Now this is a flagship smartphone by oppo, and this is a smartphone that will compete with all the overtop smartphones, such as the samsung, galaxy s21 ultra or the iphone 13 pro or even the new ones. That are coming out. I think the camera is good enough to compete with those new phones as well, but they this one would also have a new model coming out as well very soon now this is worth just over 1 000, so its quite expensive. So its not a affordable, smartphone thats, because you got a lot of features packed into it. The camera quality is amazing, so if youre a camera person or vlogger etc. This is a smartphone to go for now. It comes with a silicon case, so youd have to buy that it comes with a screen protector already on, so you dont have to buy that, and it comes with a usb type c: charging cable and a mains plug, and now this provides a 65 watts. Super work, flash charge so up to 40 in 10 minutes, so in 10 minutes well, give you a quick charge and he has a built in 4500 mah battery capacity. Now, on the right side, it has the power button on the left side, thats the volume control at the bottom. Here you got the sim tray, which is a dual sim, so you can put two nano sims in and a usb type c charging port at the bottom and the speakers there as well now at the top theres, nothing there at the back.

This is how it is, so you got four cameras plus a flashlight there. Now. One thing that really stands out regarding this smartphone is that it has one billion color, dual primary camera at the back, which is a 50 megapixel camera by step, one billion color that stands out a lot. A lot of smartphones dont have that kind of quality cameras like that, and it has a built in qualcomm, snapdragon, a8 chipset. Now the build quality itself is amazing. Got a nice glass shaped design here. The screen size of this is 6.7 inch, qhd plus ammo screen, and it has a built in 12 gig ram 256 gig internal memory, plus one thing that really stands out regarding this smartphone is the camera, even though it operates smoothly got all the features there are. Some features that it has that other smartphones wouldnt have, for example, uh the this one, so its the 0101 ultravision engine. So video image sharpener enhance the resolution of videos. You can put that on your video color enhancer sdr2 hdr technology widens the color again for better visual effects, so there are a lot of these features are related to the camera, mainly because the more main focus regarding this smartphone is the camera, and i will show You some pictures, ive taken in daylight. Some pictures i will take in low light and youll see. The quality is amazing and some recordings as well. Now the rest of the features, even the mid, mid range oppo smartphones has but youve got a lot of features packed into this settings is here now youve got color vision, enhance enhancement, uh added the color theyve got a lot of these other extra features that you Can switch and put them on their sound qualities by adobe atmos and you can pull a smart movie, gaming, music, etc.

So let me go back and then just a bit of information, so wi fi got the connection and sharings here. So you got the nfc like any smartphones. These days would have nfc built in now i got print screen and cast vpn private dns and then personalization here, where you can change the theme, wallpaper, live, wallpaper, etc, display and brightness. You can put fingerprint um scan or face unlock, or just just a normal password. If you want, you got privacy, you got password and biometrics here so thats we can um register your face, so it just unlocks by looking at um, detecting your face. Youve got location, convenience tools, battery digital, well, being parental controls and all our same features that all androids softwares would have. Okay, so the rear camera. Here you can see four cameras plus a flashlight. Now the camera mega pixels are 50 megapixel, 50 megapixel, 30 megapixel and a 5 megapixel rear camera with a flashlight and then at the front. You also got one here, which is a 32 megapixel selfie camera here. Okay, so let me get this set up, so i can show you some video clips. Some photos that ive taken with this smartphone in low light zoomed in pictures as well just to show you the quality of this smartphone now heres. This is how it looks when its zoomed out one time zoom. This is look. This looks brilliant, then you can zoom in two times still very good and its stable as well as in the camera, is still stable and youve got that steadiness, so it doesnt shake or anything when youre zoomed in five times zoom.

Even then, you can see its very stable and very steady, the camera and thats something i love about this, but you can also put an ultra steady where it literally doesnt shake at all. Now i can put on ai now and you can see brightens everything up straight away, so its ultra night video on at the moment now i can put a flash on as well. So when i put the flash on you can see, everything feels much clearer. Now, thats, because its on its in low light ill show you pictures or videos ive taken in daylight, so you can see the quality, but this isnt in low light, but its brilliant and the camera moves very well, obviously with ai. It lags slightly. But if you take the ai off, the movement is brilliant, it doesnt lag or anything when youre moving, so it moves with your movement and thats something i love about this camera and whatever im saying right now, even when it captures your voice, your voice is very Clear and loud as well, okay, so let me show you some pictures that ive taken with this camera im going to put the brightness up to max, so you can see the quality of it now. This is a picture that ive taken in daylight and put the auto rotation on now. This is how it looks and its very good. The quality is very good captures straight away as well, so it doesnt delay uh by any seconds straight away.

Captures it and then theres pictures ive taken in low light, and you can you can see the quality of the camera is brilliant, brilliant. This is when its zoomed out now this is this – is when its one time zoom, then these are just other few pictures, ive taken in different direction, just to show you the detail even on the table, as we can see the detail that it captures along with The whole picture itself just looks more like a hdr, hd style pictures. Nothing blurs out. This is more zoomed in now, as well. Zoomed in pictures ive taken nothing blurred out, captures it very well thats five times zoom, and even then it captures it very well as well. Now the camera is brilliant. This is the smartphone itself. Is a brilliant smartphone. Anyone who purchases it purchases it they will love. It very fast, operating smartphone has a lot of features packed into it. Big battery life charges up quickly as well, so you dont have to worry about the charge life and even the speaker with the dolby atmos, the speaker when youre watching a film. The speaker feels like it has a surround sound system, so, instead of speaker and all the sound coming out there from the right side, it feels like its surrounded around the whole phone because it feels like the speakers around the whole back here, thats something i love About this smartphone and yeah, the camera itself is the main focus regarding this smartphone and its just a brilliant camera.

The macro lens is brilliant. It captures everything very clearly. You can see here, photos you can see, you can go as close. Look that macro and you can see it doesnt blur right it doesnt, stop focusing it captures it very well. So the macro lens is very good on this camera thats. If you want to take very close up photos of anything but in general, far distance close distance, the video camera – and if you swipe swipe this way, you got 4k, you can record in 60 fps or 30 fps, 1080p or 720p. So you got that option theres! One they got the ai option. Ultra steady is here now ultra steady is much better. You can see, it just keeps the smartphone very steady, so wherever youre moving get, you can see it its just amazing. The camera is just amazing for that price. They put a lot of so much features into this camera, so this is a smartphone that i highly recommend if youre looking for a camera phone and a flagship phone that has an amazing camera, this is one of the smartphones to go for. The price. Does drop com compared to other smartphones, such as samsung or apple, the price? Only this stays up much higher. However, the price does drop by its still near enough to the samsung smartphones anyways, the flagship smartphones, but this is a phone that i would highly recommend for. Oppo find x3 pro.