The Galaxy S22 Ultra is literally a Note series of smartphone, but its just called and S series of smartphone right now.. So without further ado, lets begin with our in depth: review today. review today., So the Galaxy S22 Ultra that we have here in Malaysia comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset., And this is the first time that we Malaysians are getting the Snapdragon version on the Galaxy S series of smartphones., But I think its quite disappointing too, since the Exynos 2100 last year on the Galaxy S21 Ultra was much better than the Snapdragon 888 in terms of efficiency and the Exynos 2200. This year comes with an AMD GPU, which we dont get to try out this year, unfortunately.. But enough of that we are reviewing the Galaxy S22 Ultra today and well go across our usual six points when it comes to a smartphone to streamline this review and not to go off on a tangent for a very long time.. We are going to focus mainly on the Galaxy S22 alone.. We will have more future videos where you go in depth in a few certain aspects so subscribe if you dont want to miss out on those videos.. Also, this entire video is scripted edited uploaded and published by me alone.. It is not paid by anyone or seen by anyone else before this video is published.. Lets start off with the box of the Galaxy S22 Ultra right here.. I know that this box is smaller than last years.

Galaxy S21 Ultra – and this is also mentioned by Samsung as well.. However, I didnt expect this box to be so much smaller.. Of course, a box that is this thin means that there is no charger inside. Just like last year, as well. I mean we are kind of accustomed to this already right Check out our quick unboxing of the Galaxy S22 Ultra at the top right corner there., And then we got to talk about the design of the brand new Galaxy S22 Ultra.. This design is something they grew on me. Initially, I prefer the Galaxy S21 Ultra Design., Instead of hiding the camera bump, Samsung just embrace the camera bump and also made it look pretty at the same time.. But when I look at the brand new Galaxy S22 Ultra with my own eyes, Samsung made that bump elegant now. Its just 5 circles and thats it., Plus because of how the camera circles are positioned. The phone doesnt rock as much on the table compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra when they are both without a case Thats a nice side effect actually.. Also, the entire back of the phone is covered by a very nice matte, finish material, and it is also available in a total of four different colors.. So we have the usual phantom black phantom white and then we also have the new burgundy and also green color.. I saw a lot of polls on Twitter to vote for.

, Which color is your favorite, and I saw a lot more people going for either burgundy or the green color.. Personally speaking, though, Ill go for green color., While it does have the name green in the name. Many people just looked at it for the first time and say: Oh its actually blue, and I get it because that hue is very similar to the Galaxy S10 series with the PRISM Green Color. Again. Its just called green. But it looks very blue and I love that PRISM, Green color, too. And combined with this matte finish. It just looks and feels really good.. Even the sides of the phone is also very elegant. And in this roundup of various movie, both the front and the back pieces of glass come into the frame, and I find this kind of craftsmanship to be just insanely, good., Plus the top and bottom of the Phone are also flat as well, which is again reminiscent of the Galaxy Note series. Of Smartphones., And also the entire back in front of the phone are covered by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus by the way. And since were here. Lets move on and talk about. The screen on this phone. It has a massive 6.8 inch, Dynamic, AMOLED 2X display with up to 120 Hertz refresh rate and also down to 1 Hertz to save battery, and it also has a resolution of 3088 by 1440 pixels. On paper. It doesnt sound like much, but in truth, this display actually got a big upgrade in terms of both brightness and also color accuracy.

. When we whipped out our colorimeter to test its color accuracy, I had to adjust its brightness to the maximum to see how much it actually goes. And I saw 368 nits average when it is at maximum brightness. And that wasnt really that impressive. And then I realized There is another button in the settings: menu called Extra Brightness.. I turned that option on cranked up the brightness to 100 and I was immediately blinded.. The Galaxy S22 Ultra went beyond 750 nits of brightness. The Galaxy S21 Ultra doesnt even have this extra brightness option by the way., And yet the Galaxy S22 Ultra manages to achieve every single brightness level with the perfect white point., That is to say all the adobe Output values are exactly the same while viewing white color.. Also Samsung has this feature called Extra Dim where its brightness can go really low, which is perfect for viewing the screen in complete darkness., And then we dialled the brightness back to 100 nits, which is typically what we use indoors and continue with the color accuracy tests.. We got nearly 100 coverage for both sRGB and DCI, P3 color gamuts and the Delta E value is also very low. As well.. Oh, I should have mentioned that.. I also did not change any color profiles in the settings. Menu.. I just got the phone and I immediately did this color test.. Of course you can use the magnificent screen to view magnificent photos and videos taken on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

. This one comes with a total of five different cameras, each serving its own purpose.. The camera setup is very similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but we are leaving the camera comparisons between these two phones for another video in the future, focusing on the Galaxy S22 Ultra itself. I took a bunch of photos and its one of those phones that I dont have to worry. About. A photo turning out bad if I forgot to tap to focus before taking a shot, for example, and all of the pictures shown here are taken on a super gloomy day. And it already started to rain. When I was about to take pictures with this phone.. The wind was blowing very strongly to the point that my hands couldnt stay still, but the OIS and the software in the Galaxy S22 Ultra managed to stabilize all of the shots.. I honestly just use the Galaxy S22 Ultra to take a bunch of photos both indoors and outdoors, and I enjoyed every moment of it so much so that I dont even remember which zoom level was used to take these pictures.. I do remember some of the pictures of these dogs were taken using portrait mode though. And, of course one big highlight this time around is the night shots. Samsung made a big deal out of it and we tested it out too., And I was immediately impressed.. The pictures have clearly gone through some algorithm to clean it up, but its still looks very authentic and its clearly a night shot.

, And yet we still have a much on Expert RAW app, which offers a lot more control to take pictures with professional tools. To avoid going off on a tangent., We will leave that for yet another video too, and for video side of things.. Samsung also said that the stabilization has improved, so I shot a video in 4K 60 fps of me walking across a very bumpy path during broad daylight, and it looks good., So no surprises there. And then, when the night fell, I took the same test again. And Yes, it does have some post processing artifact when it comes to the stabilization, but it still looks very good.. The noise level is surprisingly little, but this is not the end of our camera tests of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.. We have shot the same pictures and videos. We have the Galaxy S21 Ultra that we have here. So we have another comparison: video coming soon., So please subscribe now. Moving on to the performance side of things, the Galaxy S22 Ultra that we have here in Malaysia and what weve mentioned comes with the Snapdragon chipset, namely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1., Like what weve mentioned In our performance tests, even though it is thermally, throttled and games are rendered at a lower resolution. The frame rate coming out of it is actually pretty good and it definitely didnt overheat as the surface temperature is always below 40 degrees. Celsius.. I mean this one isnt even made for gaming.

, So the more throttling to maintain a comfortable user experience is understandable.. I just wish that there is an option for us to tap on it and make it go full blast. Still. I want to know how the Exynos 2200 with the AMD GPU performs, but it only seems to be available in Europe right now. Hmm.. Now, moving on to the battery life of this Galaxy, S22 Ultra. Im impressed that Samsung managed to fit in a 5000 mAh battery. Despite having to sacrifice some space to fit the S Pen inside the phone., I can provide our usual battery life test results like what we do here, but that doesnt really make much sense. So Im just going to spoil the comparison between this phone and the GalaxyS21 Ultra with the Exynos 2100, when it comes to the battery life tests., I calibrated the Galaxy S21 Ultra with the Exynos 2100 Galaxy S22 Ultra with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.. Both of these phones at 100, nits of brightness adaptive frame rate 1440p resolution and connected both of these phones to WiFi.. Both phones ran the PCMark 10 battery life tests side by side, and I even filmed this time lapse just for you to see.. The result is astonishing, yet quite perplexing., The Galaxy S21 ultra, which had gone through a lot of charge cycles, since it was my daily driver for the first eight months of the year 2021, and it also had a SIM card inside while having both Facebook, Messenger and Telegram running in the background.

, Yet somehow, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra that I have personally daily driven for eight months, manages to outperform the brand new Galaxy S22 Ultra in our battery life test.. This could be caused by a few reasons. Either. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is inefficient or the optimizations for the Snapdragon, 8 Gen, 1 and subsequently the Galaxy S22 Ultra is just not that good yet. Either way theres a noticeable gap when it comes to the battery life tests, but thats not really a big deal. Since they are both having a 5000 mAh battery, and it can definitely go through my one day of intense usage without much of an issue. As for the charging time, we use our Ugreen 100W GaN charger to test out the charging times of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.. While Samsung did claim that this phone can support up to 45 watts of wired fast charging, our wattmeter only report about 28W, which is weird.. We dont know why this happens so well. Leave this mystery for another time. Either way I just leave it to charge and it charged up from 15 to 100 in about an hours time, which is actually quite fast.. And lastly, the software. It comes pre installed with Android 12 with Samsungs One UI 4.1, and it just feels exactly the same like the Galaxy Z Fold3, that Ive got so accustomed to the features available on One UI and my muscle memory just make use of all of those features available.

Like Edge Panel with the screenshot snipping tool or the Samsung Pay for example. To me, theyre, not bloatware, because I use all of these features on a daily basis. Ive seen other smartphone brands try to mimic all of these features, but in a very sloppy manner.. So Samsungs One UI is still my go to skin for Android smartphones and lets not forget. Samsung also bumped up the software update policy too., So Samsung promised a total of four generations of Android OS updates and five years of security patches for the entire Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series of smartphones. Thats, actually even better than Google themselves., And we shouldnt forget About the main star of the show, the S Pen. Since the Galaxy S22 Ultra is basically a Note. The S Pen is stored inside the phone.. However, whatever color of the Galaxy S22 Ultra that youve bought, only the tip of the pen will correspond to the phones color., The entire shaft of the pen is still going to be black color.. That is not a big deal, but the thinness is a big deal to me., Yes, its much more convenient than the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which needs to use a specific case just to carry the S Pen around and we dont have to deal with deteriorating cases. Too. Yeah the original Samsung case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra with the S Pen has just deteriorated for me., But comparing the size of the s pen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

You can clearly see the difference in thickness and also the size in general.. The thicker body is definitely much more comfortable to hold and the Galaxy S22 Ultras S Pen is just the same. Twig, like S Pen, that weve seen in the Galaxy Note 20 series of smartphones. Still, if you just want to whip out the S Pen and take a quick note or to sketch something, then that shouldnt be a problem. Or else you can get. The LAMY Safari Twin Pen, which has a ballpoint pen plus an S Pen for a much more comfortable grip. Or you can even get the S Pen Pro our review at the top right corner there.. What Im impressed, though, is that the new S Pen really feels responsive thanks to Samsungs new prediction: algorithm that enhances the latency of the S Pen down to just 2.8 milliseconds.. The numbers dont put anything into perspective, but I really felt the difference when I started writing or drawing on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.. As a quick mention, the new Samsung Notes can convert more handwritten language just into text as well.. I only know how to write English and Malay, so I cant really test that out for you., Even though Im Chinese, I dont, actually know how to read or write Chinese. And so finally, the question is: should you buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra? Well, if youre already eyeing a new Galaxy Note, smartphone, then the Galaxy S22 Ultra is your only option to me.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is like improving the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is really my personal, perfect phone for the year 2021., And then Samsung just took this Phone added an S Pen inside the phone and voila the Galaxy S22 Ultra.. What Im concerned, though, is the starting configuration of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a bit insufficient.. I suggest you not to get a base version at 128GB of storage at the price of RM5099.. 128Gb of storage is just insufficient, especially with the cameras on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which are so good that I think anyone owning this phone would just go trigger, happy and start snapping pictures everywhere.. I suggest you to get at least the 256GB version at a price of RM5499.. Yes, the price is steeper., But if you are willing to spend that much for a smartphone, then I can assure you that price is worth your money., But this review isnt. The last content that were going to have for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Well have a lot more coming soon, particularly the comparison with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Again do subscribe for that. And before you end this video theres one more question that a lot of people have Been asking me. Will I change my daily driver phone from the Galaxy Z Fold3 to the brand new Galaxy S22 Ultra? I cant really answer that., Maybe not now. I guess The Galaxy Z Fold3s massive display when it is unfolded, is just something that other phones cannot replicate.

, So yeah thats, thats, whats holding me back., So yeah thats our in depth, review of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.. If you have any questions to leave them in the comments section below Ill, try to answer them whenever I can.