Instead, you want something that performs well looks great, takes excellent pictures and also has enough juice to at least last an entire day away from a charger with that in mind, these are our picks for the best smartphones, with long battery life on the market today. So without any further ado lets get started with the video and at any time you can always check the product link in the description. Music number one samsung galaxy s21, ultra looking for the comfort of buying from a major global brand, but still want a phone with great battery life. Take a look at the samsung galaxy s21 ultra part of samsungs flagship galaxy s range, the samsung galaxy s21. Ultra is a high end premium device and one of the best long battery life phones on the market, its five thousand milliamp hours battery is paired with a range of intelligent management features to optimize power usage. Throughout the day, you can expect around 16 hours of screen on time doing basic activities like web browsing thats a lot and makes this a two day phone for most people, youll likely get a full two days out of a single charge unless youre really pushing it Hard when you do finally manage to drain the battery, you wont need to wait long for it to charge up expect as much as 50 charge. In half an hour. The s21 ultra looks fantastic with a big bright and rich 6.8 screen.

The 3200 x 1440 display has an adaptive refresh rate that ramps up to 120 hertz to make fast action, look as good as possible and back down to 60 hertz or lower to save battery the rest of the time inside sits snapdragons fastest 888 chipset 12 to 16 gigabytes of ram and 128 to 512 gigabytes of storage. Unlike earlier versions, though theres no micro sd slots, if you manage to fill that up, 5g connectivity is built in, although just like lte, when it first came out, dont necessarily expect it to work outside the region. You bought your phone in a major selling point of the device is its camera or, more accurately, all four of the cameras. The s21 ultra has some of the longest clearest zoom of any phone ever released with 10x optical zoom and a ridiculous 100x digital space zoom. It shoots high quality images and extremely impressive video with recording in up to 8k theres, no headphone jack, but the payoff for that is ip68 water and dust resistance with wireless earbuds and headphones commonplace. These days, having a phone that can handle being in five feet of water for half an hour is a trade off that people are increasingly happy to make. Overall, this is a well rounded everyday smartphone, with exceptional battery life and a great camera, its available in six different colors and theres, a huge range of third party cases and accessories available. The only real downsides are its price and its size, especially once you add a protective case.

Number two apple iphone 13 promax. The latest iphones are here and they pack a heck of a punch in terms of battery life. The iphone 13 pro max is the most impressive, lasting up to 28 hours of continuous use. Yes, you heard that correctly. This is by a huge measure. The best battery life ever offered in an iphone the 13 promaxxs 4 352 milliamp hours battery is nearly 20 percent. Larger than the one in the 12 pro max, and it shows in real world performance when it does go flat, half an hour on a 20 w plus wall charger will get it back up to 50 percent magsafe and qi. Wireless charging is also available. Other highlights of this model include up to a terabyte of storage capacity, a new cinematic mode that shifts focus automatically in videos and an improved camera system that takes even better photos than the already highly impressive iphone 12 pro range. The pro max is powered by apples. New a15 chip, which offers lightning fast performance even by flagship smartphone standards, the 120 hertz promotion screen refresh rate, is a welcome upgrade from the previous model, visibly improving everything from scrolling and swiping to fast action. Gaming durability has had an upgrade as well with a new type of screen glass, dubbed ceramic shield, that offers 4x more drop resistance than earlier models, theres also, ip68 dust and water resistance with the phone is certified to handle submersion in up to 19 feet of water.

For half an hour as youd expect from apples latest flagship, the downside is cost. This phone is anything but cheap despite the high price, it also doesnt come with any accessories other than a usbc to lightning cable for charging. Still, if youre looking for the iphone with the longest battery life, the 13 pro max is the one to go for that said, while the pro max has the best battery life of the current models, other versions of the iphone 13 still last an impressively long time Between charges, if your budget doesnt stretch quite that far number three oneplus 8., we often tend to think of smartphones in two categories, flagship and budget. In reality, mid range phones offer the best value for most people, bringing a useful mix of specs and features, without costing four figures to buy right now. The oneplus 8 5g is one of the highest spec phones. Youll, find in this price range. Its last years model replaced by the oneplus 9, so the price has been slashed. The op8 now costs barely half what it did last year, but while its still available, you get one heck of a phone for the money. The 4 300 milliamp hours battery in the oneplus 8 can power you through a day or two of regular use with ease and youll, get up to 12 hours of screen on time for activities like web browsing, given the large bright 6.690 hertz display. This is an impressive performance, particularly for the price, when the phone does eventually go flat, it wont be for long.

Oneplus has long had some of the fastest charging in the business and while a few rivals are now starting to catch up, the companys 30 w warp charger is still extremely quick, expect to go from zero to 50 percent in just 22 minutes. Theres no wireless charging as usual with oneplus premium phones, the internals is impressive and the phone performs extremely well youll get a fast snapdragon, 865 processor, 8 or 12 gigabytes of ram and 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage. Wed have liked to see a micro sd slot, but even so, these specs are more than enough for most phone users, also as usual for oneplus, though, while the models 48 mp camera seems impressive, the resulting image quality is only average, especially in low light. Likewise, the phones built in speakers dont sound great and theres no official water resistance. If you can live with the camera and speaker limitations, though, and the lack of an official water resistance rating isnt a deal breaker. This is a fantastic phone with great battery life for not a lot of money. Music number four motorola moto g power when it comes to features the motorola moto g stylus is our top pick in the budget smartphone category, but in terms of battery life, its the even cheaper moto g power that takes the crown known as the g8 power outside The united states, its 5 000 milliamp hours battery, is as large as youll find in any mainstream smartphone in 2022.

You should get at least two full days of use out of this device, sometimes more thats, better than anything else worth owning at this price. The phone snapdragon 665 chipset is a solid, mid range performer paired with the phones. Four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage youve got an impressive inexpensive device, thats well suited to the demands of travel, theres, a headphone jack and a micro sd slot that lets. You add up to 512 gigabytes of additional storage reasonably fast. Usbc charging is also available via the included 10w charger and theres a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone theres. No official water resistance rating, though, although a special coating does at least provide some protection against rain and splashes. The phone is also a bit on the heavy and chunky side, although the design is noticeably improved from previous models. The camera is also a big improvement over earlier versions of the power producing shots. Youll be happy with most of the time in good lighting conditions, low light photos arent great, though not helped by the lack of a dedicated night mode. Overall. This is a surprisingly good phone for the money, even if you werent getting two plus days to use out of each charge. Add that to the mix and youve got our top budget phone with long battery life in 2022, Music number five samsung galaxy s20 fe, the samsung galaxy s20 fe is a well balanced smartphone that combines impressive performance with a moderate price, its one of the best value Devices from a major brand, particularly so, if youre after a phone with good battery life, with its 4500 milliamp hours battery, the galaxy s20 fe can power through around 12 hours of continual basic use like web browsing its also one of the longest lasting phones.

When it comes to video streaming able to keep going for up to nine houses for most users, this will be a two day. Phone specifications are in line with many current mid to high end smartphones, youll, get a speedy snapdragon, 865 chipset 6 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, a microsd slot lets you add up to one terabyte more. As the name suggests 5g connectivity is also included. If thats important to you theres ip68 dust and water resistance, a headphone jack and a big 6.5 display, this is a major selling point of the device with its high brightness, impressive color accuracy and 120 hertz refresh rate. The camera is always one of the best parts of a galaxy s, phone and thats true here as well, both the main rear camera and the wide angle sensor are 12 mp and theres. Also, an 8mp telephoto with a 3x optical zoom 30x digital zoom expect great food landscape macro and low light shots from the s20 fa. Fast charging is available, especially if you use a 25 watt charger rather than the 15 w version that comes in the box. Samsung sells one, but any other usb c. Pd charger should do the job as well.