So here it is. There was a lot of hype around the oppo renault 7 pro. So this the specs of over review pro in the unboxing video somewhere right here, you can watch that this review will be of much more practical points. Rather, first of all, the phone does look good. It has a metal frame glass back oppo says it used a laser process to create texture on the back. Now i can show you using a microscope lens see here. It does have a texture and a pattern. If you see wow things, look so good up close, but the point is in day to day life. When you use the phone, you will feel this nice texture in your hand, every time nice the phone is slim, has that one handed design. No doubt it looks good and it is one of the premium phones in this range, but this notification light some people liked it. Some people were like who would use that. Well, to be honest, its not something you could see from a distance, and you have to reprogram yourself to keep your phone upside down every time to see the notification light. Now you dont have the option to change the color like it would have been awesome if it was green for whatsapp and blue for twitter, but what you can do is you can actually decide what apps can trigger this notification. Light, like slack, is important for me. We use it for work and whatsapp.

I dont want sms notification because pre approved personal or needs so ive turned to only slack and whatsapp, and now, when it blinks, i know its slack or whatsapp, but yes, colors would have been held and moving on to the display, you get a full hd. 90 hertz amoled and the bezels are very thin, as you can see now interesting thing is, it supports wide wide l1 and you get hdr support on youtube, so the display is bright enough. The color contrast is good. The viewing angle is also good and you dont see any tint at angles, but oppo says that it supports hdr on amazon, prime, whereas hdr on amazon prime mobile is not available in india. As of now so thats. One thing: one good thing: is you get stereo speakers the previous year, oppo renault 6 pro had single speaker and if you listen to the audio quality, so its loud its bassy, it has that depth good one. Now the most hyped thing about oppo renault 7 pro is the camera. You get a 50 megapixel main sensor, which is the same sensor as the node 2.. So opa talked a lot about doll, hdr ai, highlight portrait, bokeh, flare mode or etc, etc. So we are out here in real life conditions to test the camera and see if these features are useful for you. So, first of all, the photos, through the main camera, look really good. They were really sharp.

The colors are a bit boosted like here. If you see at the bridge color its not that blue in real life or even the sky, its not that blue, but the photos actually look eye pleasing. I, like the skin tone in outdoor conditions like in this photo on manus face. You see that white white halo effect, but this is a very strong sunlight coming from behind. Even the wide angle, camera in good light is sharp enough and has that contrasty look and photos look cool. There are some hdr misses here and there, like this manu, photo sitting on the couch, but overall i really liked the look of the photos and the sharpness who also hyped up this ai highlight mode which is great hdr in video. So you see, this is a strong backlight. As soon as i tap on ai highlight you can see some of the bridges and buildings in the background now and as soon as i start, the video you can see everything. This is like really good for dynamic range. Like this is how the movement was through my eyes, but you see uh on manu, there is a bit of noise, so ill use. This ai highlight mode only at places where there is enough light. However, you have to see ai highlight caps. The video to 1080p, like here when i tap on ai, highlight the video zooms in a bit and switches from 4k to 1080p. Now for human skin tone.

I found a skin tone to be a bit warm like people like warm photos, and it prefers warm skin tone to make it look eye pleasing. So the 32 megapixel front camera is where all the hype was. The new sony imx 709 sensor, which oppo and sony made together it was like a brand collaboration. Now the biggest thing is, it has doll hdr on the front camera, so normally how it works is when you take a photo against a bright light. The software takes one photo where i am bright and theres no background, and then it takes one photo where the background is seen – and i am dark, then using the software it mixes both the photo to give you a perfect, well lit background, as well as the Subject but doll hdr does it on the hardware level within the sensor itself, it takes two photos, even in selfies, it boosts the color a bit, but they look eye pleasing the dynamic range was also good and overall, i liked the colors and tone of the photo. You also had that portrait bokeh flare mode which actually converts the lights in the background to round around poke balls. So we went into the night to take some night mode photos, and here, even in normal mode, you can see it takes a bit of time to click photos in night and due to lack of ois, you can see the photo is a bit blurred and shaky.

If it was ois, the photo would have been much more stable, but you can switch to night mode and now, when you take photos, the photos are sharp compared to. If you see the before, and after of this manu photo, the photo in night mode is sharp. However, there is a bit of greenish tint, so overall, yes, the lack of ois shows a bit in night mode photos and one interesting thing that i noticed even in normal mode, if you take a selfie and then you go to night mode and you take a Selfie, even the normal selfie takes a lot of light and once you switch to night mode its overall sharper, so the sensor is capturing a lot of light and now a lot of people dont like this portrait video mode, but i kind of like it now. You can demonstrate 1200 max previous year. You had dimension 1200 on oppo renault 6, pro now whats, the difference between dimension 1200 and divincity 1200 max well. Oppo has worked closely with mediatek to bring more cores and performance improvement for the camera processing. So in day to day, tasks is the same as oppo renault 6 pro it is fast. Multitasking is better one good thing: is you get 12gb lpddr4x ram and 256gb ufs 3.1 storage, but the good thing is the base. Variant is 12gb and gb, which is nice in casual gaming, bgmi see here, so you can play smooth graphics, extreme or 60 fps or maximum.

It can go to 40 fps hdr graphics so well play in smooth 60fps. So we are getting constantly 59 60 fps, so performance is not that bad nice shot. Thank you and ive been playing it for some time. I dont want to play so weve been playing it for some time and you see theres, not much heating as well. Its a bit warm in this portion, but its not bad and the performance is really consistent, but again its not a gaming phone. Finally, software is somewhere where things are a bit tricky see you get color os 12, which is the latest, but it is based on android 11.. Now one thing to say is: oppo gives you two years of android updates and four years of security updates on renault series. Now there is no ad in the renault series you get few bloatware, which can be easily uninstalled like we mentioned in the unboxing of the phone, and since everyone is going with google dialer you have. This call is now being recorded now. One interesting way to record call is you can use truecaller or any other third party calling app from the play store? It helps you to record calls without announcement, but the volume is a bit low. Now. Two things i found very interesting in the os is first of all see here. I have a slack notification now see now i can read the text hello. So now, when nina walks in see the notification is now hidden.

So this is an anti peeping feature, not that i have anything to hide from you, but if they see a stranger behind your back, it just hides the notification, which is good and just like samsung phones. You can connect your oppo phone to any windows, pc or laptop and process is like see here. I got the pop up and done its connected. So now what i can do is, if i receive a call, i get a notification here and i can pick up the call from my phone. You cannot pick up the call here and similarly you will also get whatsapp slack or any app notification. You will get on your laptop as well. Now battery life is 4 500 milliamp and you get 65 watt charging. Now it does charge really fast, like 0 100 in about 35 to 40 minutes and if youre, a medium user like three to four hours of video half an hour of gaming, it will last one entire day. But if you are a heavy user, you will have to charge by nine to ten at night while going to bed. Someone asked us in the snl that should he buy for renault 7 pro for 30 operand, 7 pro for 30. After all, the discounts and thats the deal hes getting offline for that price, its a premium phone and its good, you get all sensors nfc as well, so i can just tap and use my headphones connect them.

11. 5G bands. Good 3, ca, 4g carrier. Aggregation now see at 30 000. If you want a phone for good casual use, which has a good camera to make reels or even normal uses like i can take a photo and upload it to social media, twitter and instagram straight up thats. How good the photo is its a good buy? On that note, this is british ive tried to keep the review as practical and as clear as possible, for you hope it helps like the video for that ill.