What we do here is to spec fresh and cool tech – note 11 pro by redmi and its time to make a thorough inspection of this brand new smartphone, which i believe follows the very same formula as redmi have been following in the past few years, namely over. As many features at the least possible price, which so far has been working really well, especially with the predecessors making redmi note 10 pro redmi note 9 pro one of the best selling smartphone switcher running android for the ears when they were released and its time to Check whether 11 pro would follow the same success formula in a nutshell: 108 megapixel camera very good well, at least in theory, processing units, a large battery with 67 watt, quick charging and tone of really great features. But can he live up to the expectations thats? Why were here competition its early to say, but definitely there will be a lot of motives that will try to steal from the glory of the series. Truth is that, with the choice for a chipset, redmi leave a lot of room for criticism. However, the nice surprise is the fact that the device arrives at slightly lower prices than the predecessor and, of course, were looking forward to seeing the motors in the same price segment from poco, realme and oneplus, so that we can get a good enough verdict. Lets unbox. This is how a standard pack of a mid range smartphone in 2022 looks like not too much different from 2021, which is a good thing, because we can still find some accessories inside.

There are three awesome colors of the phone that you can choose between and im in love with the blue option. So if you have the chance to buy it, go for it and well take a look at the black one here, theres the protective case. Some warranty terms and instructions and yeah usb cable and a charger. A 67 watts turbocharger, which is part of the box, a huge advantage as compared to samsung, who are clearly losing the battle in the mid range segment and rarely offering chargers as part of their smartphone packs. A fun fact for the record. Not only we have a 67 watt charger included as accessory, but it can charge the phone at around 50 higher rate than what galaxy s22 ultra provides. So the build is stunning fresh new design. I would say very unique: no, not really unique, because in in some ways it reminds me of the latest iphone series, but it looks like redmi are finally going their own way and the shapes are a lot different to last years model. In fact, the last years model is a lot glossier capturing a lot more fingerprints, while here we have something like frosted coverage feels grey still slippery, but this definitely feels a lot better and looks a lot better than the predecessor structure seems to be safe and sound. Good choice of materials – this still is a 3.5 millimeter connector sounds like we have everything that has been offered with the predecessor almost so lets.

Take a look at the tech specs 6.67 inch amoled display covered by gorilla glass, 5 snapdragon 695 system on a chip 6 or 8 gigabytes ram 64 or 128 gigs storage expandable through microsd slot 5000 milliamp hour battery 67 watt fast charging 108 megapixel main camera 8. Megapixel ultra wide camera and various connectivity options, including 5g. Of course, all that weighs 202 grams. It looks quite big. Most of the specs inside are really great and whatever redmi could upgrade in a meaningful way from last year. They did it, but still we have a lot of components which are the same as one year ago, same amount of ram and same type of ram, same amount of storage, same type of storage, with a remark gon na cover it in a moment, the same main Camera image sensor – this is the fantastic samsung hm2 makes fabulous photos and its still the same, but there is one thing that remy decided to opt for and its quite controversial thats the choice of system on a chip. Possibly they had to do it because of this years, qualcomm portfolio about snapdragons, so from 2021s 732, so 700 series we go down to snapdragon 695, so its kind of a step down and its true, the processor itself would show better performance, better results, the gpu its Also, a top better but heres a reason to think about uh model from 2021. That has a redmi note. 10 pro can record in 4k 30 frames per second same as redmi note 9 pro in here in terms of video maximum resolution is 1080p, not even 1080p.

60, just records 1080p 30 frames per second, which is kind of weird and a clear downgrade. But since we mentioned about the camera, lets take a look at the capabilities. Photos are as expected. Amazing main image sensor is the samsung hm2, which is the same as something used with some of their older galaxy flagships. So clearly, this has the potential to be one of the best smartphones for photos in 2022, no matter day or night. The phone is gon na capture amazing shots. There will be so many details in life that quality truly matches most of the flagships, if you dont trust my words heres a side by side comparison with the oneplus device that costs around three times more. The ultra wide camera is powered by a sony image sensor and it also takes some great shots. There is no dedicated telephoto module, but in daytime you can count on software zoom of the main image sensor. It is good enough for zooming three times even four types. Again, some side by side comparisons with the oneplus 9 pro come to show that the main sensor is class leading and three times more expensive flagship offers about the same amount of texture and details. Theres a big difference. However, when you review the photos of the phones themselves, the hdr display on the oneplus 9 pro just rocks when we have it side by side with the redmi note: 11 pro Music. As for video performance, this is indeed my major concern.

We only have 1080p without optical image stabilization, and i know the lack of 4k video recording wont affect too many people, because usually such a high resolution is used by professionals and enthusiasts. But the lack of 4k also means that we will have poor slow motion, which is a disappointment. Slow mo is always something nice to have 720p. Here is simply not good enough and its. Why im not happy with the choice of snapdragon 695, because it is the one to blame for all these drawbacks testing of the camera continues. That was a good opportunity to check on the microphone which im pretty certain is class, leading quality by the way, pretty good dynamic range on the front camera, because the sunshine is somewhere right behind me and we can still see a lot of details. Stabilized footage, which is yet another advantage, and probably a good moment to share with you that after all, the testing ive come to a conclusion that this is one of the best sounding smartphones ever nothing unusual for xiaomi, because you know that for 2021. The me 20 has been selected as the best sounding smartphone. I guess 2022 is gon na, be no different, because this redmi sounds great Music. If video performance is not among your top priorities, this phone kinda rocks with one major exception. Redmi note. 11. Pro keeps all the traditions from the predecessors, with the infrared blaster being in place, a stereo jack for wired headphones, a pretty large battery with amazing endurance and fast charging, which can beat most of the current flagships.

5G support also make its way to the spec sheet. As for performance, im gon na show you some gameplay and, as you cannotice, it is great. My favorite games run without any problems, and so do even some of the most graphics demanding titles from google play store, smooth animation and, i would say, the user interface performance is on par, even with the mi 11 ultra, which is remarkable even the much more affordable Price tag and the hardware used the major exception i mentioned about a moment ago from dual sim slot with dedicated micro sd. Let me switch to a hybrid slot, so youre gon na either have a second sim or extra memory. The display is also upgraded. Substantial improvement over last years model and it supports hertz, refresh rate, which is of course great for gamers software wise here we can see maybe the biggest step forward. Xiaomi miui skin for android is now version 13.. There has been a significant performance boost with 12.5 already and now, 13 feels even better than that, but still android 11 based, hopefully were going to see android 12 sooner or later, and this snappiness kind of makes me think i could go back to miui a daily Driver 2021 has been a troubled year for xiaomi about software, and i know from experience that such challenges usually make vendors stronger being similar with samsung few years back and now, theyve just announced even longer support time frames for their devices Music.

So, in the end, if 5g super quick charging, this fresh and great looking design, fantastic photos and snappy performance are among your top priorities, then clearly our redmi note 11 pro has a lot to offer in terms of value, but i dont really think its a true Upgrade from last years, redmi note 10 pro because lets face it. There still are not enough places with well developed 5g, probably except a few countries, and in terms of performance, its just a little bit better than the predecessor for those of you who really value 4k. Video, then, you clearly have to choose the redmi note, 10 pro or another phone with better video processing, so its a bit controversial. Is it the end of an era i dont really know? Possibly, the only way to find out is to wait until the next 12th generation. I guess thats been everything about this episode. I guess there is a lot to talk about and to think about so be invited. Comment section is down below and let me know what you think about this new redmi note member. Is it a hit? Is it a miss controversial? Could they have gone for another cheap set? Anything, you have to say is more than welcome and, as usual, its been a lot of fun to have you around in the past few minutes and hopefully its been likewise, and you enjoyed the video as well uh, more information about the products and the link to Buy it in the description and, as usual, its been a great pleasure im michael.