I want to talk a little bit about products that i review here on tmy project 13. products that are sent to me from various companies for free to review and share with all of you, and let me tell you, man, the opportunity to represent is awesome, its Its just amazing to be able to have that opportunity to share tech products, mostly cases, but from time to time i get in headsets i get in uh various different type of products that are tech related, mostly for smartphones, now, im noticing in some of these case Videos feedback on how i go about creating content using a fake device, a dummy device, a replica device. Just recently, i put out a video, the uag outback bio series case here for the samsung galaxy s22 ultra now i got in this replica device, its a dummy device, its not real. It doesnt turn on, but its pretty darn close to the real thing, and i use these type of dummy devices replica devices. I really dont, like the word dummy uh so well just continue to use replica uh to review cases with um and – and i get why some of you dont, like those type of videos, because im not gon na, be able to turn the device on so youre. Not gon na see the response from the power button while its covered up with a case like the outback file series case from ueg im, not going to be able to test out the volume rocker up and down.

So you can see the response on the display. Uh not going to be able to test out wireless charging, so you get where im going with that now i respect what you would like to see, but it doesnt always work out that way. These replica devices are sent to me from companies, so i can review their products ahead of time when there is a specific smartphone going to be released by a company like samsung, okay, the s2200 coming soon and if youre, watching this video. After the fact that this video is what it is, take from it, what you will so they want me, they, the companies, will ask me who send me products to push these products ahead of the game. That way, especially with cases youre bringing in the protection for your investment you get to put in the pre orders, you get to have these cases ready to go when that new smartphone arrives at your doorstep or youre, picking it up from a carrier or somewhere, like Best buy uh, you already have the protection and uh, even though nothing is guaranteed youre better with than without, and some of you leave the feedback that you just dont like that. I put out that type of video. You want to see the real device and i get it you want it. You want to see all that functionality that i was just talking about, but unless youre me and youre working with these companies, you dont understand that sometimes theres rules guidelines restrictions.

These companies want me to do this and im grateful that i get to receive these products and share them with you, and i will follow those guidelines and rules if you were to start a channel. Those of you that dont, like these type of videos and you got emails from different various companies, asking you to review their products and you were able to keep these products and do whatever you want with them. I mean i share these cases every i share headsets backpacks. I share those items with my friends and family. I give them away, i dont charge anything for them when i sell a smartphone and i send off cases with with whatever smartphone im selling that you know has been here in house for a while, and it needs to go so i can bring in more money For other smartphones, i dont ask for any extra money for cases i get them for free. Why would i do that thats, a blessing now heres the thing if youre going to start a channel? Let me go back to that and you were asked to review products and there was a set of rules, guidelines, restrictions. You can either say no to these companies or yes, and you will follow that and you and you will get feedback like ive, been getting and youre going to try to explain why youre doing it that way, you just dont get this stuff to do whatever you Want its its free but its not free youre working with these companies and when you work with a company thats, giving you the opportunity to represent youre youre, going to follow those rules, guidelines and restrictions.

And if you dont want to you can say no to those companies, you know you can tell them hey. You know what its not what i want to do. So i guess we wont be working together, but i guarantee you for the most part if youre starting a channel and you want to grow yeah, you can have your own set of rules and beliefs on your channel, but for the most part, most of you, a High percentage of you arent going to say no and honestly its not about free products for me, im again, im humbled, im honored to be able to represent a lot of different companies, but i truly believe in protecting your investment thats. Why? I believe in case videos reviewing cases whether its with a replica dummy device or the real thing. Some of these companies want me to wait till the real thing comes out. Some companies they dont care. They specifically will ask me to push cases for a new smartphone with a replica device like this, so you can think about what youre going to want to purchase to bring in to protect that new smartphone. They they want you to uh to um, get that info out, get the consumer thinking. There are a lot of case companies and theyre businesses and theyre competing against each other, but yet some want you to wait till the actual device comes in house. But if a company is to ask me to push their product out ahead of the game, then im gon na do it out of respect whether you like it or not, you dont have to watch the video.

I wish you would, but i dont let it bring me down. Thats thats part of thats part of what i do here. I cant let those things uh bother me to the point where im just like completely bummed out, i mean thats life right but sure man. I want you to stick around and watch the content, but if you dont, hey man, it is what it is. Maybe the next video youll check it out and youll love it, but uh. You know i i i do this because i love it. I love the team. I love that you come on by and check out the content and im going to do the best that i can to give you something creative to watch and enjoy theres a set of rules, guidelines and restrictions receiving products like smartphones from google theres restrictions to that. That i follow and i i acknowledge and respect im honored to be able to represent again if you were to start a channel. This is part of what you would be uh, possibly involved in, and youre gon na have to make a decision thats the way it goes. You can either do it or not do it. I do it because i believe in it i believe in the companies that i i have had the honor to work with and the support theyve. Given me um and i i get what theyre doing and im very proud to be able to represent the companies that i work for and because i believe in them and they believe in me and i will put in suggestions to them and they have honored that.

As well thats the kind of relationship that i have with these companies, whether its uag, whether its ghost tech, tudia poetic eye, blazin sub case and if im missing any company, please forgive me – and i know ive mentioned this twice. If you start a youtube channel, youre going to find out once you start receiving those emails, what im really talking about here and youre going to find out some of these companies youre not going to want to represent some? You are, and youre going to, uh need to be in line with what theyre representing and how they want it represented and and how youre going to go about creating the content to show the consumer uh and – and you know the thing is, you got ta believe In it, you got ta believe in it.