I know that a lot of people um buy custom phone holders for them to like hold on to when theyre riding the bike or theyre. Just you know cruising or they have it in their car uh. Basically, this is actually for bicycles, so um were looking at delta, smartphone, holder, xl holds plus size phones with then curves up to seven inches diagonal um, easy instant device removal. So here it is um. I know that theres another one, uh delta, has two versions of these. They have the xl and then they have um. I cant remember it, but its supposed to be, i think, plus uh. I cant recall that its not on top of my mind its five in the morning, so yeah were gon na go ahead and get started um. As you know me, i tend to always like be one of those people that i try not to open things like. I try to make them clean. You know just in case um theres a lot of like uh cell phone holders, but i know that some of them dont hold up too too well and thats a major problem, because you know you dont want your phone flying off when youre cruising your bike or You know youre running errands on the bike and then your phone just flies out of nowhere, especially in rocky places, so um Music. This is why i wanted to give this specific case a chance and give my honest review and, as always, um feel free to comment.

Like you know, let us know an update and you know ill reply to you guys who was ever actually interested. So as we open the box as you can see, its really sealed great quality. They use. I, like the cardboard paper here, a little plastic here and yeah were about to take it out. So here is the case itself and it doesnt have really nothing else. It smells like carton, obviously so were going to keep the box here here. We have it – and this is the case itself right here. As you can see um, this looks pretty. Let me see how it opened it. Okay, oh say so: it locks into that um, Music. Okay! I guess this is a keyholder loosen it: okay, thats to lock it gotcha yeah. So this lever right here its supposed to lock it um ive, did hear some reviews about this breaking off this little plastic here, um, it all depends, like i said uh. This looks like its kind of plastic in a way um, i dont know im were about to mine if it works, so so i know okay, this okay yeah. This is to help hold it. Oh, this is to help keep in it from to lock it in. So i see the mechanism that they have here: um whoa whats, this, oh okay, okay, this is a string. I was about to say: do like oh, so this is what makes it stretch all right.

Yeah im excited i was like dude like i was like im about to say like whoa. They have it. So i do like the string here um. If this feels like it will last a while, depending on kind of string, they use um, i dont want one day to just pop out, but thats kind of cool. I dont know if uh delta manually sells this just in case it breaks up. I dont think i dont think we should have any problem breaking off. You know either way they do have warranty on it um and its sealed on tight. So i dont think its gon na pop off, unless you literally mess with it so thats. What were looking at so far, i like the little grips here that uh prevents the phone from bumps um theres, really no protection on this part right here. I know what their bonus one, the one that costs 20 more dollar more. They have like extra bumpers to secure your phone, so we have that too so lets try it out the phone itself all right. So here i have an iphone 13 pro max pro max with a body glove case, um huge, shout out to body glove its actually been holding pretty well. The only thing is the lint right here, but as long as it protects the phone im kind of satisfied with it plus, i really like the back finish um, that you know kind of shows off the color without sacrifice uh body glove.

Thank you for sending me this in for to review so um lets. Just do this again, real quick, so this will open up this way, so were gon na go ahead and lets just slide it up. Oh okay, im not sure if its gon na fit. Oh man, ah yeah, i dont think this is gon na fit man. This is its too big in a way i might have to get the other one man this yeah, i just oh, no, no wait! No yeah im, probably gon na, have to get the other one. This is way too big unless it fits it by miracle, but i dont want to force it thats. Oh dude. It actually fits wait a second, but this right here is what im worried about. Okay. So, oh man never mind well yeah. This is squeezing the case so, but let me see, let me double chicken yeah. This is in a way, as you can see right here, it is squeezing the case a little bit overall. The bottom is perfect, as you can see from the bottom part it locks it in. I love that um. Just this part right here at the top, its kind of squeezing the case i dont know if that i dont know if that will have effect in the future. But let me see unless i have it in the plastic, but i mean im worried about the plastic. Breaking rather than the rubber, but overall the bottom here, guys its pretty excellent.

I like that they give you good space um i mean this is meant to be without the phone case, but so far this looks pretty good um. The only problem like i said its it secures it unlock like its pretty pretty weird, however yeah its kind of a bit too big like its supposed to be on there. But i understand what theyre trying to do, but let me see if i could stretch a little more: maybe it could maybe it needs to sit flat, no nope thats it guys. So overall, this is a a great great um, its pretty good. I like it now. I dont think we can yeah its to be this way because it cant be the other way, the delta and plus look it gives you a chance to. You know charge your phone on there, but i dont think i dont think you want to charge your phone with that for now, but overall yeah it looks pretty good um. It comes with more material inside um. What else does it have? Oh, oh, it has the tools to install it, but were not going to worry about that um. It just basically has the tools to install it when you actually start installing it in the ride, but im going to bother opening it because i actually wanted to check. Oh theres already, oh here it is yeah, so its the basic tools that you get so you can attach it to your mountain bike, and here it is so yeah so uh without worrying about this um yeah.

Overall, this i love the bottom of it um now its kind of heavy – or maybe my phones, heavy, but i have a feeling that, with this right here, it might affect it. Um and yeah im worried about this part right here. This is the main part im worried about because its like it looks like its squeezing it, but then on again on this side, it doesnt look like its squeezing at all. So this is the only part thats, probably squeezing. Let me try again to see if uh it sits low. No man, i think its on there. Its like its like this is. This part, is sacrificing this part instead of messing it up. It doesnt look like its gon na go anywhere so thats. What i like about this case, like like it doesnt, look like its gon na fall, but with the weight of this, i feel like this. Might snap off um in case youre. Writing so id have to probably put it right here and then i lock the case. So it doesnt go anywhere too loose and this is to lock so it wont go anywhere yeah. So, overall, this is a pretty good case, but i think im gon na have to get the extra one, the bigger an extra size, one because yeah this this seems like oh man, but the its it sits, really good guys right here. It sits perfect exactly how i want it to.

However, this very very top is where it kind of squeezes the case from the very very top. So that plays a big factor, because you know uh when um, when i install it and its gon na be going up and down its gon na. Do like a wear and tear over time, and we dont want that because then, eventually, its gon na mess up the case or any other cases etc, almost like playing a psp so but yeah guys. This was the uh delta smartphone holder, xl um yeah. Im, probably gon na have to settle for the other smartphone holder xl, because um oh yeah here here we have it where you have two options right here: thats the um: where is it the rubber inserts? Basically, open yeah and well, you dont really need the sound booster um, so it gives you two options you have to put you can put on the right. I wouldnt recommend that if your phone is heavy, i would rather put it here by this little area, where the middle of the bike that way youll have like a more sturdy because its like literally on there so yeah also they have the delta guarantee. So you know if anything goes wrong. Well, theyll do the best to help solve the problem which might be like. I said this locking mechanism right here is probably whats going to affect the like thats. What im re this is what im really worried about um.

This looks like acrylic. No, i dont want to say plastic, because this this shell is meant to you, know withstand and all that so yeah uh like i said this is my review. I think im, probably gon na, have to settle for the other delta um or the delta. I forgot it was. It was a basically, it was a bigger extra one, but yeah like i said the only i love the bottom. I love how it looks um i like this smoke, color um. I love how it sits nice and firm right here, its not squeezing too much. I mean i mean over here its gon na squeeze, obviously, and as you can see its not squeezing the top left, its not squeezing at all, but instead its squeezing on this side, because its kind of a sacrifice lets see how far we can stretch it. No, it still squeezes it because that one little layer makes a big difference plus its, i think, thats the maximum. I could squeeze yeah, otherwise a rubber band and, like i said after a while, it might squeeze it even more. So you can see right there, its squeezing it pretty bad its going to leave a gap but yeah guys overall, like i said, i think if this is good and in a way its probably my phone, that makes it heavy but yeah um. This is the delta smartphone holder xl. Once again, if you do have a smaller phone, then youll pro you shouldnt have any problems.

It should sit nice and firm and other than that. Let me know if you have any questions. Um ill get back to you with the other, the smartphone holder, double. I forgot what its called its bothering me so much, but yeah its its an additional 20 and its basically the same thing but its made for bulkier phones. So if you know which one it is, please leave a comment below otherwise, either way: im gon na find it and im gon na order it and im gon na review it so yeah guys. Once again, this is a delta smart, folder excel. If you have a phone smaller than this, then you should be good any other questions.