Look. I absolutely adore the oneplus nord 2. sure the company in general is going in some odd directions through the the more firm merger with their sister or mother company oppo, depending on how it depends on how you look at it, which means that oxygen os is kind Of being like changed into something else entirely, and some of the like design decisions from oppo phones is now making their way into one plus phones. It is quite frankly difficult to say whether or not the stuff you love about oneplus potentially is going to stay. The same or remain the same um throughout the next couple of years for one, the oneplus 10 pro launched first in china. As far as i can tell a complete first for the company its out now in china. Instead of doing a global launch like they used to do for at least for, as far as i can remember, back like the six, the seven, the eight and the nine um at least we do get. We dont have the oneplus 10 pro. Yet, oddly enough, its even collaborated with hasselblad, which is a swedish camera company, but they launched it in china. Is it a complete, different thing, thats? Actually not what were talking about here, regardless of how you feel about oneplus. One thing you can say is the nor2 was just bang for the buck, really a good deal like an extremely capable phone, also thanks to their new deal with mediatek, who provided the soc for it.

Providing the blindingly fast speeds great reliability, clean software at a really competitive price point, just like the original nord did some years back. Now we really like the nord 2. I think we gave it a 10.. So now we find ourselves in the odd position of having to take a look at the nord two, but not the north. Two. This is the north to ce or the nord nord ce2, which is essentially just a nord greatest hits with a few small changes, but mainly what we have here is a new nord, a nord ce which still is really easy to recommend and very easy to love. So lets go over. Why, first of all, they claim that this is the slimmest, i think maybe one plus slimmest at 7.8 millimeters thin. It is absolutely tiny. It still retains the same basic um panel, which i think is great. So that means that its a 6.43 inch panel, what most people would describe as the absolute sweet spot for a phone panel size, and it retains again a lot of the stuff that you just love about a nord. So for one it comes with this, which is funny enough: the charger in the box, the full 60 watt, a 65 watt fast charging brick, is in the box. Is it called like the uh, the warp charging that you before, that you used to know from one plus phones of old? No now in a consolidated move, it is superbook like on oppo and its gone from usb type c to usb type, a to c.

Also really odd, but you get the charger on the box thats great. There is also obviously a lot of other big, like big retainers here, which a lot of people are going to appreciate. So a 45 milliamp hour battery, which is great and will probably last you those 1.5 to 2 hour two day in on a single charge. You get the mediatek 900 chipset um. As i said, the 6.43 inch um panel is a 90 hertz amoled display supporting hdr 10 plus and has a 409 ppi pixel density, which is nice, and it runs in 1080p, so thats 2400 by uh 1080, which was great on the original north and where nor2 And were expecting the same on the nord ce2 and it is also fit with gorilla glass. 5.. What we basically dont know as im recording this is whether or not they will seek a complete and true ip um water and dust certification rating um. Sometimes oneplus has chosen to get it in specific territories and sometimes theyve chosen not to go, get it instead, just really trying to hammer home the point or the consumer that they do have a water and dust resistant design, its just they havent paid extra to get It completely certified um. The wireless charging stuff is seemingly still missing, which is a shame. I would love to see a nord with wireless charging because its just something that ive incorporated into my life now um, but inside here we find, as i said, the uh, the mediatek 900 chipset, which is night, is coming with a mali g64 gpu.

So you really shouldnt expect any slowdowns or anything at least when we ran the original 2. It just ran flawlessly and is a great alternative to qualcomms near domination of android based smartphones, so that is really nice to see as well um. You also get some of the cool stuff again like a headphone jack. You have a headphone jack right there. You also have expandable storage up to one terabyte and two sim cards, which is great. You get wi fi, six, which a lot of people are being uh. Happy about 5g, which i dont think theres a lot of people that will be happy about you, get either six or eight gigs of ram. You get 128 gigs of storage and it weighs 173 grams. I think its quite light. I, like the around 200 grams, that its a bit more heft, and it just means that, like quite instinctively, you feel it to be more robust. This is on the lighter side um but yeah. As i said, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. A lot of people are going to be happy about that, as well as bluetooth 5.2. All of the things that we are happy about so in terms of these cameras here, there is actually three but were gon na discount the third one, because its not a three camera setup lets not kid ourselves. Here we have the full main 64 megapixel uh camera um, which is uh. Essentially the standard wide weve taken some shots of it using the original nord 2, and it actually looks rather nice.

Then you have this, which is a uh, an 8 megapixel ultra wide a we currently actually dont know how wide it is, but considering the size of the sensor im, hoping that it is that 118 to 120 degrees or true ultra wide. Instead of that 110 ultrawide that some manufacturers are trying to pawn off as a true ultrawide and it really really isnt um, the main sensor is using the sony, imax 471 um sensor array, so it is kind of a budget thing. But again we saw pretty well lit shots most of the time. Um theyve also really tried to add features and to adjust some of the sort of bokeh levels and color saturation and light gathering capabilities of the sensor compared to the nor2. So there is uh um enhanced nightscape photos portraits with bokeh flare filters. That kind of stuff oneplus is focusing more and more broadly on photography, which is great um. How well it pans out for the nord ce2 is very early, so we dont really know that yet um for now again, the discounted third lens there at the top is actually a 2 megapixel macro for macro shots, but as weve seen with the iphone, for instance, That can take macro shots using the standard wide or in some cases, the ultra wide. This is really so. They can just call it a triple camera setup and it really is useless. Its kind of like of having a black and white uh lens there to help with black and white shots its.

I think it was someone from android central. I cant quite recall that calls these kind of cameras sticker cameras, because you just slap them on there in order to market the phone as a triple camera phone when it really actively isnt. It can at least record 4k 30fps, which is great um, so hopefully youll get everything you want and more out of the nord ce2 for now its the oneplus proposition isnt it great panel speedy panel, not 120 hertz, but 90 hertz nice build a really fast charging, Which you get in the box, even though its now usb type a a nice and solid battery nice specifications all around and at a competitive price point well be able to tell you much more very soon about the nord ce2, so stay tuned for that. Thank you.