com, the premiere set for watch specs new san diegos, okay, we are on our second video review or shall we say the third video review for the blitzwolf vwah2 and this time were going to install the supporter 4d smartwatch. So we have here: okay, let me get it the user manual for this wearable. Okay, again, this is the blitz, wolf bwah2. Of course, this installation will support. App is for the android platform were going to. Okay, have were going to have another video review for the installation of the support app in the ios platform, so this time its the android platform or android smart phone, okay, so lets check and see. So we have here the support app the feed cloud pro app. Okay available in app store, google play okay. You can also, i think, download this also. Okay, the apk side, loading, the apk okay, so lets see. Okay lets check if we do have the support up also here and the smartwatch okay. So we have here also the qr code. Okay, so lets see. Okay lets try to check okay lets install the user manual. Okay again, this is in the android platform, so lets check theres a work qr code reader here lets look for a qr code. Reader lets see, wait first, qr code reader here, okay, so scanner lets see. If this thing will work or not, okay, settings qr code check, hey, wait. Lets try again going back qr code.

Okay, do we have it here? So we have a fit cloud. Okay link here go to website. Okay, so lets check. I guess it will show us a link in the android and ios platform here. Okay, so we have here, as you can see fit cloud pro. This is the app for the sports. Smart bracelet. Please select the appropriate installation package to download okay, so lets check. Google play download okay, so this is a step by step process if you have other smart watches, but its also using the fit cloud pro. The procedure is the same okay, so we have here over 1 million downloads, 18 mb, and we have a much positive rating here well or favorable rating, as you can see here, okay, so lets see fit cloud pro takes care of your health every minute. Okay, so we have the details here, so the last update here is january, 26, 2012, so very latest. We have the very latest support app. Okay, so lets install okay. So while we are waiting again, we already activated, as you can see here, our bluefield connectivity lets also activate our gps, okay, so feed cloud pro pending while were waiting for the installation, as you can see here, 62, while waiting lets, take a look again at the Design of the bwah2 okay, beautiful smartwatch, here sport smartwatch with a brush, finish color screen, and we have a physical button here. Okay, so it seems like we are almost done here.

Okay, so we are finished in the installation. Just scanning for viruses here is our antivirus scanner. Okay, if you dont have the antivirus scanner, it will just proceed to the fit cloud pro app. Okay, so lets start and open. Okay again, the process here is pretty similar to other smart watches. Also, that is using the fit cloud pro app a accept okay, so we have here, it is asking for use registration and login, so lets try first use without account. Okay, we dont have time to register here. Okay, fit cloud pro. Okay, just put a fictitious birthday here, confirm: okay, any height any weight just to test it out. Okay. So if you can also add your own picture here next, if you want to record your data, you can register your account. Okay, so our goal here – 8, 000 distance and calories so save you – can also adjust that if you want so before, you can proceed to the support app. Okay, it is asking you here to bind the device, but theres also an option here to skip. If you want so lets, try to search okay, allow fit cloud pro to access this device location allow. So here it found. Well all your t500 plus we also have the year the bwah2. So i think this is our smartwatch okay, so connect lets see if itll be a successful connection, so far mine success. So here it is asking again for the permission, allow fit cloud pro to access your phone phone call logs.

Allow allow fit cloud pro to access. Your contacts just allow it – you have at least four permissions here, allow fit cloud pro to send and view messages. Sms messages allow it allow fit cloud pro to make ma to make and manage phone calls just allow it okay, so you can also set it to run in the background. So if youre going to have a an exercise, okay or an activity, it will just monitor or connect with your smart watch. Okay, even if you do close the application, okay, just allow it going on okay run in the background you can set the settings here. Okay, so well just optimize it later, so we have here the ui of the fit cloud pro app in android platform, so we have a sleep monitoring heart rate as well as the blood pressure here. We also have here the device. As you can see, we are connected so lets see. Are we really connected? Okay, so lets try this one find watch okay, so it works okay. So what are the settings here? We have alarm activity reminder you can set it to enable if you want to be okay, reminded to drink water, okay or to move. I think the activity reminder is that the that is the sedentary reminder. You also have here a notification for elevated heart rate measurement. Okay, you can set the automatic heart rate monitoring, but, of course, by turning this on the battery of your smartwatch okay will be depleted much faster compared to disabling this feature.

We have also have your risk preference here option for this style when 12 hour format or 24 hour format here and of course, we also have a library library of watch faces here. Okay were going to check in on this later on. Okay, what else do we have here? So it supports google fit here and we run by wechat. Push notifications lets see. Okay, so sms is activated here. We chat, facebook activate it. Also. Okay, just allow the notification access here, feed cloud pro. Okay then allow it. Okay, then, for other notifications here from social support, app, okay, you can activate it right away: okay, okay, okay, so thats it for the enabling notifications for the fit cloud pro okay. What else do we have here? Can we enable it? So it is already enabled? Okay, our style, shake pole, photograph and thats it so very simple ui i dont know if we do have the sports functions here. Okay seems like i dont see it here whenever we are going to check more on this wearable as we go on. Okay, heart rate lets see: is it automatically activated okay? So here, as you can see, all the display is not activated, but the sensor here is: recording your health data; okay, okay, so far, no issues with the installation of the support app for the fit cloud pro app. Okay, if you have any questions regarding the installation. Okay, the troubleshooting connecting it to your smartwatch.

Please drop a comment below and we will try to answer your queries if we do have the time again, this is smartwatchspecifications.