This phone fills a very narrow gap in the smartphone marketplace for people that want physical keyboards, but its surprisingly well constructed, given how small this company is compared to some of the other smartphone makers out there and phone after phone, they pump out really quality stuff. So ive always enjoyed looking at their phones and today were going to take a deep dive into their latest one here. That is essentially an android phone that feels like a blackberry and before we get into this, i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. No one is paying for this review, nor has anyone reviewed or approve what youre about to see before it was uploaded, so lets get into it now and see what this phone is all about. Now the price point on this comes in at around 300 or so. This phone is a sequel, if you will to one that they made a few years ago called the titan, which was much larger. So this one is smaller and fits in the hand better, but it also has a smaller keyboard which might impact your ability to type quickly on it. Well take a look at how it types a little bit later in the review here like their other phones. It is very heavy duty and well constructed its designed to be rugged.

Its got a nice metal casing here, along with some heavy duty plastic. It feels super solid and its pretty heavy. It weighs 216g grams thats over seven and a half ounces, but it really feels nice and sturdy as a result. So, even though its heavy, i like that, rugged feel to it, and this is something theyve done with some of their other phones too. Just super strong devices that are designed to get knocked around a bit. It is not waterproof, though so you cant get it wet, but i do believe it will survive a number of falls without a case and the phone kind of feels like its own case. Now the phone is unlocked and it will work with most of the major u.s carriers, along with international carriers, and it supports two sim cards which is common overseas, but not always so common here in the united states. And what you have here on the sim tray is a choice of two sim cards or one sim card and a micro sd card. If you want to go beyond its internal storage now inside this has a mediatek helio, p70 processor. It has six gigabytes of ram and a generous 128 gigabytes of storage, so its pretty well equipped. The processor as youll, see in a little bit is nothing crazy from a performance standpoint, but i think adequate for what people might typically do with a phone like this, and it has a pretty big battery inside 4 000 milliamp hours, which is close to what you Might get on a larger flagship phone and because this phone doesnt have as much capabilities as a flagship phone.

I think youll have really good battery life on this easily a full day of usage, if not well beyond that, especially if youve got the phone sitting in standby most of the time now. The display on this one is an ips display, 3.1 inches running at a resolution of 716 by 720. It looks nice and sharp its adequately bright. The colors look good on it, but because it is almost a perfect square, it gets a little weird when apps want to go full screen and ill show you what i mean by that in a few minutes now. You can, of course, interact with the touch display here, but you can also use the keyboard as a scrolling surface just by running your finger across there. Although sometimes you accidentally hit a key and things go a bit sideways, but you can get a feel for how you can interact with the phone here. There arent many ports on this one, but there are a good number of buttons. Youve got your volume rocker here, on the left hand side, you have your sim tray, an sd card tray there that we looked at a few minutes ago on the bottom. You have a usb type c port. This is for charging, but you can also use on the go data devices. It does not, though, do any display output on the right hand, side, you have the power button and then this button you can program to do whatever you want.

So right now ive got mine turning on the light here, but you can program it to do other things through an app that comes with the phone. So this is like a multi purpose button that you can repurpose for your own needs and then on the top. Here you have a headphone jack and when you have headphones plugged in, you can use the built in fm radio to listen to over the air broadcasts and then next to it is an ir blaster, because this can basically function like a universal remote control. Theres, an app here called remote and you can program this app to control all of your tvs and air conditioners and anything else that can work with an infrared remote control. Now, like most smartphones, youve got two cameras, one on the back and one on the front. The rear camera is 16 megapixels, it can shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second, its, not very good at video, as you can see here, and its also not very good at taking pictures, but it does the job here is what the front camera looks like Again, nothing spectacular but good enough to get your calls done, but dont expect flagship level photography out of this phone, so lets take a look at the keyboard. Now, im going to pull up their note, taking application, i have to say the keyboard reminds me a lot of the blackberry keyboards. We all remembered – and many of us were fond of its got.

A nice firm feel to the keys. They click when you push them down, just like the blackberry did. They are those small and i think, if youve been used to using a touchscreen phone, i think weve all gotten a little spoiled with some of that autocorrect. So im making a lot of mistakes as im, typing and im expecting the phone to fix it. For me and it isnt um, so those are things to just keep in mind here, but it does uh feel very much like an authentic blackberry. Even though this is a reinterpretation of what a blackberry is in the center. Here is a home button that doubles as a fingerprint reader. So if i just turn the phone on and off here and put my thumb down on there, it will let me in you also have some of the other android functions as physical keys here. So this is my application switcher and then this key here is the back button, which is really helpful. One thing youll notice, though, is that when i pull up a text input field, it does take up a little bit of the screen for some additional items. One of them is the microphone button for dictation. I also have this button here. If i want to pull up an easier to access number pad, the numbers here are kind of baked into the keys ive got to hit the alt key to tap on those keys.

I can, of course, double tap all and make those keys lock in as numbers, but it might be easier, sometimes just to go to the touch screen for the keys im not hitting frequently. So there is no number row on this at least not a physical one. It does, though, have a great backlight, as you can see here, so it very much feels like what a modern blackberry phone would feel like if they were still making them. Unfortunately, though, its just hard to type for me just because im so conditioned now to these touch screens and i do wish the space bar was a little bit bigger im. Finding myself having difficulties hitting that when im trying to type quickly. But if youre. Looking for a physical keyboard – and you want the most up to date – android phone – this one is probably the one to get at this point, because i dont think anyones really making a phone as close to the original blackberry feel as this one running modern android. Speaking of modern android, this is running android 11. ive gotten a number of updates on this phone, since i got it a couple of months ago, so it looks as though, like their other phones, unihertz will support it for a while. The latest security update on this one was current to december of 2021 and i am recording this video in february of 2022.. Now, with this being a modern android phone, most of the android apps out, there will run on it.

Well, take a look at google chrome here and see how the homepage springs to life, and you can see one of the constraints you run into when youve got this square display. Most mobile formatted sites are anticipating a longer display, and you really dont get a lot of room to read anything here, as you can see so its a little tough there and i can, of course, rotate the display, but because its square, no matter which orientation its In ive got the same problem here, so you will struggle a bit if youre used to a longer display now, youll also encounter challenges when youre watching video on the phone due to that square display heres an example. My youtube channel and well pull up a video here from it, and this is a 1080p video and 1080p video is running at a 16×9 aspect ratio, but weve got a square screen here, so it only takes up the top portion of the display in portrait mode And then, if i want to go full screen, uh youll see that it doesnt do much better here either because its got to fit that wide video into a square. So youre going to have big letter boxes there top and bottom and theres just no way to avoid this, because the keyboard is in the way on this phone. But you do get all the features you get on. Other phones, including the ability to run video picture and picture like that, and it will perform just fine and play back the video just fine, its just going to be a bit constrained on this square display.

Now games will suffer on this a bit because of the square display some games. Dont know what to make of it. So, for example, if i load up pac man 256 here, uh youll see it kind of goes bunkers trying to figure out which way to go to get to full screen. So i found with this one if i go out and turn off the automatic screen rotation. I will orient itself properly and there it goes testing it out a little bit more, but it is able to get working and it will work in this instance in uh portrait mode now. Another game here is jetpack joyride. This one doesnt have the same problems as pac man did, but this game always wants to run in landscape mode and again thats, because these games really dont know how to orient themselves to this square display because most displays are not square, but the games run. Okay, but just not an ideal gaming experience just because you never know which direction the screen is going to be pointed in and on the 3dmark wildlife benchmark test. I got a score of 731 thats at the bottom of the barrel, compared to most of the other smartphones weve looked at here on the channel, so dont expect great gaming performance out of this, and certainly the screen orientation issues will limit some of the fun youll. Have playing games on this phone, but this is really not a game playing phone, it is a utilitarian device for communicating and i think it does the communication tasks quite well.

If you are looking for a tactile, keyboard phone calls work, fine on it. Its got a nice, clear, handset speaker here, along with a nice and loud speakerphone, speaker too, so i think its really designed for people that miss that blackberry feel and want some of the modern accoutrements that we get with modern smartphones. This is not trying to become a market leading phone, they are looking for a specific buyer that wants a phone specifically like this, and if you are that buyer – and you know who you are, i think youll be quite pleased with this phone, because it is a Lot smaller than the last one they put together, it is incredibly well constructed. It lives up to what a blackberry might look like if they were able to survive into the modern era here. So i think, for people looking for a phone like this youll be very pleased with it, provided you understand that the android operating system doesnt find itself on a lot of square displays, so itll be fine for email and some basic web browsing or whatever. But some of the more advanced multimedia tasks will likely be something youll want to have a more traditional smartphone for thats going to do it. For this look at the unihertz titan pocket, and until next time this is lon sivan. Thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters, including gold level, supporters, jim tannis and tom albrecht, hot sauce and video games and erics variety channel, brian parker and frank goldman, amda brown and matt zagaya and chris allegretta.