This device that i got is going to be the 8 gigabyte of ram variant and thats going to come with 256 gigabytes of internal storage as well uh. They have three different variants. I have the top one right here: uh the first variance 128 gigabytes of storage. Six gigabytes of ram – the second is gon na be 128 gigabytes of storage and eight gigabytes of ram uh, and the last one is the top one i have with 256 and the galaxy a52 actually has the snapdragon 750 g 5g chip inside of it so were Gon na have a more powerful chip, um a higher refresh rate and thats pretty much. It were going to go over a few other specifications later on lets go ahead and unbox this alright guys. So we have our device right here, make sure you cut away from you, so you dont hurt yourself. As always, we are going to now be opening this up uh, but first and foremost lets go ahead and take a look at whats inside of this box. Right here, first and foremost, we have our sim ejector tool and inside of the box, we have our tpu case. So we got that protection straight out of the box for the a52 and we have our quick start guide right here and we also have our warranty card and, as you guys see on the front, we have our hole, punch cut out right here. We also have a megapixel main shooter and we have the ip67 water and dust resistance rating on this phone as well.

So i got a different color. This is going to be the black color, so im super excited to check this out. Lets go and put that to the side. Next thing we have inside of here is our adaptive fast charger and last but not least, we have our usb type c data, cable, all right, everyone, so lets go ahead and take this out of the package wow. This black looks insane super super awesome back on this a52 5g. This black color with the frosted back, looks insane, as you guys can see, were not even leaving fingerprints on it as well and thats kind of new for me with a black device, but really cool stuff right there on the back of the device. Obviously we have our camera set up, our main shooter is going to be 64 megapixels secondary is going to be 12.. Third is going to be 5 megapixels, and the fourth is going to be five as well, so were going to have our wide our ultra wide. Our macro and our depth camera right there so great, seeing that on here, right side of the phone. We have this silver kind of finish and it blends in very very nicely with the black definitely liking the look of that. But we also have our power button. Just above that we have our volume up and down rocker bomb, the phone we have our speaker. We have a usb type c port.

We have a noise canceling mic and we have our headphone jack left side of the phone. We have nothing top of the phone. We have our noise canceling mic and we have our sim tray right there, but honestly just love how minimal this looks. Uh we dont have any writing on the bottom here, just samsung logo and thats pretty much it so really liking the minimum feel of this device. So far, alright guys so first and foremost, obviously right off the back. This has a very, very beautiful screen. Super bright screen screen gets insanely bright. This is gon na, be a super amoled display uh. This is going to be by 1080×2400 and again that 120 hertz display is what were seeing on this device and so far im just super surprised on how good this looks so obviously were gon na have the latest software on this device. Android 11.0 were gon na. Have the latest ui on this device samsung one ui, 3.1 um, so theres, really nothing there to talk about um really liking. The look of this, the 120 hertz display just looks out of place on a mid range phone to be quite honest, uh, but i am not complaining whatsoever. I love the look of this phone. I love the punchy colors on samsungs devices and i just love the way that it looks uh but were gon na go over a few things, obviously drop down bar menu. This is what were gon na have inside of here.

We have all these things in here. Again, ip67 rating uh. We have revo lt right there, our 5g. If we want to go ahead and turn that on uh, we need to put dark mode on that is a must to have on. We also have music share, which is great to have. We have nfc on this device, always on display quick share, focus mode, kids, home context on other devices, secure folder scan qr code and dolby at most yeah. This display is insane. I think im gon na make this my daily driver to be quite honest, loud and clear speaker on this as well. So far, this screen looks so beautiful. With that 120 hertz display colors are nice and punchy very vibrant Music, but, as you guys can see, we have photo, we have single take. We also have video in here and i believe we can shoot at 1080p. 60 frames per second lets go and check. So we can shoot at 1080p 60fps and we can shoot at 4k at 30fps as well so thats nice to see on here going to be more options. I just want to see if theres anything new or different from the a52 and a72, but we have ar doodle. We have pro, we have panorama, we have food night macro im, loving the macro on these cameras. They look so so good. We have portrait. We have pro video, we have super slow mo. We have slow motion, we have hyper lapse uh, but i want to take a couple photos and i want to try out the selfie camera really quick as well.

So, as you guys see, the photo is very, very clear. All the colors on this are insanely, vibrant, insanely, vibrant. I want to go ahead and test out that macro mode on this device as well so lets, go and check that out. Macro got the box right here, so, as you guys can see, this macro mode is nothing to play around with. We get some insane insane detail on this. Obviously those colors are popping nice. Clarity on here were going to do some more tests on this later on. I also took a picture of my little vibe essential light remote right here, and you can even see the specs of dust on this remote, so this camera is really really nice. Obviously, it captures some very, very good detail and im glad they put a separate macro camera in here. I feel like the way samsung made all of this happen.