Now, in this video im going to specifically focus on what sets this vacuum apart by highlighting its powerful features, features such as its high precision object, avoidance built in home security features and more so lets dive in and get started right away. Now, real quick, when you unbox this vacuum, you get everything you need. You get the docking station which charges lucy you get lucy and you get a bunch of manuals to get. You started so lets talk about the object avoidance during cleaning, so normally most robot vacuums require you to prepare a room before you can start vacuuming. You have to move things away like cables, slippers, small toys and other common household items. This is done so the vacuum doesnt get tangled or gets stuck while cleaning with lucy thats, not an issue. That is because it has an exclusive dual camera system: a 1080p camera and a 3d depth sensing camera, which is able to recognize and avoid objects. So you can simply start the vacuum and let it intelligently vacuum your house, without wasting time with the unique combination of visual and depth. Information. Lucy is the only robot that can detect and recognize objects, as short as one inch while other high end lidar based, robotic vacuums in the market can only detect objects around four inches in length. In a plain two dimensional view, meanwhile, lucy has the power to recognize over 70 objects, such as socks, shoes, power, cords stains and more giving lucy an understanding of its surroundings that lidar based robots lack now.

Using that same dual camera system, lucy is able to create a 3d map of your home for accurate indoor, positioning and cleaning. So right now you can see. Lucy is actually running downstairs and, as it is running, it is creating a real time map of my house. Thats the dining room right here that is my sitting room right there. So lucy is doing this using those built in cameras creating real time map with exceptional detail. As you can see, and as it gets more and more data, it is making the map even more accurate im, going to show you guys more app features in a minute right after i talk about the home security. So let me show you how cool the security system is, so my vacuum is currently docked downstairs in my living room. I could be upstairs or i could be at a friends house and what i can do is i can launch the trifo home application and i can access my robot vacuum. As you can see and remember, my vacuum has a 1080p camera built into its front. So what i can do from here is, i can tap on start video and its actually going to activate the video on the vacuum. Let me just lower the voice over here. Okay, so i can see whats happening in my house and on top of that, the next step is, i can tap on more features and i can actually manually control the vacuum from here.

With this remote control im going to tap on it its going to activate, let me just turn this around and if i can tap on this one here its going to show me what the camera is seeing heres my joystick, i can start to drive this vacuum. Okay, so i can look at anywhere that i want in my house – and i could be doing this when im away from my house, if im upstairs, if im in the garden, whatever i can access this vacuum anytime, i want, and i can drive it around – to See surveil the whole house and if i have pets in the house, if the pet was standing right there, i could simply talk to the pets and even get feedback. You tap this button and you can talk them via the intercom on the vacuum and they can talk back to you. So you can even check on your pets to see that they are doing fine when youre away, but it can act its acting like a remote, controlled video surveillance device. At the same time, it is capable of vacuuming your home. Now the camera on lucy can also detect motion and alert you. So as an example, when the motion is detected, you are going to get a notification, then you can click on that notification, its going to launch the application its going to show you the recorded video of what the motion was. You get the date the time and what happened now.

Another distinguishing factor is lucys, powerful, suction capability and its large battery, so it has a 5 200 milliamp hour battery. That is actually going to last you for 120 minutes of cleaning time. That is incredible and you can get cleaning done for large areas in one go, then the vacuum goes back to its dock and recharges. All by itself, and like i mentioned, the vacuum also has 3 000 pa power, suction capability, so crumbs pet hair dust. Just about anything that you would want to vacuum, doesnt stand a chance, it will vacuum just about anything and its going to make your rooms look super clean. Now one more thing with the trifle home application here is: once your vacuum cleans an area it creates that map. As we talked about now. What you can do is, after the map is saved, you can go to map management and you can go into that particular map. This is the downstairs map. If i click it, you can see thats my dining room, thats my living room and what i can do is i can create no go zones on the actual map just by drawing it on there. So this red zone, the vacuum – is not going to even try to clean, so i can isolate areas. I dont want the vacuum to go to. Additionally, if i x this out, i can also select so the vacuum actually goes into a specially designated zone by me and only cleans that area so thats, absolutely fantastic after you have your house mapped out, you can go and you can customize the cleaning area thanks To powerful 3d mapping with this vacuum, you can also change the suction power.

So if you want a safe battery and have maximum run time, you can minimize the suction power or you can maximize the suction power right from here. You can go to settings and you get a whole bunch of things. You can constantly update you get over the air updates. So if theres, an update, itll ask me and im going to be able to just click a button its going to get the latest version. Now, after your vacuum cleans your house several times its time to clean up the vacuum, all you do. Is you lift up this thing right here and you are going to see all the dirt dust goes into this box. You press this push button right here. You pull this out, okay and you simply open and clean this up, and also you can clean the filter every now and then so very easy and convenient to use once its all cleaned up. You grab this thing. You push it right back inside push it in. You close it and youre good to go for other rounds and thats. Basically, what i wanted to cover in this video overall, a great vacuum with unique features like object, avoidance, video surveillance, powerful suction, for deep cleaning and a great app with detailed settings. Links to buy this vacuum are going to be down below. There will be a link for the standard version that you saw in this video and also for a pet version.

If you do have any questions, comments or concerns drop them down below as well.