It has this color changing design, of course, but it also claims to be a flagship level camera on par with the best smartphones that money can buy. Does it come good on those claims before i answer that question make sure you hit that like button and do subscribe to our channel to not miss out on any of our reviews? The real me, 9 pro plus, gets a color changing back design similar to the recently launched vivo v23 pro. It changes from blue to a reddish hue when exposed to direct sunlight in a few minutes away from the sunlight. It will change back. The back is made out of glass and has tiny glitter particles that are quite pretty, but the glossy finish makes it an absolute fingerprint magnet. The phones frame is high quality plastic, but feels quite sturdy. It gets a power button on the right and volume buttons on the left. The camera bump layout is something real me has used across a fair number of phones by now, but its nice and modern looking. So i dont particularly mind it. Has a nice translucent type finish, which is quite unique, though the phone does feel really nice to hold in the hand at 182 grams. It feels hefty in a good way, but the way its shaped and the tapered edges of the back just make it a really secure grip at just 7.9 millimeters thickness, its pretty slim as well im not going to beat around the bush here.

The real me 9. Pro plus is an excellent camera thats among the best in its price range and, quite honestly, trades blows with phones that cost quite a bit more. The phone has a 50 megapixel main camera and 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 2 megapixel macro sensor. The 50 megapixel main camera here is a sony imx 766 sensor with optical image stabilization. The sensor is flagship grade and featured in phones like the oppo find n and the vivo x70 pro realme has been able to bring out the best from this impressive piece of hardware pictures come out. Looking very sharp and theres lots of detail in the daylight shots, dynamic range is also great. Portrait mode is also a strong point, with great subject: detection that performs well even against busy backgrounds. It can overexpose, sometimes in portrait mode, though theres no dedicated telephoto lens on this phone, but the primary sensor. Being this high quality means that in good lighting you can just crop in with 2x digital zoom and the results still look quite good. Theres, a dedicated street photography mode here, which sounds kind of gimmicky but has actual functionality in this mode. If you long press the shutter button, it basically turns into a sort of joystick. You can then move this right and left to control the zoom levels or move it up and down to manually control the focus and it has focus peaking, which means that objects in focus will show up with this yellow highlight the shot will be taken as soon As you release the button, this is a very convenient way to quickly capture different kinds of shots with your phone without fiddling around in the settings too much.

Even the big flagships can learn something from realme here you can also choose to save shots from the street mode in raw. The phone can shoot 4k video at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps theres a bit of sensor crop with video, but the ois here really helps keep any movement. Steady, so pans are quite smooth. You also get some cool video filters, like the ability to retain only red, blue or green colors, while leaving the rest black and white theres also dual view: video and ai color portrait, which weve come to expect from realme phones. Low light is another strong point where the camera is able to capture a lot of light. Turning on the dedicated night mode also helps to make the scene brighter and more evenly lit. Overall, ois here really helps with keeping the frame stable, although youll still need steady hands, even when shooting videos you can turn on the ai highlight video mode, which is sort of a night mode. It does make the scene brighter, but theres still plenty of grain. The ultraviolet is about power for phones in this price range, which is to say it does an adequate job without being too impressive, realme does manage to keep colors between the lenses fairly, similar, more so than what ive seen with competing smartphones theres. Also, a 16 megapixel front camera, which does a good job with capturing pictures and videos with enough light. If you turn all the skin processing enhancements off, it can capture a good amount of detail on your face.

In some situations, though, the hdr mode on the front camera can mess up skin tones a little bit. The front camera also does a decent job with portrait mode, and i didnt find background separation to be a problem. In most scenarios Music, the real me 9 pro plus, gets a 6.43 inch. Full hd, plus amoled display thats, really sharp and has good colors. It also has a 90 hertz refresh rate, which makes using the phone a really smooth experience. The bezels on three sides are pretty thin, but there is a decent chin on the bottom. The display has a max brightness of 600 nits, which means its not the most visible in bright sunlight, but it is still usable. It does get gorilla glass 5 protection, though, which should make it fairly durable in terms of audio. The real me 9, pro plus, does offer stereo speakers, which is a nifty feature in this price range. Stereo separation between the two is fairly balanced. The speakers themselves are not the most loud or clear that ive heard on the phone, but they do the job coupled with the really nice display. This makes watching content on the phone. A great experience, the real me 9 pro plus, also gets a headphone jack, which has become a rarity even among this phones competitors its always nice to see one included. The real me 9 pro plus, is powered by the mediatek diamond city. 920. 5G chipset. This is an improved iteration of the diamond city 900, which is very new on the market day to day performance is obviously not an issue at all.

Now this is not the fastest chipset out there for gaming, but it does hold up quite well in call of duty mobile. The phone can very easily do very high graphics, with a high frame rate with fairly smooth gameplay. That doesnt have many frame stutters. If you want max frame rate, though youll have to push the graphics all the way down to low, thankfully, the phone can hold this level of performance for long periods of time. It does have a vapor cooling chamber and it works well. I did not notice it getting very hot, even after 30 to 40 minute playing sessions and in the 3dmark wildlife stress test. It basically did not throttle at all, which is quite impressive. This version of the phone has 8gb ram and 256gb storage, so you probably wont be running out of either kind of memory anytime soon 8gb is the sweet spot for a great multitasking experience in android at this point and this phone excels at it Music. The real me 9 pro plus launches with real me, ui 3.0, based on android 12 out of the box. Real me, ui 3.0 has great customizability and features, and you can check out our full review of the skin for the complete low down on that. I do want to highlight a couple of neat features of the real me 9 pro plus here, which you can find by going to the real me lab option in the settings.

Firstly, dual mode audio: can let the phone root audio through a pair of bluetooth and wired headphones simultaneously, which is quite nice sort of like the modern successor to when we used to carry around audio jack splitters for romantic or friendship purposes? Secondly, you can use the optical fingerprint sensor on the display as a heart rate sensor, which is a very unique feature. You just place your thumb on the scanner and it tells you your heart rate and also keeps a history of all the scans in terms of battery life. The real me 9 pro plus, gets a 4 500 mah unit which lasts for quite a long time. The efficient diamond city 920, coupled with the slightly smaller screen, makes this an easy 2 day phone. It also supports a whopping 60 watt fast charging, which can take this phone from 0 to 100 in around 40 minutes Music.