Much like the older galaxy note series samsung have given us the best of both worlds with this device, the beautiful camera and performance of an s series device with the versatility and the productivity of the note series. The s pen feels better than ever. Its super lightweight has pressure sensitivity to it and the lowest latency weve ever seen of 2.8 milliseconds. If youve used a note series before this feels just like that, only better whether youre sketching taking notes or using it for editing, it feels brilliant. The s pen can also be stored within the phone, just like with the note series, without any compromise on the phones build and the battery size, which brings me to the design on it. This has the exact same feel and look as the older note, 2s. Very different from the s21 ultra having a much boxier and sharp edged body, its very squared out with sharper edges and has the camera bumps a little more exposed because of the lack of that camera. Housing weve got the s pen, slot bottom facing speaker, type c and sim card slot all at the bottom. Because of these sharp edges, though long hours of gaming can tire out your palms due to the pointy edges, so thats, something to keep in mind if you have smaller hands, if youre wondering about the wobble, when you set it down on the table surface, it only Wobbles on the bottom right corner, if you put the s pen down there or touch it down there with that being said, though, this phone feels great.

The finish at the back is very smooth and gripping. The phone feels great as well very premium finish and built now moving on to one of my favorite things on this, the display, i said it over on our tick tock earlier ill say it again. This is the best smartphone display, ive used so far. Samsung already makes the best displays, and this one just improves on that. Even more, you get a dynamic amoled 2x 1440p display with 120 hertz of refresh rate. This display supports hdr 10 plus has a pixel density of 500 ppi and the highest peak brightness weve ever seen of 1750 nits in direct sunlight. The phone looks as good as it does indoors very sharp, clear, crisp and detailed. I dont need to elaborate much on this. The display is definitely a top feature on this device. Now youd expect that to drain the battery, but not really with a new display, it can drop the refresh rate all the way from 120 hertz down to 1 hertz to conserve the battery weve also got an under display fingerprint sensor, which is pretty quick and secure Works very accurately as well. That brings me to the performance if it wasnt obvious. This phone is an absolute beast when it comes to the performance. The s92 ultra here in malaysia comes with the snapdragon 8 gen, 1 4 nanometer processor, with either 8gb of ram or 12gb of ram. This is the most powerful chip on any device weve seen so far.

Now, as an everyday user, you cant really tell the difference at least i wasnt able to with just a few days of using it. But the numbers speak for themselves, a quick benchmark test and this completely destroys the other devices by a long shot. Im curious to know what efficiency is like on this when it comes to battery drain and heating up, but so far it looks great gaming on this, as expected feels amazing, i played call of duty mobile as usual, and this gave me the max graphics plus max Frame rate without even breaking a sweat coupling that, with the incredibly strong processor, the 120 hertz of refresh rate faster thought, sampling rate. This is basically a mini console. Next up weve got the big one: the camera, the s3 ultra, comes with a quad camera setup. We get a 12 megapixel, f, 2.2 ultra wide angle, camera 108, megapixel, f, 1.8 main shooter, 10, megapixel, f, 4.9 periscope telephoto, lens 10, megapixel, f, 2.4, 70, millimeter, telephoto lens the front. Camera is a 40 megapixel. F 2.2. Here are a few image samples for you. Guys samsung has always been great with their processing. Usually it was very vibrant and sharp, and this time around theyve just perfected, the edge separation and detection, the overall processing performance and the camera significantly to make it a lot more balanced and consistent. Of course, we still have that incredible zoom carried forward as well, this time giving you more detail when you zoom in digitally both the front and back camera can do 4k at 60fps.

The back camera can also do 8k at 24 fps. Here we have the back camera recording in 4k at 30, fps stabilization looks absolutely brilliant. Hdr sharpness, contrast, colors everything looks absolutely awesome on this. This is the front camera video recording test. The front camera goes up to 4k at 60fps, while the back camera has 8k at 24fps. But currently this is what the front camera looks like. Take a look at the hdr. The sharpness lets go into harsh sunlight and take a look at how it reacts to the hdr. There you go looks absolutely brilliant. The exposure is so perfect. Theres, no issues whatsoever for the exposure at all the back camera is also capable of recording hdr, 10 plus content. Video looks great with nice, color reproduction, great exposure control and hdr and crazy stabilization. Now nitography is something they pushed on a lot during the unpacked event. So im gon na do an entire video, probably dedicated to that just using this phone at night. Next we have the battery performance ill, be honest. I havent had this device for long enough to give you a comprehensive and conclusive idea about what the battery will be. Like long term, but with that being said, we get a pretty large 5000mah battery that supports 45 watts in fast charging. This time, thats just the hardware side, but internally samsung has made some pretty big improvements on the power efficiency. Now, the box again this time is the slim box to protect the environment.

That doesnt include the chart. But if you choose to pre order the device on the website right now and use the promo code, gs22 vip, ppn thats our exclusive promo code, you can get a 45 watt super fast charger for free with your purchase. Now the phone learns your usage pattern and adjusts various parameters based on that to give you the longest battery life and usage possible. So this is something i have to test further down the line after the phone has understood my usage pattern ill. Keep you guys updated on that ties into the software and ui of the s22 ultra the s3 ultra comes with one ui 4.1, based on android 12.. Over the past few years, ive really come to enjoy the one ui, and this is definitely the best and most refined version of it. Subtle improvements have been made that make this phone a lot more fluid. They also give you more customization to make the phone feel more like its yours, with a selection of color palettes to match your wallpaper, improving the widgets and overall feel of the device coupling that, with the edge display s pen support. It really feels like the perfect hybrid, between an s series device and a productivity heavy note series device. All in all, i think this is a brilliant device for those looking to step up their productivity game with the s pen, while having possibly the best display brilliant camera system and a powerhouse processor samsung actually has incredible sales going on right now, if you choose to Pre order, the device you can get a bunch of accessories for free and if you use our promo code that i mentioned earlier, the gs22 vip and on checkout you can get a 45 watt super fast charger for free with your purchase.

So thats pretty much. It really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to check us out on tick.