So you know i didnt, but you know what i did. I actually bought myself an iphone good people. This is the google pixel 6 pro. I was really excited to get my hands on this device for two main reasons: the first one being the upgraded camera sensors compared to its predecessors, because if you know me well, im always fond of pixels computational photography. Ever since the launch of the pixel 2, i mean that phone just changed the whole smartphone camera game. The second reason was googles: custom, design, soc called tensor, because we all know google makes the software for android smartphones. So why not just make the processor to run that software to optimize the experience even better kind of like what apple does with their iphones? Now google has had a pretty interesting track record with their smartphones over the past five years. Its just so inconsistent to a point where i cant even tell which demographic these phones are catered towards, with the exception of the pixel, a series, of course take the pixel 4, for instance, that was launched back in 2019. You had the standard 800 model and the 900 xl model both of them had so many issues with motion sense and it also had pretty poor battery life. So a year later they launched the pixel 5 at 700. It was a completely different approach with the design and specs and it was priced less than the pixel 4.. I honestly love the compact form factor the flat display great camera and solid battery life.

I thought google wanted to play it safe and compete with the mid range sub, 700 smartphone market and now were here with the pixel 6 at 600 and the pixel 6 pro at 900 dollars. Now i dont have the regular pixel six, so im gon na slowly focus this video on the pixel 6 pro because for its price, its back in the league to compete with the big boys from samsung oneplus – and i guess you can also include apple now. I got this phone back in october last year, i transferred my sim card and all of my data from the pixel 5 and i started to use it as my daily driver. The first thing that stood out to me right away was the massive form factor compared to my pixel 5.. I mean this thing is huge: were talking a solid 0.71 inches of difference in screen size, which is a lot it made handling super uncomfortable. Even though i have super sized hands, it sticks out like a sore thumb when you place it inside your jeans, reaching the top icons with an app required a little bit more effort, and on top of that, the entire back is made out of gorilla glass victis. With this glossy finish, which is the ultimate recipe for an affair with your fingerprints, the aluminum rails are glossy and i just didnt feel confident getting a grip of this phone even after a month into testing.

Build quality is solid, the buttons are nice and tactile. Essentially, this is just a glass sandwich with an aluminum frame in the middle that desperately needs a case for protection. Although the rattling noise from the voice coil motor on the telephoto camera, was really bothering me, i mean take a listen to this seriously. Google for a 900 phone come on. That being said, the camera bump is pretty unique, though the black strip housing, the sensors, extends all the way across the phone and prevents the device from wobbling. When you place it on your desk also, i think it has daf fun written all over it. Now, aside from the stormy black finish, you can also pick it up in sort of sunny and cloudy white interesting choice of colors google. But you know what would be colorful taking a quick look at todays video sponsor dont have the time to wait for parts and build your own gaming. Pc nzxd build. Has your back navigate through their simple ui choose the games? You want to play pick a budget that works and the configurator will do its magic by offering some options built just for you or choose from one of their awesome. Pre built setups want something more custom: go crazy! Building your own dream, pc from the ground. Up all of these are backed with a two year, all in one warranty on parts labor and ram overclocking, save your time and start gaming right away with nzxt, build now available in australia as well.

The display on the pixel 6 pro spans across 6.71 inches and the resolution is quad hd. Now, unlike the regular pixel 6, this one actually curves around the edges, honestly its not what i was looking forward to since i had numerous issues with ghost touches, while scrolling through twitter youtube or instagram. I just dont get the deal with current screens. I mean just give us a flat, functional display and call it a day. Now the quality of the screen is really good. You are getting an amoled panel with deeper blacks and rich colors, and there are three color modes that you can choose from. I guess one of the positive aspects of having a larger screen is being able to enjoy watching content in landscape mode, especially if you netflix a lot. It also features ltpo, meaning the refresh rate adapts between 60 and 120 hertz to extend battery life. My experience has been pretty smooth with a few occasional stutters within certain apps, especially with youtube, but the recent update with the software fix that problem uh. If you do want to force 120 hertz full time. There is an option within the developer settings to do so, but be prepared to sacrifice your battery life, speaking of which was actually pretty good. On the 6 pro you see, google jammed a massive 5 000 milliamp hour battery inside this massive phone and given that they designed the tensor processor, there is that power efficiency factor to consider while running native google applications.

Initially, when i started using the phone, i was averaging between five and a half to six hours of screen on time and over the course of these past three months. A few software updates have improved that slightly, but not by online. Much sometimes ive had this thing. Last for a solid two days without having to plug it in, but keep in mind that i do have dark mode enabled, so that could be a contributing factor. It also supports fast charging up to 30 watts wireless charging up to 23 watts, which is how i use up my phones, and it also has reverse wireless charging if you want to juice up your low powered wireless devices. So overall, i wasnt really worried about battery life using this thing day in and day out, although it still sucks that it doesnt come with a charger in the box. Welcome to 2022 people, the fingerprint reader has been shifted from the back to the front, underneath the display and initially had a hard time getting this thing to work. You see it is an optical reader which requires light to shine through the glass to read your fingerprint, but i was out of luck. 50 of the time. It was honestly so frustrating that i had to rely on the pattern unlocked to get in now when it did work. The reader was actually pretty slow to log in and thats coming from someone who has used faster sensors on oneplus smartphones and even the ultrasonic tech built into samsung devices.

Fortunately, the latest software update addressed the accuracy issue, but its still pretty slow and sometimes its a hit or miss. For me, the speakers are pretty big upgrade on the 6 pro compared to the pixel 5.. You now get a dedicated earpiece at the top and bottom facing drivers, and with that combination you get a stereo effect. The output is very rich in trebles, but it does lack a little bit of bass honestly for phone. It gets the job done. Call quality was also good, but the haptic motor inside is very poor. Ive missed so many phone calls when i had this thing in my pocket, so that really sucks its actually much weaker than the haptics on the s21 from samsung, and i guess now is probably a good time to talk about some of the major bugs that i Encountered while using this device – and i might get furious as im talking about them so bear with me for a bit. The first thing was that ive had numerous countless call, dropping and disconnecting issues while im in the middle of an important phone conversation. I kid you not guys when i get a phone call ill answer it and the next second it disconnects. So i re tell the person who called me out of courtesy, of course, and it does the same thing five seconds later so i felt like i was being disrespectful to the person on the other end, but it clearly wasnt my fault.

It was the freaking phone. I mean it didnt happen every single time, but you know when it just happens to be one of those most important conversations. It decides to screw up. The next bug that i had was pretty hilarious. Actually, when im actually on the phone with somebody um the screen. Actually manages to somehow pull the notification tray and turn the flashlight im not kidding ive had friends, whove looked at me and just said: hey dude, your flashlights on im, like what whats really going on so yeah. I mean it doesnt make any sense and then theres the double tap to wake feature which never really worked. Even though i had enabled through settings even running google maps on pip was buggy as hell. It wouldnt expand. If i tapped on it and let alone it wouldnt, even jump into google maps in full screen mode, but thats more of an android 12 issue, i mean the list just goes on and on, if youre on reddit reading through posts from people who are on the Same boat as i am, the good news is that it did take google a few months to address some of those issues through software updates in december and january. But you know it still got its own problems. Performance, on the other hand, was pretty fast now. Im not gon na bore you with benchmarks, but if youre a gamer, this phone will get the job done and for everyday use, its pretty fluid and responsive uh multitasking works really well, thanks to 12 gigabytes of ram thats, the most that ive seen on a pixel Smartphone, as for storage, the base model comes with 120 gigabytes, but if youre willing to pay more, you can go up to half a terabyte shifting gears to android 12.

And what can i say this is probably the biggest visual overhaul that ive experienced in a while ive created a separate video going over the new operating system. So you know make sure to check that out. But in a nutshell, you get a new lock screen with some cool animations when you log into the device, the notification tray is redesigned with everything being bigger and bolder and somewhat cluttered. In my opinion, im still disappointed that i cant access my wifi and data toggles. At the same time, customization is still pretty limited on this phone with icon shapes and colors, but google is shifting that direction to something that adapts to your lifestyle. They call it material. U – and it basically shifts the color palette of the entire ui, based on the wallpaper that you choose its pretty cool, but after three months into testing, their themed icons is still in beta mode like what the hell, google theres, still a lot of fine tuning. That needs to be done, and i cant believe im saying that for a phone thats been out for more than three months, listen im, not completely bashing this ui. I love features like now playing where it picks up the music playing at a restaurant or any other setting, and it displays that on your home screen, google assistant is fast and really good at managing my smart home devices assisted voice typing is pretty dope its scary. How accurate it is, there is a dedicated privacy dashboard for that extra layer of security.

If you want to know whether an app is accessing your camera or your microphone in a way, i think google designed the tensor chip inside this phone to process these tasks efficiently and faster. So if you still love that vanilla, pure android experience, this is it actually. This is the only thing you can get. The last thing i want to go over is the camera performance. This is probably the biggest upgrade in the sensor department since the pixel 2.. You are greeted with a triple camera setup featuring a 12 megapixel ultrawide, a 50 megapixel standard wide and a 48 megapixel telephoto with four times optical zoom ive been dreaming for this setup on a pixel smartphone for years, and the results are really good. The ultrawide has great dynamic range with the color shifting a bit towards magenta, especially if you examine the shadows its not as detailed as something like the oneplus 9 pro, but i certainly prefer the look of the pixel over samsung, for instance, in the ultrawide department side. Note you also dont get a wider field of view compared to something like the iphone 13 pro. But if you switch gears to low light man, this ultra ultrawide is bananas. Im shocked at how good this phone can capture details while also giving you vibrant colors. The main camera also exhibits great detail, but keep in mind that google is binning. These results to produce 12 megapixel images to reduce noise, but that didnt stop me from capturing beautiful, sunrises and sunsets.

Also, the results when you switch to night mode are more realistic compared to previous generations. I never thought that i would be able to capture a photo like this on a smartphone i will say, googles, hdr processing has gotten a little aggressive this time and you can tell when you examine the shadows, given that this is a larger sensor, expect that fringing Around subjects, this is a known issue with every smartphone boasting higher pickles. So keep that in mind the addition of a telephoto camera is pretty sweet and you can get away with some really cool compositions. This is probably my favorite style when shooting portraits, speaking of which portrait mode is still here, even though you dont really need one. Considering that the main sensor gives you that natural bokeh, i cant, really tell if there is an improvement with subject separation compared to previous pixel smartphones, but overall, i think it manages to get the job done even in low light environments, theyve also added motion mode that Allows you to create long exposure, it tries to compete with what an actual camera can do and sometimes its a hit or miss switching to the front facing camera, and you do get some pretty cool images uh. There is great detail, but i did wish if theres a little bit of saturation but other than that, its really good as what you would expect from a pixel smartphone all right. I think its time to answer the million dollar question.

Thats, probably in your mind, right now, should you buy the pixel 6 pro no dont spend 900 on this. You see this phone is half baked in so many areas. I mean the bugs that i encountered using this thing every day made me go completely insane and it still got issues after the recent updates, its also really big and, quite frankly, not practical. For me, i love smaller phones with flat displays and something that just works. As i mentioned earlier, this phone was the reason why i went out and bought myself an iphone, and i just dont see myself switching back to a pixel. The software still needs a few refinements, maybe in a few months google would address everything thats wrong with this phone, but as it stands its not worth 900 guys. Unless, if you ignore all of what i said for the cameras, because the quality is absolutely incredible on that note, thank you so much for watching. I hope you were able to take away everything that you needed to know about the pixel 6 pro. If you have one, let me know what your experience has been so far stay tuned for my thoughts on the iphone 13 pro ive been using it for a while, and i actually really really enjoy it.