Almost every inch of this smartphone looks like its designed to survive a nuclear impact, and it has a suite of features that compare very favorably to the previous v10 model in most areas. So does that make this doogees ultimate smartphone im, william warrell, with and today? Well, try to answer that question once and for all its very clear that doogee has leaned heavily into the rugged design philosophy. During my time with the phone, i had several people asking why they couldnt remove the case before learning that there was no case, and this is just what the phone is like. Naturally, that should give you an idea of just how thick and weighty this phone is to some myself included. The weight and size of the phone is a plus. It feels like it would take a tactical nuclear strike to damage this thing. However, those with small hands may suffer. The v20 also features a 2400 by 1080 ammo led display on the front and a 1.05 inch mini display on the back wireless charging up to 15 watts and super fast charging up to 33 watts, with the port protected by cover that will stop debris from getting Into the charging port, even when its underwater or buried in mud, as you might expect, this gives the phone the much coveted ip69k rating, meaning its completely protected from dust and debris as well as protected against even high pressure and high temperature liquids up close another key Feature of this phone is the thumbprint sensor, built into the power button on the side, which is something that carries over from the previous v10 version.

This sensor is relatively accurate and will even react if you have the thumbprint sensor set up to respond in strange ways, for instance, when holding the phone. Naturally, in my hand, i have it set up to react to my index finger and i can still open the phone like that theres also a programmable button on the opposite side that can be customized to open apps turn on the torch or even take screenshots. Another interesting element that you may have noticed is the three lenses on the back, which is part of the ai assisted three camera setup. The main lens is a 64 megapixel main camera, a considerable upgrade over the one featured on the original v10 theres. Also, a 20 megapixel night vision camera as well. In case, you feel like re enacting the blair witch project and an eight megapixel wide angle, camera squeeze more into your shots, though it should be made clear that the wide angle lens does not support video capture on the plus side. The camera features that are there do work incredibly well its possible to take high quality photos. If you know what youre doing, but the our assistant is confusing, it doesnt seem to make a lot of difference whether you have it on or not, but theres every chance that under the right circumstances, it could be helpful, such as in low light or with sudden Changes in exposure – one sort of strange thing to note here is the fact that the v20 can only record in 2k when it comes to video thats, not a huge issue as 2k offers plenty of quality, but with 4k seemingly the modern standard for smartphones.

It seems strange not to chase that higher resolution that everyone else is going for if you are a smartphone filmmaker. However, there are some other features of the do gv20 that you might find more useful, for instance, theres an anti flicker setting that can be swapped between 50 hertz and 60 hertz to match the refresh rate of any screens. You happen to point at so, if youre filming a scene where you need to be able to see what is on a screen, itll be easier to do with this phone. You can also disable the microphone and shutter noises which could both potentially be useful in a film shoot scenario. One aspect that many people prioritize with any smartphone is performance. The do gb 20 comes with 8 gigabytes of high speed ram similar to the v10, but comes with double the rom, with 256 gigabytes as standard. You can also expand this with a micro sd card. If you need to, while its fair to say that the v20 isnt the most powerful smartphone on the market, it does pack enough of a punch for day to day use and a fair bit of gaming as well running. 3Dmark gave us scores mostly comparable with the samsung a52 in terms of graphics, while its closer to the galaxy m51 in terms of processing performance shouldnt be too much of a shock, as this is running effectively the exact same mediatek, immensity, 700, soc and 8 gigabytes of Ram that the v10 was using theres not been a big step up here, but then again it seems like high performance wasnt.

The aim of the game. In fact, during a non gaming benchmark the phone performed admirably and in day to day use, i experienced no slowdown or stuttering. If you are looking for a gaming experience on your phone, then you wont have to miss out on too much with the v20. Obviously it doesnt struggle at all when it comes to streaming services like google stadia or geforce. Now, in fact, the biggest struggle i found when it comes to gaming on this phone is fitting its bulk securely into a controller grip. Once you do have that sorted gaming is pretty much a breeze. Anything from genching and impact to arc survival evolved will run smoothly, and obviously that means the same is true for more standard mobile games like mario run or crossy roads when it comes to emulation the phone handles even gamecube evaluation without much trouble. So you can play almost anything from the sixth console generation or earlier when it comes to the actual phone aspect of this smartphone. There have been one or two hiccups. Overall, the mic quality is acceptable for a modern smartphone, as you can hear demonstrated here, but there appears to have been a pretty big reduction in overall talk time compared with the v10 due to a smaller battery, and i cant figure out why that was necessary. Sure going from an 8 500 milliamp hour battery to a 6 000 milliamp hour battery has shaved off around 40 grams, but the trade off just isnt worth it its important that you know that the phone is still running, android, 11.

and so far there are no Plans in the foreseeable future to upgrade to android 12, which is a shame, but not a deal breaker for most people. The only other strange feature to talk about is the back screen. This is the much touted feature of the phone but in reality, its kind of hard to see the point of it sure it displays the clock. If you have the phone face down and you can use it to control your music. But i cant imagine a scenario where that would be that much easier than just picking up the phone or using controls on your bluetooth, headset youre, more likely to just get annoyed when you turn the phone over at night. Only to have the back screen light up for 10 seconds and prevent the room for fully darkening. The all important question is: is the do gv20 worth the money? The price point is currently set at around 400 us dollars, which is pretty much smack bang in the middle of the price range from mid range smartphones, and for that price you are getting an incredibly robust and rugged design. As i said before, this thing could survive nuclear impact, so its certainly going to stand up to being dropped a bunch because you cant stop watching videos while trying to cook at the same time. Another important note, of course, is that it does have a relatively impressive camera array for the money, although it is missing one or two key features that previous versions of this phone had overall, the doogee v20 rugged smartphone feels like its designed for someone who is fed Up with replacing their smartphone every month because they cant stop dropping it, it provides average performance, but unless youre chasing a high end gaming experience, you probably wont notice a stark difference between this and any other phone in this price range.

In short, this is a phone with one key goal: to survive all other bells and whistles may look nice in the advert, but theyre, not the main reason that you should be buying this phone. Thank you for watching our review of the doogee v20 and thanks digi for sending us this phone to cover. If you really liked the video please leave us a like, as it will help our channel to grow, and you can also hit subscribe and the bell icon to be notified. Whenever we release a new video in the description of this, video youll find a link to our website, where youll not only find the written version of this specific review, but also a whole other bunch of tech.