This is ranjit and in this video well be doing the unboxing and have a first look at this realme 9 pro plus smartphone and guys uh. This is a review unit that was sent to me by real me and lets have a look at this one, and i again guys i am opening this box almost about four or five days before the launch. So i dont know the exact rising uh, so ive added in the description uh, but from the specs. What this one has and my rough estimate, i think so this should be priced somewhere around the 25 000 price point uh and guys. So this comes with the uh sony, imx 766 sensor, and it also has optical image stabilization. In fact, this is the same camera sensor that is used on the oneplus, 9 rt and a bunch of other smartphones. It says it has the diamond city 920 soc, which is a 5g super amoled screen and in fact it has a display fingerprint scanner, but they also say it has a heart rate sensor in that. So something new lets see what it is, and it says it has a 60 watt charger and guys this one is the 8 gigabyte ram variant. This will also come with 6 gigabytes of ram, and this is the higher end: 256 gigabyte of storage variant and regarding 5g bands, guys um just about 5 5g bands. Are there on this one. So lets open this and have a look, and in fact i also like one more thing on this.

Smartphone uh realme says that they have listened to end user feedback and designed this smartphone, and this one also supposed to have stereo speakers, but also retains a 3.5 mm headphone jack. So lets see if the camera is good uh. This can be a pretty good, smartphone and uh, so we have a case in this one, so a transparent, uh, slightly grayish kind of a case and a bunch of paperwork lets just keep that to the side, and here is the smartphone itself and lets open this Up and have a look its supposed to have gorilla glass, 5, guys protection, and again this one is also having that colored bag. This is the new trend that im seeing in a lot of smartphones, but this is glass guys. This is not plastic and the front is supposed to be gorilla. Glass. 5. This is having a 6.4 inch screen and, in fact, does not weigh that much and a triple camera setup. It has the main camera, as ive told you its a 15 megapixel with optical image stabilization. Then we have 8 megapixel ultraviolet. Then again we have the 2 megapixel macro man like thats, not going to leave us. It looks like that, but anyways uh looks nice. Let me see what else do we get then ill? Give you a physical. So we have the 60 watt charger, not the 45 that were getting. They call it super dart and a charging cable again guys use this one for optimum charging, so thats what we have in the box.

Let me keep that to the side, and here is the handset itself uh. So here we have a secondary noise cancellation. Microphone on this one, so thats, actually nice and uh here, if we look at it uh just we have the power on off button thats it nothing else on this one and uh bottom is the. What do you say speaker? This is supposed to have stereo speaker. So it looks like the earpiece is also a speaker well test that type c port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so thats, interesting, uh volume, rockers on this side and the century is here, lets see. I doubt it will have. What do you say? What do you say, microsd card, but lets see so? No so no micro sd card, so its a dual sim nano solution that we are getting on this one uh front facing camera is supposed to be 16 megapixel on this one. So let me do one thing: let me actually put this up and ill set it up, and then we will continue in fact, its supposed to have x, linear, haptic motor, so haptic feedback should be also good, but lets see. Let me just set it up and then well continue, so guys, im shooting this video after a couple of days of use, this smartphone a little bit in fact also taking a lot of camera samples ill show you that in the later part of the video uh, So lets look at this.

What do i feel about the same and again, as you can see, this is having a 6.4 inch amoled screen and its a decent quality amoled screen, but this is actually 90 hertz, guys not that 120 hertz i dont, know why they didnt get that 120 hertz. But again i didnt actually install a lot of things. I installed antutu and just one more app, because i wanted to test the diamond city 920 soc. I had tested some phones with diamond city 900, but not 920, so ill show you some benchmark scores also, but first uh there is quite a bit of what do you say: bloatware that is pre installed, as you can see, phone pay a bunch of uh stuff, Like this and lets see hey fun, i dont know okay, so you can uninstall mods, i dont know, but quite a bit of junk wear is pre installed on this smartphone good thing is, you can uninstall uh quite a bit but as as you can see a Lot of stuff is there. Let me actually show you the antutu score, because i ran hunter too lets see this, and here i was happy with that score, as you can see 5 lakhs 7000 that we are getting so thats, actually pretty decent score, uh. Another thing that i actually liked and if you notice over here, i run this benchmark and the temperature increased by just 3.2 degrees celsius. That means, even when youre using the phone heavily and stuff, it will not heat up that much so that way, i like it and the weight balance is done well uh.

This has in display fingerprint scanner and that works well again. Most of the realme phones in display fingerprint of the scanner, is good thats the same with this one, moving towards the back uh. This is a fingerprint magnet, as you can see. At least i dont know uh its totally more evident in this color, the shiny color. Maybe in other colors it would be a little bit better, but this color its a fingerprint to magnet that i have noticed uh the ui is again. This is the new real me good thing is that let me just go under the hood. If i go over here and if i go over about the device out of the box, this is coming with android 12. That is actually a really nice thing, so youre not getting android 11, so android 12 out of the box – and i actually did ask a real me officials, because its a review in it. I could ask questions uh. What about android updates? They told that the next two android updates this phone will get, so it will also get android 13 and 14. so thats. Regarding that, this is the 8 gigabyte ram variant, and you also have that ram boost thing by default its on, but i would just suggest if just switch it off, i would say uh, but yeah thats what it is so good that we are getting the latest Version of android and again this ui is pretty decent to use clean.

But again, if you uninstall that bloatware and some bloatware is installed uh so day to day activities uh, i didnt have a problem left you go. You get to the google now pane on this uh smartphone like this, so thats, okay and uh. It performed. Well. I as ive told you, the diamond cd 920 is actually pretty power, efficient, uh chipset. So again, i dont think so well have any issues uh regarding that, though, this one has that 4500 milliamp hour battery, but because of the 60 watt charger it should charge quickly and uh. Let me actually uh. There is also one more uh thing that i noticed, and i dont know if youll call this a gimmick or what but yeah thats there and its hidden in the real me labs. If you go over here, if you go over here and search for heart rate, uh sensor, heart, radio, just search for heart rate, heart rate measurement – is there – and this is in the real me labs, and they were touting about this in the marketing thing that hoopla, If you a heart rate measurement – and if you just hold your finger like this on the in display fingerprint scanner finger, not detect it again, guys uh, this is a hoopla as ive told you i cant, but yeah it worked once or twice. I think so. It has to be very clean, but i dont know how accurate it is.

This is totally around 60. Bpms is totally wrong. It cannot be this low to me. 70 lets say 77.79. What okay, it says. 86 lets just check this. I have a garmin which is super super accurate uh and currently my heart rate was around 100 1213. This is showing 86 so again guys. These are just sort of gimmicks for marketing and stuff. Dont rely too much on that one anyways thats what it is, but i think so uh next thing that i liked on this smartphone is uh. The stereo speakers are actually pretty loud and we also are still getting that 3.5 mm headphone jack uh. So lets just play back some stuff. Copyright, free music lets, see and lets just play. This track lets increase the volume okay. This is the max ill, just skip it. As you can see its loud and i dont know uh. It is giving a very good stereo separation actually that space that stereo space that you get is actually done very well. I checked that does it have atmos or anything no atmos or anything i found here or even in the specs. But again the stereo separation is actually really good, so uh the stereo speakers are actually loud and actually they give a good stereo separation. I thought the stereo speakers will be a gimmick, but its actually pretty loud and its actually good. Okay. Now i think so. The next big thing about this smartphone is the camera on this one and thats.

The main camera forget about other two cameras, especially that two megapixel, but the main camera thats, the imx 766, with the ois that, in fact, i i took some camera samples and it turned out to be much better than i thought. But first let me actually show you the camera, and this is standard tap, to focus that youre getting and you can go to ultra white also from this one uh. We also have this uh zoom 2x, but again guys. This is a digital zoom uh, its just pinched, to some kind of thing, and then we also have the portrait mode and we also have the night mode and street modes. So again in terms of camera modes. They have given a lot of options and you can also uh shoot directly in the 50 megapixel mode. If you want uh the uh. What do you say front facing camera samples also worked out to be good thats, the 16 megapixel. Let me do one thing i have taken actually a lot of camera samples. Let me actually show you the samples now some samples taken with the rear facing camera during the day and during the day as you can see, it takes some good shot. This was that 2x uh, but the night is where i feel the camera struggle. So these were the samples taken at night, and here also, as you can see, actually it actually did a far better job than i expected wide angle is weak at night, as you can see uh, but this was.

I was impressed. How dark it was then, also the picture came out so bright and even the skin tones were pretty, but wide angle is not doing a good job. These are regular samples and the regular samples really impressed me considering how low the lighting was. This was it ultra white ultraviolet is weak at night, but again human samples, also, i took this shot im, really really impressed how well it came out. But again, if you invoke the portrait mode at night, there is that weakness and that softness, but these samples were taken in extremely low lighting conditions, and here i enabled even the night mode and i have to say its actually doing a pretty good job. Now some samples with the front facing camera taken at night and again, i would say the front facing camera – is actually doing a pretty good job. Even during these night shots. These were actually in the portrait mode at night. Now some regular samples taken during the day indoors and, as you can see, the front facing camera performance is also actually pretty good. These samples were actually taken with the portrait mode and, i have to say the front facing camera performance is also good, so guys uh. That was the real me nine pro plus smartphone. What do you guys feel about the same? If i have to just summarize quickly? Based on a couple of days of users, theres not a full review, guys, i would definitely say the strengths of this particular smartphone.

Again, i completely forgot uh the haptic feedback that you get is also very good on this one, so the haptic motor they say its x, linear, haptic, motor, whatever blah blah, but again the haptic feedback is actually pretty good for this price point. It gives a very good feeling, the next thing that i really liked on this smartphone and that i think so thats the thing that is separating this smartphone. That is the main camera that we have read facing camera. It is actually really really good. In fact, the oneplus 9 rt also has the same rear facing camera, but in difficult lighting conditions. This is actually taking better camera samples. I dont know, but this is much better optimized, so the rear facing camera is also good. Forget about the ultra wide and the 2 megapixel uh, also moving to the front facing camera. I was not expecting that much, but the samples that we got from the 16 megapixel front facing camera were also very good, so camera definitely is the strength of this one. Also, i like the stereo speakers. They are actually loud and have good stereo separation and imaging. I thought it would be a gimmick there will compromise, but that was not the case and also diamond city 920 should perform pretty well on this one, and i like the fact this one comes out of the box with android now moving to some of the weaknesses That i noticed again this back, at least in this color.

I do not like its a super fingerprint magnet also in terms of 5g band and even in the box, they are saying its 5g, but it just gives 5 bands of 5g. In this price point we are giving were seeing other vendors, giving seven eight or nine bands of 5g. So certainly this is on the less side. I would say: uh next thing is that again the screen is good. I, like the amoled, screen no issues, but this is not that 120 hertz they should have given with 120 hertz constraint its rumored to be priced around 25 000. I dont know the exact price ill add in the description guys and uh. Lastly, again, i dont get the point of that 2 megapixel camera. Instead of that they could have just removed that 2 megapixel camera and given a better. What do you say that ultra white camera, but again overall uh? I feel this is a pretty good smartphone uh lets see how uh real me prices this one in india. But what do you guys feel about this real me, nine pro plus do. Let me know in the comment section below and guys if youre still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button.