So lets have a look at this. This is the one that im wearing ive been actually uh using this for the past two weeks, so ill share the experience i had with this one. In fact, this is the venue 2 plus. There is also a regular venue, 2 variant, and i think so for most of you that might be better ill talk about that also whats. The difference so lets break it down between the pros and cons, and the good thing with this garmin is that it works both with iphones as well as android phones. In fact, the app and everything is exactly the same on both. I used it on board to test how well it works. So that way, i would say its compatible with android as well as ios. In fact, the good thing is that the data that the government tracks is also actually reflected in what you say, apples own. What do you say, healthy tracking system? So if you have been using that lets, say youve been using apple watch, etc. All the data is whatever garmin tracks is reflected over here uh, so lets break it down between the pros and cons. But before that, let me give you a physical overview, then well jump into it. Let me just zoom in a little bit more towards the watch so that you have a better idea. So this is the watch itself and this one is having an amulet screen guys, and this is a touch screen that we are getting on this one generally uh with most of the garmin watches.

It was just what do you say, physical control, but this comes with the touchscreen, but we have three physical buttons also on this one and its a good quality amoled screen that we are getting and its easily visible uh, even in direct sunlight. So that way, its a good one, the top button – you can customize this one. If you press this, you can add your activities over there tons and tons of activities that you can add to this one, and if you hold on to this one for some time, you get to the other options that you have bluetooth, etc. The biggest strength uh that we have with garmin compared to any other smartwatches like, for example, this is the apple watch. I have used android, smart watches, etc is in terms of battery life generally, with most of the. What do you say is uh true smartwatches, like apple watch or even the samsung galaxy watch, etc. The battery life that you get is generally about one one and a half days, and after that you have to charge this one uh generally garmin all garmin products, excellent. In terms of battery life uh, this garmin claims about nine days of battery life, but im getting anywhere from about five to seven days of battery life per jack, and that is very, very important guys for a fitness kind of a person. So i could also actually wear it at night, so it does actually extensive sleep, tracking and all those things and how is your sleep and the other parameters that tracks at night is very important for your health.

So in those aspects it excels and again, as a fitness activity watch its garment its the benchmark. So all that is done, no doubt about it and first let me actually first yeah lets just use the android phone to give you an idea, uh, of course, when you go to walks or runs and stuff it tracks and gives you idea about it, how much Youve worked on, gps will track the data and all these things uh. It also gives you uh uh insights about that uh. So all this uh is actually done very well. This is typically garmin the excel in this, so you get uh about this and its all about the tracking, in fact im not wearing it. It does continuous hard tracking all the time, its not like its doing just once, every five minutes or something like that continuous hard tracking. So this is important and gives you an idea about your activity and stuff. So a resting heart rate is actually a very important thing. Once now i have crossed 40 health as being important. So, as you can see it tracks all this data and the more you use the more data you have on this one. You can go down so, as you can see, uh in fact, another good thing that garmin does and because its basically oriented towards fitness and all these things theres a lot of auto tracking. Also it does, for example, if you just run excel track your jogs, etc.

In fact, im biking these days and automatically it also detected. As you can see these two small icons when i was biking, i didnt have to invoke it. So auto tracking is very well done on this one and gives a lot of data. Apart from that uh. It attracts im not wearing it, thats, why its not showing here otherwise in real time, it would have shown me the heart rate. Let me just wear it for some time so that it updates it and uh again. Another thing that is important. This is known as body battery, and this gives you an idea how active and fresh you are per day and uh. Yesterday i didnt sleep properly, though i slept a lot. In fact, that is important sleep tracking that i want. I was very restless, so it said that i only charged about 20 yesterday night generally, you should charge a lot more 60 to 70 percent and throughout the day, how much you have charged and how much you have lost uh. It calculates that so uh yesterday as ive told you uh, i i got a positive charge of only 20 plus 20 points and ive already drained a six out of uh this one. Also, this uh continuously tracks the stress that you are having throughout the day continuously, and this is actually very, very important uh these days uh. So again, it gives you a score. The lower is better on this one uh, as you can see the resting phase.

I just had yesterday i dont know i slept a lot in fact, but it was a very restless uh sleep, so thats also tracked, or so it tracks the intensity of minutes that youre doing. Of course it does the step tracking and all those things. Another thing that ive noticed is that in many of the fitness uh stuff and all those things automatically you set the goal of lets, say 7500 step or six thousand here, based on what your current health is. That day, it gives you a goal of number of steps, so the number of goals of the steps it is continuously changing every day for me as you can see uh. So this is a small thing that ive noticed different from other trackers or health fitness. It actively tracks whats your status of your body that day and based on that it sets the goals automatically so thats a small touch. Of course, it detects the number of flows that youre climbing and all this thing calorie sleep as ive told you attract sleep for quite a bit yesterday. I slept a lot, but my sleep was very poor yesterday and, as you can see, it says its bad. It even detects the movement that you were having and the respiration that you were doing while you were in sleep, and this is uh important thing – uh the respiration, for example, as you can see, it gave me a sleep score of just 34 out of 10 and The quality of my seat leaf was pretty poor, as you can see, so it gives data about all that information.

So its not like you might say, ive slept for six or seven hours, but what is the quality of the sleep that you had, and this is actually im noticing closely. If i go last seven days see, i had a very good sleep score earlier and i was a lot fresh on those days, uh very bubbly and cheerful lot of energy, but whenever the sleep score was falling down by just about half the day, i was feeling Lethargic or something so this is a small thing that im noticing, so i have to uh its not the number of hours of sleep, but the quality of sleep that you are getting again as ive told you even respiration retracts during sleep. Also, as ive told you uh your fitness, okay, we have a fitness tracker, we have apple watch, etc. We waited throughout the day, but because the battery life on these traditional, smart watches is simply not that great at night, we have to remove it and put it on charge. Thats not the case with this one. So i can go with uh sleep with this one and it is tracking a lot of things during the sleep, so it also tracks the respiration that you are having and gives an average during sleep. It says my: it was 15 minutes average when im awake its about 13 and healthy. It says, is between 10 to 20. and again based on your age. The values are a little bit different.

Of course, weight you have to input to whatever weight. Does that heart rate, all those things are tracks, and all this thing apart from this another small thing that i found interesting, is that they call it water its a fancy word if i go over here. If i go to health stats, okay, they call this fitness age. Your biological age might be whatever my biological age is. 44 ill, soon be 45, but this based on uh the activity, every body and all these things, what its tracking it gives you a fitness age. According to this one, it says my fitness age is 41 and i can bring it down to about 37.5 if i work on a few things, so this is a nice thing. In fact, this is a good thing uh i would say if your fitness age is below your biological age, you are fit, but lets say if it was 47 or 48. I would have been worried. So this is a small thing that it does and this actually changes based on your fitness level, how much youre working out and all those things. So these are small things that it does again. It gives a lot of information again, as ive told you. The biggest strength of this one is the tracking and all those things that it does. For example, this is a performance stats. It gives vo2 max also it continuously detects throughout the day and all these things im in the decent range, i would say for my age again, it says for my age it is decent.

So again, you get a lot of smart watches that you are getting, but this one, the garment products, are basically theyre tracking, your health and all these other aspects, which i feel is important. After a certain age and again, if youre a fitness kind of a guy, you have all those marathon runs tracking uh. In fact, we also have something known as garmin coach on this one. If i go over here, you have the coaching services over here. Its actually included you dont have to pay the training. Actually you have workout courses and all those things you can enroll into uh workout lets say you are you want to do a 10 minute, workout, 15 minute workout. You can actually check this and it helps you. You get an animation over here to help you to work out again its all that fitness tracking and all these things that youre having. In fact, you can also google about garmin coach, the garmin coach functionality is also actually included on this. One apple also has something like that, but for that you have to pay separately. So all those things are actually included in this uh watch and again, as ive told you, this is mostly gate towards people who are more into fitness and theyre bothered about their help. And in fact, if you know anybody whos very active earthly kind of person, they will vouch for carmen because of all this, and so this is what it is, but now uh its easier touch based controls that youre having and now it comes with an amoled screen.

This one also has actually a what do you say, a speaker and a microphone so actually, with this plus version, you can actually take calls on this one. In fact, if the middle button, if you press google assistant whats the time in new york the time in new york city, new york, united states is 12 44 a.m. So the middle button is nothing but uh. What do you say assistant on android phone? Obviously, it works with the google assistant on an ios thats, an iphone. This one works with the cd, so this is the new functionality that they have come in the plus version. The non plus version is exactly the same watch, but you dont have the speaker and the assistant functionality. This one is for almost 47 000. The regular venue 2 is for about 40 a thousand. So if you think you wont be bothered about taking calls on the phone or using that assistant functionality, then i think so the regular venue 2 might be a better one. In fact, to be very frank, yes, you can take calls on the smartphones, even with the apple watch, but trust me ive been using smartwatches for such a long time. I almost never take calls on this one, because the clarity is not that great. Let me talk about some of the things that i did not like. Yes, you have this. What do you say? Google assistant functionality as a basic google assistant, it works, but lets say im going to send an sms.

Let me just close this watch uh sorry. This is my phone and now im going to send a sms from this phone. This is a different number to this one which is attached to my watch, im going to say hi, and this should actually come to the watch now yeah. It came no problem and if i hit this this triple button, i can dismiss it. I can reply, it lets just reply it. So we have some canned replies over here uh, i will say uh on my way or something like that, and now this will send the message. This is fine. This sends it and i got the message, but i feel here: garban has missed a thing uh. Yes, that text can replies are okay, but they should have given an option of a microphone icon or something just by pressing that with the voice, you could have sent a message if they could have implemented that it would have been a lot more functional, but as Of now that functionality is simply not there so thats, why i say yes, this venue plus has that voice functionality with the google assistant, but it is pretty limited as of now next thing uh is regarding uh. This is a touch screen guys, but again, i feel they havent optimized interface totally for this one, for example, if i open this, this left swipe actually does not do anything. Not this swipe does anything. The only interactions that you have is bottom swipe and top swipe, and here also its the same thing that it is doing uh, for in fact i can read the notifications.

I have to go all the way over here, and here i have the notifications and from here i can click and read it uh. They could have just implemented a simple swipe like this lets swipe like this to see the notifications, its a smart watch, but the implementation i feel theyre fully not taking advantage of this one. Hopefully they implement it. Another thing is that again is a smartwatch, so you have a ton of smart. So what are your faces? You can change it. I im just liking this one and if you notice this, we have three complications. You can actually adjust what complications you have, but if i click on this complication lets say this heart rate, nothing is happening. This should have actually taken me to the heart rate over here, but that its again not doing so, i feel they really need to work on the interface of this and make it touch friendly. I just hope they do it uh with the software update, because that will make it a lot more functional for people who are used to traditional smart watches in traditional smart watches. You have those complications and stuff. If you touch it, you directly go to that area, but here you have to go through hoops and so ease of use, i would say, could have been better. This is the gray color variant, and the good thing is that the back is actually what you say. Stainless steel, so build quality is not an issue and it comes with this gray.

What do you say? What do you say? Is this strap its good, its rubber based, strap and you can even remove it, but again, even the casing: color is in green. Instead of this, because now, if i change the strap to lets, say a black one or something generic itll look very odd, because this one isnt greek error, i feel they should have launched the this variant in what you say: stainless steel, color or a black color Or something like that, that would have made it a lot better. In my frank opinion in terms of comfort, uh dont get me wrong its very comfortable. What do you say? Watch the straps are really good. You can just wear it throughout the day. You dont even feel it, but again small things like this could have been uh. Better next thing is regarding the pricing in india. All these garment products are actually pretty expensive in india because these are imported, so you get that import tax and also that gst. So the price is very high. This venue, two plus in india, is almost 47 000 uh, as ive told you the regular venue too. That does not have that google assistant one and that speaker and microphone you can have it for about 7000 less, and i think so, if you are that fitness kind of a person that one makes more sense than this one, because you dont get that full google Uh functionality to reply to what you say: sms voice replies to what whatsapp etc via voice.

As of now and next small thing. This is again a nitpick, not a strict con guys regarding the charging uh, you charge it with this supplied the cable and this charges very well and again, as ive told you, the battery life is like this. You charge it, but i feel they could have just given a magnetic charger. Thats the qi charger like apple watch or even samsung watch does that that would have made it a lot better because you could have then charged it easily with any charger right now. If you have to actually use this proprietary cable, so this thats a small thing that they could have implemented. But nevertheless, i would say still if you are that fitness kind of a person, uh health tracking and all those other things that ive mentioned, is very important to you. You can definitely have a look at this one, the biggest advantage, i would say, compared to traditional smart watches, that this garmin has is that battery life, that you are getting almost about six to seven days of real uh usage that you are getting, which is simply Not possible for traditional smart watches, so thats the biggest strength and the health and other tracking that its doing so, if youre, that kind of a person you can have a look at this one, in fact, guys that this venue 2 series is not the premium series From garmin, the premium series is actually the phoenix one which is used by most athletes and all this thing and that one actually cost almost about 70 to 80 000.

anyways. The this was the venue 2 plus.