I have here a newly found item and this is dynamo radio and here i cannot understand the characters here, but i can understand the drawings so im gon na share the drawings here. So you can see here guys, i think, no need for a battery, and it said here smartphone, so here it has a cell phone drawing this one. I think this is a radio. Yes, this is a radio because it has the antenna here. I think this is some kind of a alarm this one. This one is a light and this one circle pattern, and it has here this grunt. So maybe lets start here. This one is the crown there. So this unit no need for battery. You can charge the battery inside this unit by turning this clockwise and it is charging – and this is the charging indicator here – okay, so next it has a light. So here there is light on and off so im gon na try to get a barbecue stick or a pencil here. Theres a barbecue stick. So there it is a flashlight. I will not try to open this one guys. I just want to preserve this item and next we go for the radio, so it has here reset and scan so im gon na turn. First, because this is the volume control im gon na turn on the volume yeah im gon na reset and lets scan at the first and by the way guys.

This radio is a japanese standard, but i can pick up channels from 88 until 94.7. So lets try to scan a channel Laughter, foreign Applause, Music Applause, so there i scan a channel from 76 thats. Why? You hear the very noisy because my fm channel here starts at 88 until 108 megahertz, because i am here in philippines, but then i can scan channel 88 until 94.7, so not bad at all, because this is a digital radio. Here it only has two buttons reset and scan if you reset it will reset back to the 76 and scan just push this scan button, it will scan until 94.7 thats. All so here lets check. So this is the volume control. At the same time, power switch on and off for the fm radio it doesnt have the am so here. This is the sling guys and on the back, as you can see, this is a some kind of a adapter, so here it has here foma softbank. So here it has here: au smartphone, ipod, ds, lite, bsi, ill d, or i mean 3ds psp. So here i have here a slit. I sleep here guys just to demo this unit, so im gon na demo, here my own cell phone, so here and also on this side. It has here the alarm: okay, so here im gon na turn on. So that is the alarm, and here this is the dc out here dc out and on this side.

Here is a headphone jack 3.5 mm. So this one here is the dcl, so im gon na plug this here then, on the part here, im gon na plug this one okay, so i will gon na get my cell phone and lets try if this dynamo radio here this is the name dynamo radio Can charge the cell phone because it doesnt need a battery. All you need to do, i think, is to crank this one then lets see. I will get my cell phone first, so i have here a cell phone okay and here lets check. So no Music indicator here. So im gon na need here a stand, so here yeah, so you can see here, im gon na turn this guys. So this is the unit here, so no other wires. Okay, so im gon na try to turn this yeah, as you can see guys. Its charging here, oops check this out here. Im gon na turn this there its charging. So you need to crank this and it is easy to cram. It is soft yeah and, as you can see, my cell phone, the indicator there still charging so im gon na try to stop cranking. This um radio there its not charging anymore so crack again yeah its charging. So this um radio guys this dynamo radio. It is very interesting so it can charge the cell phone. So you can see my nokia and it works so no need for battery and it has a built in crank, light alarm, fm radio and you can charge your smart phones so thats all for this dynamo radio.