This is normal here and in this video well be doing the gaming performance test of the new infinix zero 5g. So infinix, zero 5g is the latest device, and this is priced 19 plan and the highlight of this device is the dimension. 900 chip, and along with that, you get ufs, uh, 3.1 storage support and lpddr5 ram. So these are two things which are not available in this price segment right now. So this is a performance oriented device with lpddr5 ram and the ufs 3.1 storage support, along with a good demand, cd 900 chip, so lets see how good the device is for the price segment. How good the gaming experience is basically so well be playing two games. As for nine and pubg mobile, you can see right now. The battery is 65 percentage, so well play for around 40 45 minutes and then see how much battery drain happens. So you can see that the temperature of this device is around 32 degrees, so lets see if there is any heating happening while gaming. So 3132 is right now, temperature on this device, so lets get started with the gaming of the infinix zero 5g. So so so so so, ah so around 15 minutes of gaming on asphalt 9 and you can see that temperature is ‘ degrees. It has gone up to ‘. uh near the camera area, its ‘ again, no major heating issues, i said, but the temperature definitely has risen along with gaming.

Now the gaming quality was pretty good, actually uh. The graphic quality was good again, a very smooth gaming. The performance is definitely good its a good device for gaming uh with asphalt 9. We did not see any sort of lag or issues. The graphic quality was pretty good for a 20 000 price device and the performance was pretty good again, so that was asphalt, 9 and even the display uh, even though its not an amoled display. The display quality was pretty good in our opinion, so lets go with pubg, mobile or bgmi and lets see how it performs. So you can see uh the graphic quality smooth and extreme. Is there then lets see what all is there hdr and ultra? Is there ultra hd is not there, so there are some good options available, so you can see here uh. This has smooth and extreme available. A balanced is also. There then balance ultra hd and ultra is also there. Hdr and ultra is also included. So these are the graphic options, so lets get started with the gaming on the infinix zero 5g. I need attachments mercy cover me: Music, enemy, down, reloading target down Music Music fire Music, nice shot, so this so to so so so uh. So so so so now we are done with the gaming lets see that final temperature, so it went up to 46 degrees, so you can see here its. It heats up a lot while gaming because of the high performance uh, the heating isnt actually controlled.

The performance is good, but it went up to 46 degrees thats massive temperature rise. You can see here, 46 degrees close to 46 degrees and the display is around 40 degrees. The camera area is the one which is having the highest temperature, so around 46 degrees. So thats the temperature rise and almost close to one hour of gaming, and you can see that battery drain is also 20 percentage, so from 65 it has come down to 45 in around one hour of gaming. Now talking about the gaming experience, it was very smooth. Actually, even with the heating uh, the there was no lag whatsoever and it was very smooth uh. The performance is definitely good for a 20k price device, but heating isnt actually controlled. Here it goes up to 46 46.5 degrees, so heating is definitely high, but the gaming has been really optimized well, thats. What we feel both the bgmi and asphalt 9 played pretty well, but uh. The heating is on the higher side and battery drain. Also, we feel is slightly on the higher side 20 percentage battery drain in around uh one hour of gaming thats slightly on the high side, but nevertheless uh. If youre looking for a good gaming device below 20 000, its definitely one of those devices which offers good performance, but then heating is also a concern. So that was the gaming test of the infinix.