They tend to get lost in the mix, not the real v9 pro plus. This one has managed to stand out. It looks stunning, its got a sleek design, good internals and the first ever ois implementation from realme. Now, for the better part of last week, ive been using this phone as my primary and in todays video lets take a close look at how its fared. What is it that real means doing here? My name is ash youre watching c4 retech and if you do end up liking, what you see in this video thumbs up subscribe turn on notifications by hitting that bell icon lets, get started. First, up lets start with one of the highlights of this phone. The light ship designed to the back im sure you guys know photochromatic glasses right, the ones which are transparent indoors and once you step outside they kind of transform into a pair of coolers realme, has done something similar with this pack, its blue. As long as youre indoors, the moment it gets exposed to direct sunlight in about three seconds, it turns reddish come back indoors and a few minutes later, youre back to blue its got that subtle glitter as well. It catches reflections quite nicely and overall theyve done something really different this time now, from a design perspective, i do like real me. They dare to okay. You know what im not gon na say that they arent afraid to you know, take chances its not always successful, but hey got ta, give them props for trying right now.

If this is way too flashy for you, they do have two other color options available. Aurora green and midnight black beaded up this ones called sunrise, blue for obvious reasons. Now, while the back is glass, the sides are still plastic in typical real me fashion. We have the power key to the right noise, cancelling mic up top volume, rockers and sim tray to the left. Sadly, no micro sd support here just two sim cards. There is 5g support, but its only for five pounds, so that might be a deal breaker for a few thats it cellular reception call quality, no issues, nothing to complain about well, theres, no micro, sd, the 9 pro plus does have support for a headphone jack on The bottom thats present, alongside the primary microphone speaker and the usb type c port, now the earpiece up top. It also pulls double duty. So you do get stereo speakers with dolby atmos support the outputs reasonably loud, pretty clean, just like the audio out of the headphone jack. Moving on the nine pro plus is pretty easy to wield its got a thickness under eight millimeters weighs in at around 180 grams and thats, despite having a glass back and a competent 4500mah battery. Well, this might not sound like the highest capacity battery around because well its not still, it does well because its paired with a six nanometer mediatek chip inside a 6.4 inch amoled panel, optimized real me ui 3.

0. So i could easily get through a day of moderate to heavy use on a single charge and if it came down to it, the included 60 watt charger, the super dart one. It can get you from zero to 100 in about 40 minutes, so thats pretty sweet lets circle back to the specs for a minute at the heart of it. This phone has a diamond city 920 soc. Now, where does that actually slot in well? As you can see, with these scores, its kind of sort of similar to the snapdragon 778g in performance and the 778g happens to be the most popular chip in this price segment, the 920 does seem to do well enough for itself at least thats. The theory now in actual performance, its still pretty good, no matter what game i threw at it, it managed to run it pretty smoothly. No hiccups really has done well with the cooling too, because the nine pro plus never got hot hot. There was no noticeable stuttering. Even when gaming continuously with day to day use the nitro plus still continued to shine into a smooth sailing ram management was on point and oh yeah. We do get six or eight gigs of lpddr4x ram paired with 256 gigs of ufs 2.2 storage. Now the software here is real me, ui 3.0 built atop android 12., as seen on most devices. Virtual ram is a thing and beat up the inclusion of an x axis, linear motor for haptics thats, quite noticeable the feedbacks crisper its sharper.

When you compare to some of the competition, the user experience is further enhanced, with the refresh rate being 90 hertz, since we touch upon display this here is a 6.4 inch amoled panel, full hd plus 90hz refresh. It seems to be a good quality panel bright enough to not pose issues outdoors, and it can also get dark enough to be easy to use at night for protection. Realmes gone with cornings gorilla, glass, 5 and since the tech is amoled, the fingerprint scanner is included under the display it felt quite responsive. Now the other mode of biometrics is the selfie camera. This is realmes favorite, imx, 471, 16 megapixel, sony sensor and since weve seen this so many times in the past, i dont think theres anything new for me to add its decent. It gets the job done well. The selfie camera is nothing too special turn things around, and this one it is. This is the sony imx 766, a 50 megapixel sensor, thats paired with the f 1.8 lens thats optically stabilized the first for real me now. If this sensor feels familiar to you its because weve seen it on flagship phones in the past, phones like the oneplus 9 rt, the honor magic 3, the uh vivo x70, pro even the oppo find x3 pro, so its a flagship sensor, but sensors theyre very important To get good results but theyre, not everything so heres a reality check. If you go and just based on the marketing and just looking at this and so on the spec sheet, you might be disappointed because the isp also plays a major role in how the how the images end up being the images as you can see, theyre crisp Theyre detailed excellent for this price segment, but theres, also a little bit of over sharpening going on the dynamic range is above average under low light.

The performance is still solid, as you can see, pretty detailed images with low noise levels and the lights havent been blown out night mode is doing a pretty solid job here. The secondary is an 8 megapixel ill provide its descender id like to see real me match. Colors better with the primary, maybe with a future update who knows the third camera is just a depth sensor there to make up numbers, as always now, with a video you can shoot at up to 4k 30 and thanks to ois, the footage is very stable. No complaints with 1080 60, though i feel the details. They were a little lacking okay. So what do we have here? A solid performer with decent inerts, which might not necessarily beat other phones in the segment with benchmarks, but it is very capable now, if youre going to talk about negatives, the lack of micro, sd, only five bands or 5g support now these are definite. Cons really does make up for it with a refreshing design. A high refresh rate display a beautiful display, solid battery life and the 60 watt super dot charger included in the box and software thats effective, but inoffensive. The camera is also most definitely a positive, but do tempo expectations. Dont blindly follow marketing and the name you see on the spec sheet, uh its still an excellent camera, though for the price segment. So, in my humble opinion, whats gon na make or break the realme 9 pro plus is the pricing.

Yes, this phone has 256 gigs of ufs 2.0 storage on the base. I get that, but still i think they should be pricing this in the 20 to 25k segment, even if its towards the north of the segment thats fine but uh. If they go higher, if they end up pricing it higher, then we are trading 870 territory and i dont think thats a segment where the nine pro plus can survive. So it all boils down to what theyre going to be pricing it at which you guys will know when youre watching this video, i dont as im shooting this uh. So i will leave a pinned comment. I will leave it in the description below check out the pricing. Let me know what you think: do you think real me could have done something better uh? Have they nailed the pricing? Let me know in the comments below and also which of these phones. Would you like, like to see me review next, let me know, and with that we get to the end of this review video thumbs up thumbs down, based on whatever you felt about it. Subscribe turn on notifications hit that bell icon, if you havent yet, and thanks a lot for watching until next time my names ash youve been watching c4 retech and im signing off. For now.