The fact that the redmi note 11s does exist makes this phone an almost useless device and guys, i think i might need a refund the only way this video is going to make sense to you guys if you watch till the end of this video, so without Taking much of your time, you guys yo guys lets get started. I love me my redmi devices, no doubt in fact thats the reason i have lots of those devices right here, just as with most of these devices with this one, you get the sim ejector, the user guide, the user manual a silicone case. It has a three watt, fast charger and a usb c connector designers, well pretty much standard and something you wouldnt think a lot about on this device. You have a plastic ware with the volume rocker and power button to the right side. The power button also doubles as a fingerprint scanner on the smartphone, while the left side gives you the dual sim tray with a dedicated micro sd card slot for memory expansion. The top side gives you the audio jack, a top firing speaker, an ir blaster and the secondary microphone, and the bottom side gives you a mouthpiece opening, usb c port and a downfire speaker. The only reason the smartphone will feel so comfortable to hold would be as a result of the form factor. You have a 6.43 inch display here, and this is actually small compared to other smartphones on the market right now and to make the smartphone more comfortable to hold.

You can throw on this plastic tpu case to get that comfortable feel by holding this boxy smartphone. Its quite difficult to put on so there are currently three colors available for the redmi note 11 here, which are the graphite gray, pearl white and star blue, which i have here. Of course, redmi gives us a dual stereo speaker configuration on here, but the truth is down firing. Speaker does the bulk of the job, while the top speaker actually does sounds tiny, but that complements the audio you get from the down firing speaker, though, with a 6.43 inch amoled panel 90 has refresh rate 1080p resolution and up to 1000 nits and brightness. This might be the best part about this years. Note from redmi. You get yourself fluid animation, while scrolling, and this also aids in the gameplay from the smartphone, and you can also use the smartphone confidently outdoors. All thanks to the high peak brightness. When the need arises. You should expect android 11 on the redmi 11. im a rap god from heaven blow your mind, like 911. whats. That me i13 is also on here and, of course you have those bloatware apps, which are pretty much removable from the smartphone and basically a smooth experience. As far as the software is concerned, with this device, you get the snapdragon, 680 chipset or processor on here, with a memory configuration starting at four gigs, six to four gigs to six gigs 128 gigs, which i have performance isnt anything extraordinary.

You definitely can throw your titles. Your heavy titles, like pop g call of duty on the smartphone and have a decent game play with the redmi note 11.. Now, even though you might not expect the best graphic representation of the games, it sure does handle your business heres, a geekbench score for the redmi note, 11. 50 megapixel main lens and 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel for both the depth and the macro lenses. I actually do have an e02 with this camera they are average at best and when it comes to the white balance, i do not think this is an accurate representation of what youd see with your eyes. I know with good lighting. You get some good photos with their smartphone, but then the keyword is good lighting. Low light photos are not sharp, as with other smartphones you might have tested, but the night mode doesnt even have a lot to contribute in making the night photos on the smartphone any better. The photos from the front cameras look like they lack saturation and a little bit too plasticky like a piece of filter was thrown on. Here and generally, i would say, the photos are average at best from the front facing camera. Videos can be recorded at up to 1080p max resolution on the smartphone, with no form of stabilization on here, and the quality is even worse than what you get from the photos. So i would say, generally, this is a better photo camera than it does.

Video from the smartphone, what do you guys think about the videos and the photos you get from the smartphone are seen on the screen right now. Let me know your thoughts about this camera. If you love them or you hate them in the comment section below and while youre at that hit on that subscribe button, as id really appreciate that a five thousand milliamp hour battery with a 30 watts fast charger is what you get for this device and it Actually, juices up this device from zero to 100 in about an hour, and also, i noticed that the processor on here is quite efficient in terms of handling the power issues. A great and solid battery life is what you get with this smartphone. So i got my unit here for 127 000 era, roughly 250, and all i can say is that i do not think this is actually a hit from redmi this year. It might be a miss im talking about the smartphone as someone who has owned every new device. From the note 7 series. Redmi did overalls more value in the past than what we have on here this year and, of course, theres good display, good battery life, um, average processing or efficient processing. Rather, this smartphone is decent at everything, but its distance. Actually what we want this year. I think the redmi note 11 should have been the least in this years, listing check out the video on that smartphone here kui that d.