the way up to 120 hertz, and certainly one ui feels super smooth on that adaptive setting. You cant, really appreciate it. Unfortunately, on this video, because ive got it set to 25p, but just take uncle spurts word for it its proper lush. But what about the audio? Well, of course, as you would expect, from a premium blur the samsung s22 plus sports, a stereo setup. Well, ive got my sims slapped in great speaker here for the last week or so heres my in depth review and for more the latest and greatest tech. Please do post subscribe and hitting that notifications, bell, cheers and yeah on top volume. Thatll absolutely do the job. Even in the loudest most terrifying environment, something like a child soft player, for instance, should still be able to clearly hear everything that is going on. Quality is pretty decent as well reasonable clarity, not much in the way of equinox or tinniness or professional terms. Of course, sadly, no headphone jack as usual here on the s22 plus, you will have to rely on the bluetooth 5.2 smarts. If you want to get connected, i guess you use one of those god awful dongle thingies now running the show here on the samsung, galaxy, s22 plus and indeed the entire s22 family is samsungs fresh new exynos, 2200 chipset its backed here in the plus by eight Gigs of ram thats, the only variant youll get here in the uk and ive got to say those samsung exynos socs.

They do tend to disappoint a bit compared with the likes of the snapdragon 800 series, for instance, and as always, samsung is making big bold claims. When it comes to the 2200, youve got all kinds of crazy graphical features packed in there, including the likes of ray tracing support and after around 24 hours, ive got to say, zero complaints on the everyday performance, apps just load up the instant you tap them. Certainly, no little stumbles or judders, or anything like that. If you are a benchmarking fan well, the geekbench results pretty respectable overall, the kind of numbers you would expect from a premium smartphone, but not as strong as a snapdragon, 8 gen 1 handset, which i recently tested. But, of course, benchmarks bunch of numbers that doesnt really tell you anything to be perfectly honest. What you need is real life experience, and what im going to do now actually is dive on into a bit of gentian impact and give that a go so in what is doubtlessly one of the toughest most arduous tasks. In my role as tech youtube, i took it upon myself to spend a good hour or so playing gentian impact, one of the most graphically taxing and just all round demand and android titles. Definitely a serious test of any smartphones, grunt and, of course, because the samsung galaxy s22 plus is a flagship premium smartphone, i bumped the graphics settings all the way up to the maximum level the highest setting at 60 frames per second and on the old s21 phones.

Uh they definitely struggled with gunship impact on those maxed out settings. It was a real disappointment here on the s22 plus i didnt see the odd tiny little drop in frame rate, but certainly nothing as severe and ive got to say. Genji impact did remain perfectly playable on those maxed out settings and, while the s22 plus and the exynos 2200 in general, isnt the best performer out there. As far as the gaming grunt goes got, ta say after an hour of playing game impact, smacking the living crap out of a whole bunch of gobliny thingies and getting twatted by big buggers with shields. The s22 plus was only just starting to get a little bit. Toasty, it remained pleasingly cool, even under duress, so that is definitely an advantage over some of its snapdragon rivals and, as usual, youve got samsungs game booster feature, which can be called into action by dragging down the notifications bar and tapping a like. So and while this doesnt pack in quite as many features as densely as some rivals likes of me, ui and color os, for instance, youve got the major stuff in there. Youve got like the priority mode which can block the notifications and keep you in the game. Stop getting distracted or anything, and you can also call up like some whatsapp and uh youtube as well in a mini window. So hey, you can enjoy a good bit expert action while youre getting your genshin on or more likely watch a video walkthrough of whichever bit of the game is youre stuck in and, of course, its uh, its not ideal.

Personally, i just come out of the game: momentarily, go onto youtube, check it out and then come back into the game, but whatever so, if you are a gamer, the samsung galaxy s22 plus should certainly satisfy. But what will be interesting to see is how many android titles emerge in the next sort of 12 months, or so say that actually support the rear, trace and all the proper gaming chops that that exynos chipset throws at you and of course the excellence also gives You a good bit of 5g support as well, not just some six, of course, as youd expect from a premium. Smartphone youve got wi fi 6e support on there as well, so that supports the six gigahertz band as well as the standard ones. So good news. If youve got a wi, fi 6e router, mr posh pants or mrs posh pants, we want to be inclusive, of course, here on techspurs and well personally, i would probably go for the standard galaxy s22 over samsungs plus sized model. I got ta say one reason i would probably actually err towards the plus is the fact youve got the bigger battery, stuffed in here 4 500 milliamps compared with the 3700 in the standard s22. So hopefully the plus should be able to keep you going all day on a single charge. No worries, although, if you are a gamer, take note the game impact drains almost a third of the battery in about an hour, but at least the samsung galaxy s22 plus does deliver 45 watt wired charger now, which is a definite step up from the crappy old 25 watt wide charging, so it doesnt take an eternity to power it back up again and of course, youve got 15 watt wireless charging on this bad boy as well, for the usual cheese standard.

So if youve got a wireless charging pad lying around chances are itll work. Fine here with the s22 plus and as usual, youve got wireless power sharing support as well. So if youve got accessories like the galaxy buds or a galaxy watch, for instance, you can snap it on the back of this phone, just turn on the wireless power sharing and it will beam electricity magically to your accessories to power them up on the go. Now, as usual, lets finish up, this unboxing of the galaxy s 22, plus with a squint at the camera tech and what youve got here is an improved, upgraded 50 megapixel primary shooter with that optical image, stabilization built in and its good to see that improvement in The hardware, because it certainly made a difference to the google pixel 6 versus the pixel 5, especially in low light scenarios, which is what samsung has touted as one of the strengths of the s22 series. Of course, as usual, youve got samsungs ai smarts chucked on here. As well and a whole bunch of toggles, you can play around with the likes of the motion photo. If you want to bring your photo gallery to life, lots of bonus, mods you can swap to as well including the portrait mode. Oh thats, a little bit close up on veronica, slightly terrifying. This allows you to change up the background. Bokeh style effect just to help your subject really stand out, and apparently portrait mode works better with pets.

Now as well and youve got the usual enormous selection of bonus modes to choose from including some of my favorites, like good old single, take mode great if youve got kids or pets and you want to shoot photos videos, you dont know what you want to do With them, but you just basically just tap the button – hold the camera on them. For about 15 seconds, you get all kinds of different results. Youve got the food board. If you want to snap your m s sandwich before you scoff it down, youve got your pro board as well, of course, which allows you to manually tweak all kinds of different settings and heres. Just a small selection of some of the sample photos that ive taken with samsung galaxy s22, plus in my time with it, as you can see, some really nice portrait results are. There certainly seems very good for shooting living subjects even in fairly ambient light. They dont tend to come out blurred unless theyre really flapping about, and yes, the really low light shots certainly seem uh. A marked improvement over the s21 range as well so definitely more detail packed in there more natural, looking colors too, as well as your 50 megapixel primary shooter youve also got your 12 megapixel ultra wide angle. Shooter. If you want a more pulled back view – and this does have somewhat of an impact on the natural tones that you get from that primary sensor, not quite as realistic looking shots here on the ultra wide angle, but definitely not bad at all and last up theres A 10 megapixel telephoto shooter with three times optical zoom and built in optical image stabilization.

So if you want to get closer to your subject, this will definitely do the job, although i wouldnt punch in more than about sort of 10 times overall, because once you get past that level, things start to look quite grainy and one of the strengths of samsung Smartphones, when it comes to the optics is the video chops and here on the galaxy s 22, plus you once again shoot up to 4k resolution footage at 30 or 60 frames per second, and you do have an ak option at 24 frames per second. Frankly, i think thats kind of overkill. I tend to just leave it on that ultra hd setting and again is a bit more sample action, shot on the samsung galaxy s22 plus just out and about in london. As you can see, nice crisp details really strong visuals. There not too put off by stronger lighting either and in more ambient light. Yeah well do the job and then finally around the front of the samsung galaxy s22 plus you have your basic bog standard 10 megapixel selfie shooter im going to go for natural color tones for my selfies, because, frankly, bright will probably just make me even more translucent Than i already am as usual, you can have your wide angle view if youve got lots of friends you want to pack in come on veronica lets. Uh lets get you in on this one. The results seem very similar to last years s21.

To be perfectly honest, reasonably natural skin tones plenty of crisp detail, packed in there a little bit too much. If you ask me so there you have it, you lovely fork that in a nutshell, is the samsung galaxy, s22 plus, and certainly if you like them big, and you were really value your battery life, then i would say the plus size is probably the way to Go over the standard s22, even though it is a bit of a leap up in price. What do you guys recommend your thoughts down in the comments below? Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest ive got a lot of new smartphones coming up in the next couple of weeks, with mwc lurking on the horizon, like a big evil, bastard uh. So yes, itll be great to hear from you guys anyway, please do uh post subscribe.