So in this, video were going to run through my top picks from all the cheap gear that we tested and what i think is the ultimate budget. Smartphone video rig right now now really quickly. I do want you to know that you dont need to have all of this stuff. You can get great results with just your smartphone ill. Have a video at the end of this one to help you with that. But all of this stuff here is designed to help you level up your videos, but you dont need all of it. You can start with what you have right now. So the first item is a mini tripod and this one is the iographer flexible, mini tripod. So this is going to be great if youre, creating videos on the go where you want to walk around with your phone or if you want to set your phone up on a desk or on a table or anything. This thing is going to be great. Now the legs are flexible or bendable, meaning that you can use it to really adjust how you want the camera to be, or you can even use it to get creative and get different angles. You can wrap this around the pole or around a tree and the legs themselves being rubber are going to grip on to most surfaces, its got a great little ball head on the top, with a standard tripod thread and in the box you get two mounts with It as well, one of them, is for a gopro, so you can easily attach your gopro onto here.

The other is for a smartphone, and while the smartphone mount isnt bad and its awesome that its included theres, a better recommendation, ive got for you coming up really soon. Probably the biggest downside for me with this tripod is just the way that the legs come out and lock into position its a little janky, its a little clunky but overall for the price. Its pretty awesome. Now, if youre after something a little bit bigger a full size, tripod then thats, where this one, the torjem 67 inch tripod, is our top pick. It currently sells for around 38 and while it definitely feels cheap its really not that bad, while a lot of its plastic, the legs themselves are aluminium or aluminum and its got a quick release mount on the top of it. It comes with a carry bag. It also has a bluetooth, remote perfect for filming with your phone, so that you can start and stop your recording remotely. It packs down really small, so its good to travel with and its really fast to set up. This tripod also comes with a smartphone holder as well thats, really not too bad. Yes, it feels overly plastic and cheap, but hey its going to hold your phone itll hold it in both portrait and landscape. It stretches out pretty wide meaning that you can use it with a lot of the bigger phones, and it actually has the ability to lay the phone down flat, meaning that, if you want to set this up as a top down camera shot, then you can do It with this mount, but while its got that feature, i still think its, not as good as the next phone mount im about to share with you, but overall for a cheap tripod at that price, its pretty good value.

The next item on the list is the smartphone holder. This ones got a really simple catchy name: its called the universal smartphone cell phone mount adapter for tripods just rolls off the tongue. This thing sells for 9.99 and yes, it again feels pretty cheap and plasticky, but it does a good job of holding your phone in either portrait or landscape, or you can actually lock it down in between the two as well. Now, one of the biggest reasons i like this mouth is because of the locking mechanism and how it holds your phone in place, its a screw thread like a clamp where youre winding it down to adjust the tightness of the grip theres. Also two tripod threads on here, so, depending on how youre mounting this, you can have an additional one to mount other accessories like a microphone or a light as well and speaking of lights, great segue justin. It brings us to our next item, which is a portable led light. This one currently sells between 9.99 and around 15 and its the ulansi ubrite ive, actually seen this exact same light sold under different names and different brands on amazon. But the light itself has a built in battery which is rated to two hours. It charges with a usbc cable and you can actually use it while its charging as well. All the controls are on the back. Youve got a battery level indicator. You can adjust the brightness up and down, and you can also adjust the color temperature from a more cool light over to warm as well.

But the other thing i really like about this light is the mounting options. Its got a cold shoe mount on the bottom. It also has the standard tripod thread, so you can mount this directly on top of your camera or, on top of a tripod. Youve got a lot of options, but theres. Also three other cold shoe mounts on this as well, two on the sides and one on the top. So again, depending on your videos and the rig youre looking to build out, you can use this light to help mount more accessories. Next up is microphones and ive. Actually got two options here: for you, the first one is a wired, lavalier or wired lapel microphone the boya by m1. Now this is a microphone that ive spoken about a lot on this channel im a big fan of this, considering the price of between 9.99 and around 15, it seems to jump around a lot. This microphone definitely packs a punch, its actually something that we used on this channel for a lot of the earlier videos as well. Its got a crazy long, cable allowing you get creative and move further away from your phone, and it supports both trs and trrs connections, meaning that you can use it with your phone with your camera, with most computers as well. Obviously, with your phone, if you dont have a headphone jack, you will need to use a lightning or usb c2 headphone jack adapter as well to make this work, but theres literally a little switch on the microphone where you just choose what device youre plugging it into This is what the boya by m1 wired microphone sounds like, comparing that to the built in one in the phone, you can see theres a big difference now, if youre looking at this microphone, youre thinking it looks good and it might fit what youre doing, but you Dont need a cable that long, this one actually outperforms a lot of the other ones, with shorter cables, so id just say to roll the cable up.

Stick it in your pocket, get it out of the way and still use this microphone over a lot of the other ones that we have tested. But the other thing to be aware of is, if you are going to use this with an actual camera, it does require a battery which it comes with, but there is no battery level indicator, so theres no way to see if its fully charged or if its Nearly flat – and it is a little annoying so if you are going to use this a lot for a lot of your videos again with a camera with a smartphone, you dont need to put a battery in then its a good idea to have some spare batteries On standby, in case it drops out while youre recording and the second type of microphone, then, is a mini shotgun microphone. Our top pick right now is the boya b y m m, one so very similar name. This one is currently selling for just under thirty dollars and just like the other microphone, this one also works with trs and trrs connections and actually comes with cables for both. So you can use it on smartphones with that headphone jack adapter on cameras and in most computers too. So this is going to be a great microphone if youre going to be fairly close to it, where you dont, want to be tied or directly connected to the camera, as you are, with a wired lapel microphone now for a quick comparison.

This is what the boya bym m1 microphone sounds like compared to the built in microphone in the phone. So the next item or accessory really in this case, is a hot shoe extension bar, really its a cold shoe extension bar. So what this is designed to do is to mount on top of your cameras, where you can mount say a light on one side and a microphone on the other, but it doesnt just have to be used like that. This ones got a tripod thread on the bottom, meaning you can directly connect it onto a tripod, so that youve got two mounts. Then one for your phone, one for say a microphone or a light. So its really easy to start to build out a video rig using adapters, and things like this now previously weve been able to buy these for around eight dollars, but the cheapest one that we could find to make. This video was actually around 16 to 17. So again well have links to all of this stuff in the description and well swap out our link once the cheaper ones become available again. So that brings us to the last item, which is a clip on wide angle, lens adapter. So what this does, is you slide it over your phone camera lens and then, when youre, creating your videos its going to allow you to capture so much more now. Yes, some of the latest phones already have built in wide angle lenses, but most of the phones out there dont have that or some of the phones that do have it theyre, actually lowering the quality and the amount of light coming in.

If you are using that wide angle lens instead of the primary lens on that phone, so even if your phone does already have one built in you might find that you get better results using one like this. So this one is the techo brand and it is a 0.45 times super wide angle, lens adapter, but its also a 12.5 times super macro lens as well. So if you want to create really close up photos or videos, then you can use the macro part of this too. Now what i really liked about this one versus a lot of the other ones that we tested is that this one will work with most phones. Given its size, but also it really didnt, distort the image too much around the edges. So those are our top recommendations for cheap smartphone gear. Right now and again, you definitely dont need everything depending on the types of videos youre making and your skill set and budget. You can really build out the best smartphone filming rig for you using some of this stuff. So if you wanted something portable to pick up and to walk around, this is what it could look like. This will also work if you just want something small to sit on your desk, but again have all of this stuff included, or you could easily rig it all up on the standing tripod too again its going to come down to you and to your needs.

So now that youve got the gear sorted. If you want to learn how you can create the best videos, with your iphone and android device check out the videos that are linked on screen.