I risk my money just to know if it is legit or not so before i drop it for you guys. So if you love my content, guys, please do all to subscribe to the youtube channel then turn on bell notification. Please also give this video a thumbs up just to make it known to others that are finding ways to make money online so without wasting time. Um ill make this video as brief as possible, because ive actually made this video earlier, where i combined the the old functions of the sites in just the video. So it made it very long. You understand so my family, my whatsapp audience. They are complaining so thats. Why i decided to make ive decided to make a short video just to face how to make money on the site so without wasting time lets get down to business, so the link to this site is actually in the description box. So please just click on the link in the description box or in the first comments. My first comments that ive pinned just click on it then youll be brought to a page like this, so you need to do once youre here. Just click on sign up. So once you click on sign up, then youll be able to enter your full name. Then you see my name here. If you dont see my name, you just input keyboards k a y b, o e r d z. Then you click on sign up.

Then you follow the remaining process, so you verify your email. So since i already have an account without wasting time ill, just log into my accounts and ill explain how everything works for you guys all right guys. So, as i told you guys earlier, um ive actually tested the sites and, as you can see right on my dashboard here, ive spent about 13 600, its actually 14 615 era, plus just to test it if it is legit so im risking my money guys just To make sure everything im dropping here is legit, so if you love it, if you want more of this, just click on the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up, please thats, all im asking for. I dont need your money. All i need is that your thumbs up just thats, because it dont cost you anything and it wont cost me anything also so that just to encourage me to always drop very legit things, okay, guys so without wasting time once you um register. This is, this will be a dashboard guys, so all you need to do is become a member so to become a member okay. Let me let me explain how the site works. Actually you perform tasks, advertisers will come, you can become an advertiser. You can always end. You understand so the thing is those are advertised like: maybe they want to increase their followers on instagram they want to. They want more subscribers.

They want like they want to like a video. They want you guys to like their video or whatever thing so theyll come here, then they will place it in the advert section ill make another video about the advert section in the next video. So if youre interested in increasing your followers just watch the video so once they come, then they will pay them. Then the task will not be distributed to us as the workers. So now, as you can see right here, it says see your pending tasks. So all you can do is once youve registered. Your dashboard va will be um. Zero balance understanding will be zero balance. So all you need to do is fund your accounts. First, with just one thousand error and thats the only payments youll be making. I i believe one thousand error is the um cheapest amount you can ever pay for platforms like this. I dont know if they are cheaper ones, but to as far as im concerned for a legit platform like this 1000 is very, very small. I dont know they just try to make everything. So now what you need to do is click on font. If you want to deposit the 1000 error, so once you click on font, then you click on the amount. Okay, you want to deposit just 1000. Here 1000 error, then click on um fund again fund wallets. Then, once you click on phone wallet, there will be several payment options guys.

So this is. This is bringing um card details because anytime i want to deposit. I use my card because card payment is actually faster. You understand, but you can. If you dont, want to use your card, you can actually change the payment option right here guys. So you click on change payment option. Then you can choose several ones. You can choose several, you can use ussd, you can use card, you can use for those that are conversant with um online payments. You know that if it is secured by flutter with future wave is actually general like a popular form of payment online, then if you want a faster like a better method, you can use pay attitude. Okay. Now let me just run you through. You guys already know how to go with the card payments, so you click on. Let me just explain the attitude click on pay attitude here, so once you click compared to then the phone number here will be the phone number in the phone you are using. Currently, you understand this and this the phone number is um connected to your bank. So you need to do once youve inputted it. Then you pay. You click on pay. Now, then, once you click on pay now, then you wait so it will bring out um. Just like you want to use ussd to um transfer exactly like this, then you choose your bank. If your bank is not here, just click on zero, then youll be taken to the next bank.

Then you choose your bank, whether youre using uba or whatever bank. Here isnt, then you choose if im using ub ill, just click on td, because so thats its then ill for here then ill just input. My pin the pin used to transfer so once you put it, then everything will go successfully guys. So that is all, then you funded your accounts. So now let me take you back to the dashboard to explain how to become a member guys, all right guys. So this is my dashboard. So once youve made the payments, then the payments will automatically reflect here without any problem or whatever. So you need to do after seeing the payments here. So you see something like become a member around this place. You know stand or whatever place you see it. You see today, then you can just click on the icon become a member. Then you pay with your wallets. Your outlets. Well lets do 1000 error, so automatically youve become um. Sorry, youre! Already a member! You understand once you pay the 1000. So now, once youre, a member, you can now perform tasks like and receive payments. So now let me bust your mind guys. Let me blow your mind guys. The minimum withdrawal for these sites to withdraw to your bank account to your bank account if you want to withdraw just click on, withdraw here, ive already connected mine, so you connect your bank. As you can see.

Please ignore this branch and there are whatever you see: thats the name of the um uh um app im using my bank app. So this is my name here. So all you need to do is just enter the amount. The minimum withdrawal is just android narrow. Then you can place them input your password, but you first connect your bank. First, you connect your bank to the site, then youll be able to always withdraw to that bank anytime. Any moment you understand so that is it down to um the um, the parts to make money exactly how we are going to make monies by performing tasks. As i said earlier, so once you have any tasks to perform, you can receive several tasks per day. That is the main reason why i actually love this platform. You can receive over five over 10 tasks, but you know that youll be fixed to just one task, maybe any five minutes, but they know you can even be written 100 minimum withdrawal every day. Im not copying for you guys, im telling you the facts, so you click on this notification. As you can see, i have some pending tasks already, so let me click on c, pending tasks. So this is it all. I need to do. Okay. They said i should post on my whatsapps. It does so you just click on. Do now understand then, once you click on it, then youll be able to follow the instructions.

Please follow the instructions open. The link in the browser download the adverts on your phone. So once i click on the link, then now once you are done sure, let me let me um make it brief. So you upload the proof here. Just follow the instructions. Then you upload click here to upload. Then you enter name or your username. Then you approach proof, you understand. So once you are done, you end your money and that is as simple as that guys very simple. Then, before i forget, theyre actually giving cash back so just click on the link in the description box to register instead of registering with 1000 error, although youll be able to register you register with 1000 after your registration with thats, one thousand error, youll be giving cashback Of 100 naira, so you can withdraw that 100 era. Straight up to your bank accounts after youve activated your membership dont forget fund your accounts with 1000 address 1000. Then activate your membership. Then once youve activated once youve activated your membership, then youll be given cashback of android mirror. Then you can withdraw the android now back to your accounts back to your bank account. So that is all for this video, because i told you guys this video wont take long. So that is all for this video. If you have any question drop it in this comment, section also follow my um join my whatsapp tv, because i always drop update about the site and further updates later so, if youre interested in growing your instagram page, your tweet talk your facebook page, your youtube channel For youtubers in the house, and for several things like that, if you want to grow your social media portfolio or any other things, then you watch the next video ill be making about the sites so guys ill, see you in the next video.

I love you guys and i wont drop things that waste your money youre here to make money not to lose money, so please go to subscribe. Give this video a thumbs up.