You get. The device rocket is 6.6 inch display a dual camera setup and many more hey. What is up guys, tyler here and today, its all about the ital 858, so in this video ill tell you if you should get it or not what this device is for and many more so, why not just click on that like button, so more people can Benefit from the content being shared in this video, i want to just click on that subscribe button as well. If you have it already, i mean were on the road to 600 subscribers and getting there would be really really cool and yeah. With that being said, lets go fly into this video. The ital a58 is made out of plastic as youd expect from an entry level device like this. The design isnt anything special and it comes in colors, namely dark purple and green at the side of the device. You get a power button and the volume rocker keys, while at the other side you get the sim card tray at the bottom. You get a micro, usb port and at the back you get a fingerprint scanner and a mono speaker. The italy 58 rocks is 6.6 inch, ips lcd 720p display, which is fine for your device at the spreadsheet, and video quality on youtube will even marks at 10 tp. So your content consumption needs to be good on this device. Sadly, it doesnt support any hdr or 10 plus, or something like that, and i dont think you expect that from a device at this price range as well, this contract out of the box with android 11 group edition and knowing ital, you probably wont, be getting any Software updates, but you can get the occasional security patches for a year or so marshall.

This device runs a lighter version of android, which is best suited for low end devices. Like this speaking of low end, you get a low end processor on this device, namely the spectrum unisock sc7731e processor, its a quad core processor plugged at 1.3. Gigahertz you get one or two gigabytes of ram and 16 or 32 gigabytes of storage, which can be expanded to 64 using a memory card. As for camera, we get to do a camera setup consisting of a five megapixel main camera and an ai depth. Camera video maxes out at 720p resolution for the rear camera setup and the 5 megapixel selfie camera as well powering this device is a 4 000 milliamp hour battery that should last you for a day or even more, since you wont be doing anything intensive on this Device and when the battery dies, you can adjust it up back to 100, using the 10 watt pass charger. What am i saying, the 10 watts charger included in the box and not too self charging speeds wont be fast either. The ital a58 is a nice device for its price, for my only graph is that it doesnt support 4g from network, but i guess itll did that to us to cut cost of this device. I mean if your device supported 4g on network, you wouldnt get it at this price range. It would be more expensive and this honey. As for people who need this device, i would recommend this device for your children, the grandparents and for those who need a secondary device for making calls and yeah thats.

Basically, it cant wait for the ital p series and the s series ill be launching this year.