It comes standard with 8 gigabyte of ram that can be expanded to 12 gigabytes of ram wow. I mean just look at it. The vivo v23e is a beautiful slim smartphone, its packing some really interesting features, and in this video im going to share with you what is awesome about this smartphone and what is not so lets get started now. The vivo v23e comes in two versions: the 4g and the 5g variant. If 5g isnt written on the box like this one, its most likely, the 4g version opening it up. The first thing youre going to see is the smartphone. The color i have here is called sunshinecoast and it also comes in moonlight shadow at 172 grams. This is one of the lightest medium smartphones i have ever held and its also slim back to the box. It comes the same ejector tool, warranty card silicon case, earphones, a 3.5 mm audio jack to usb type c adapter, a usb type c cable and a 44 watts fast charger for the charging time. For my test, the 44 watts fast charger charged this smartphone from zero to 100 in one hour. Six minutes, which is fast now lets talk about the build quality and man. This smartphone is slim its an easy smartphone to hold its lightweight and it doesnt attract fingerprints, which is awesome. Now the real of this smartphone is made from glass. The sides are made from plastic and the front doesnt have corning gorilla.

Glass protection is the vivo v23e water resistant. Well, no, but i have dipped this smartphone inside water and it survived. Please guys, do not try this at home. Now. Moving to the external features, the vivo v23e comes with two microphones, one is at the top. While the order is at the bottom, it has a hybrid sim card and memory card tray, which means you can either use two sim cards or one sim card and a memory card. It has a usb type c port and a mono speaker on the right side is where the volume keys and power button are located. Now, if youre wondering where the fingerprint scanner on this smartphone is located well its located on the display and just like the vivo v21, the fingerprint scanner on this smartphone is accurate and extremely fast. The face unlock feature is also present and it works in the dark. Switching to the red, the vivo v23e comes with three cameras: a 64 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera theres. Also a flash led light by the side of the cameras. Moving to the front. It comes with a 50 megapixel selfie camera inside that ancient looking notch in 2022. This looks old school, but it does take amazing pictures and monday to come when we get to the camera section of this video for the display. The vivo v23e has a 6.44 inch amoled panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels, its a full hd plus display with a 20×9 aspect ratio and its very sharp and contrasty.

For the sad part, the refresh rate on this beautiful display is 60 heads, and this breaks my heart because there are cheaper smartphones in the market that come with a 90 head refresh rate using the smartphone outdoors. On that direct sunlight is good. When i measured the brightness, i got a reading of 890 nits and this makes it a very bright display for a budget smartphone for consuming media on youtube. Netflix. The display is quite good. The colors pop contrast is good. The size of the screen and the weight of this smartphone makes it an easy smartphone to hold for long hours, but the lack of dual stereo speakers hinders. The experience for me now lets talk about the performance on this smartphone. The vivo v23e comes with a mediatek helio g96 chipset, its a 12 nanometer processor and its fast with this processor. The vivo v23e offers smooth sustained high performance faster upload time and reliable mobile connection. The vivo v23e also comes with 8 gigabytes of ram that can be expanded to 12 gigabyte of ram, and this allows it to retain a lot of applications. In the background i was able to open all the applications installed on this smartphone and they didnt reload. One of them now thats impressive. For gaming, it has an ultra game mode where you can increase the performance. Take screenshots or block calls from interrupting your gameplay, the gpu onboard. This smartphone is the mali g57 and it played pubg on hd, graphics and high frame rate, which is what most budget smartphones run the game ads for call of duty.

The vivo v23e play the game at medium, graphics and high frame rates. Now, looking at the graphics settings of pubg and call of duty, the vivo v23a isnt, a gaming smartphone, i mean it can play games. But if im going for a gaming competition, i wouldnt pick. This smartphone now lets talk about the cameras the front facing camera. On the vivo, v23e is a 15 megapixel shooter and, as you can see, it takes detailed pictures. The skin tones produced by the front facing camera is pleasing guys. I really love the pictures. The smartphone captures photoshop looks very good now for places where there isnt enough light. Pictures captured are average, but overall, i think the front facing camera on this smartphone is very, very good whats up guys so heres a video from the front facing camera of the vivo v23e. It shoots an internet, p, 30 frames per second. And what do you guys think about the video quality and the audio quality coming out from the 50 megapixel front facing camera? Okay, the front facing camera has a feature called steady face, so let me just run and see how well does in stabilizing footage um doesnt. Look bad, it doesnt look bad considering i was just jogging so yeah. This is steady, face on the vivo v23e. Now moving to the rear camera. The 64 megapixel main camera takes good pictures as well. The photos look contrasty and sharp the 8 megapixel ultra white camera.

Doesnt do a good job and the photos are not sharp when you zoom in for the third camera, which is the macro camera. If you know what youre doing it can take very good pictures, but for the average person photos are going to look like this now, video on the rear, camera isnt great – hopefully a software update would improve this so right now, im using the red camera of the Vivo v23e: how does the video quality wasnt that good, so right now im standing in front of a big lightsaber? So how does the video quality compare? Is it better? Let me know, in the comment section below john say hello, to youtube Laughter, so guys. What do you guys think about the video quality coming up from the red camera of the vivo? V23 is shooting in 1080p 30 frames per second highest. The video quality is the audio quality. Has the handle dynamic range yeah? So let me know what you guys think about this quality. In the comment section below for the battery, the vivo v23e comes with a 4050 milliamp battery, and i know what youre thinking the battery size is too small, but vivo smartphones are well optimized and youll be shocked. How many hours you can get from that small battery. For my usage, i got around six hours screening on time with this smartphone and in my books, thats decent, because im, a heavy user charging, the smartphone is really fast.

It took the 44 watts fast charger, one hour, six minutes to charge the smartphone from zero to 100 and in the smartphone world. Thats fast and now lets talk about the price. The vivo v23e goes for 159, 900, naira or 280 dollars and thats expensive for the positives. The build quality is great, the display quality is awesome. The front facing camera takes amazing pictures multitasking on this, smartphone is top class, and the charging time on this smartphone is really really fast for the negatives. Well, the price for one is a bit high. The refresh rate is at 60 heads, it doesnt have stereo speakers, and the notch in 2022 looks outdated, so guys weve come to the end of this video. Thank you for watching hit the like button.