My name is alex chung and today im talking about what i liked and what i think could be changed about this new gimbal. So, first of all lets get some specs out of the way this new gimbal is only 8 inches tall. If you dont include the smartphone with it, the battery lasts up to 17 advertised hours and it recharges via usb c, its compatible with any smartphone. As long as that, smartphone has bluetooth functionality. The q2 has three little buttons on the front: the joystick, the power button and the record button and its got five different shooting modes. The pan follow the follow, lock mode, pov and vortex mode. Alright, so lets go over. Some of the things that i liked about this new gimbal, starting with the motors im, pretty impressed that, even though the motors on this gimbal are super tiny compared to the dslr gimbals, the footage isnt really shaky at all. And if you do somehow get a little bit of shakiness in your footage, its nothing that warp stabilizers cant fix in post – and i know that for some smartphone gimbals, you have to be sort of really delicate with the way you use the gimbal. But with this one, like i said, ive been using it just like when im using dslr gimbals and it looks like im shooting with a really high end. Gimbal im also really impressed with the size and the build quality of this new gimbal.

This little thing actually fits into my pockets hold on one sec. One side ill show you. I am literally able to watch. Look at this im legit able to fit this entire thing into my pocket, like no problem im wearing joggers right now. The pockets in these pants are a little bit deeper than my regular jeans, but nonetheless, im able to just fit the entire thing and just take it out really easily. It makes it really easy to just throw into your backpack or your travel bag and just go and shoot. Unlike some of the other smartphone gimbals, it doesnt really actually need a tripod feed. It actually does stand on its own. This gimbal is super solid. Its made out of entirely metal and on the handle its got this little silicone cover on it, so it grips a lot easier, its a lot more comfortable to hold, and you can hold it for a little bit longer. Another thing that i like is how the smartphone clamp is actually detachable from the gimbal itself. This makes it a lot easier to clamp on the phone. Sometimes i dont know about you, but i have trouble with putting the phone onto the clamp itself, especially when its on the gimbal, but now i have an easy time to just put the phone onto the gimbal without really having to mess around with it too. Much – and this just makes a lot easier for you to film something on the gimbal: take your phone off post.

It online really quickly and put your phone right back onto the gimbal super quickly. You can now connect your smartphone via bluetooth. You dont have to go into an app to actually connect through wi, fi or connect through bluetooth. You just simply turn on your bluetooth from your phone and youre able to see the smooth q2 pop up on the list you connect to it and there you go youre in youre done and when you need to record you simply press the record button and itll Send that signal to your phone itll immediately start recording and speaking of buttons, like i mentioned theres, only three little buttons on the front, its a really clean interface, theres, no trigger button theres, no zoom control its very clean, its very simple. The battery life is excellent and it charges via usbc its supposed to last up to 17 hours, which is insane and ive been using this for, like a full day and its only drained about half of the battery life. Now lets go over some of the things that i would have liked to see changed about this gimbal, okay, so right now im about to get into some of the stuff that i didnt like so much about the q2. However, i recently spoke to doing, and they told me that all these problems, that im about to mention right here in the video are actually going to be fixed in an upcoming sulfur update and ill leave.

A little note down here. Just so that you guys can sort of understand which ones they are fixing, and so just please keep that in mind when youre watching this part of the video alright back to it and starting with the shooting modes. Now i dont really have a problem with the shooting modes itself, its more about how you switch from shooting mode to shooting mode. You see on the higher end, gimbals like the crane 2 or the crane 3, when youre switching from lets say the pan follow mode to the lock mode or pan follow mode to the follow mode. The gimbal doesnt actually reset the motors and put your camera back to its original state. Instead, it just leaves the camera at whatever position it had before it switched modes, but with the q2 it resets the gimbal to its original state. Right now i have the uh gimbal on pan. Follow mode ive actually tilted the camera down a little bit, so you can see what i mean if i switch over to lock mode right now see that it will reset the camera to its original state. In these couple of seconds, where youre, switching between and setting up the shot, you might miss something. Hopefully this issue is something that can be fixed in a future firmware update. Another thing that i dont really like about this gimbal is the way you shoot with wide angle lens from my google pixel, 2 xl and ive got that mounted on my camera right now, when youre using these wider angle lenses, you will see this roll axis right Here in the back of the gimbal and youll, see it in your shot and im pretty sure with smartphones that have these wide angle, lenses built right into the camera.

This will certainly be a problem for them. Now the easiest solution would be to simply just tilt the gimbal down a little bit just to get this roll access out of the frame. But the solution only works in pam follow or vortex mode. If you try it in either the lock mode or the follow mode, its impossible to get rid of the roll axis out of the shot and itll always follow the gimbal, wherever it goes, so its always going to be constantly in your wide angle, shots. I would have loved to see this gimbal be designed the way a traditional dslr gimbal is where this acts as the rolexs is actually in the back of the camera, and that will solve any problems that you would have with wide angle. Lenses on your smartphone and the current design isnt the best suited for low angle shots if i actually try to go lower itll hit the back of this gimbal arm right here, and you can actually see that bump in the footage. And that means i would have to tilt down a little bit lower in order to straighten out the camera, which makes it just a little bit more inconvenient to use now. Something that they cant fix in a firmware update would be these four little indicator lights. To show you which mode that youre on youve got five different modes, but only four different indicator: lights, theyve, hidden the indicator for the vortex mode inside the pov mode.

I would have liked to see a fifth indicator light just for the vortex mode, but i think they were just trying to save space and they went with grouping with the pov indicator. Light youll know when youre in vortex mode, when the pov light is flashing. Like this and when your camera is facing up towards the sky now i wish that they had locking mechanisms for the gimbal arms right. Now only has this little sort of clipping action going on for just one of the axes. If i let go of this thing, you can see that it swings around like this, so i would have really liked to have seen locking mechanisms on the gimbal arms just like the weeble lab and the crane 3., but thats it. Those are my first impressions of this tiny little gimbal. The during smooth q2 is actually on kickstarter, and you can back this product and pre order it you can find a link down below in the description. My name is alex chung and ill.