Firstly, lets talk about the design and virtuality of google pixel 5a 5g, so it has got an aluminum back and aluminum frame and gorilla glass 3 at the front, which should have been at least good ridiculous 5, since it was launched back in 2021 august now. In terms of the design, you have two cameras at the back with a flash and a microphone at the top youll find a headphone jack. You would have an earpiece, slash speaker, a punch, hole camera at the bottom. You have one another speaker, microphone type c charger and at the back, google branding, simple g and fingerprint sensor; blended it right into the phone and you would have clicky buttons for volume up and down, and a textured alert button for power on and power off. Next thing on the list is the display. It has got a 90 hertz refresh rate, which is pretty good, given that it comes at 450 dollars. It has got an oled hdr panel 85 screen to body ratio 450 pixels per inch, so it is, i would say, close to a beast in terms of the processor google pixel 5a 5g is equipped with samurai 765 g, which is a 5g chip and pretty good. I would say not very good, but it you know, hits the spot right and then it has android 11, which is upgradable to android 12., and we know 620 and an octa core processor, so streaming or playing games.

Or you know, surfing roaming is not something that it could not deal with, although there is a small downside – and i dont know why i have faced this with google pixel 4a for a 5g and again with 5a 5g. That there is some sort of you know, lag or glitch like whenever im using the camera or something the phone kind of stucks, and then i have to you know close it like this and then open it again, and then it starts working again. So i think this is a software issue which can be easily resolved by google other than that. I think there is no issue with the processor in terms of battery google. Pixel 5g is an absolute beast. It has a beefy battery of 4 680 milliamp hours, which takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes to charge, and i would say one and a half or two days to train, which is super good. It has 18 watt fast charging type c charging back to back, which is, i would say, great, for data transfer and for charging in terms of sound quality and speakers. Google pixel 5 a5g is a great device. It has a stereo speaker setup, which are super loud super crispy, no muffling at all, and i would like to give you a demo here, as i always do, this life is some other stuff about google pixel 5 a5g is that it comes in only one color That is mostly black and i would argue to that because its not black, if you are using it, then its muddy, green but whatever, and then it comes in only one configuration that is 6 gb ram and 128 gb memory.

Storage, which id say, is ample for an average user so thumbs up on that, and one more feature is that it is ip67 dust and water resistant. So now lets talk about the one famous thing google is known for and its the camera. Sadly, i will not be discussing camera at length in this video, since i am making a different video for the detailed one and you can check the channel for it later on. If you want to watch at length. So just some stuff is that it has two lenses on the back. The main sensor is 12.2 megapixel and then theres a wide angle, camera which is 16 megapixel, and it has a degree of 119 degrees and the front camera is eight megapixels. One thing i would like to say is that in daylight, broad daylight, when you are you know, working outside the camera performs excellent excellently well, but when you are indoors, then the camera, you know you can actually see a drop in a level. So, in the end, i would like to conclude with a statement that google pixel, 5 and 5g is a great device for every average consumer, a person who wants a mediocre processor, fine, camera good screen size. You know awesome speakers and maybe water resistance. So for that, google pixel 5 j5g does an awesome job quite fulfilling, and you will never feel that there is any problem with the device, especially in the price bracket.

It comes at 450 dollars, which is great. Sadly, if youre living in pakistan, then you will have to pay a hefty duty on that, so not a very wise decision, but for anybody outside india, bangladesh u.s canada, i would say just go for it. It is not available in canada or nothing in india, but if you can get a hand on one of these devices make sure to get it, and this is it.