Most of my time, because of the bad weather today in this video, yes, the smartphones, the smartphones – are part of our life. In fact, theyve become part of our body. We cannot live without them. So in this video today, im going to talk about the doji v20 dual 5g, the ultimate flagship, rugged phone from doogee – and they say that it will be released in five days, its not been released. So, are we gon na just look at the screen and talk about that check this out the ultimate 5g rugged phone from doogee? The doogee v20 is right here now in most of these kind of phone videos, or you see someone throwing a box on the table tearing it tearing the seals apart and taking the phone out and click click, click, click and thats done well. Im not gon na. Do that im gon na bring this camera closer to doogee v20. Show you everything, nice and clearly talk about these features and also talk about my personal feelings, so im going to keep this video a very straightforward and show you as much as possible about this phone. Not just something in one minute tearing apart the box and unboxing only so lets get to work right away. All right lets take a closer look at the doogee v20 and talk about its features at the same time now this is the dual 5g rugged phone from doogee v20 and yes, notice notice this.

When i flip the phone notice that there is another screen that actually turns on so it does have a second screen right here makes a dual screen phone, and this little screen shows you very basic and necessary information like time day date and battery level. Also, you can use this to answer or refuse the calls and play and control your music. If you want to talk about the rare display when you go to the settings on do gv20, you have a rare display settings right here and you want to click it and youre going to go to the theme, and you will see that there are multiple themes. Right here uh, so you have this clock. You know like a classic one. I have a blue one. I like it, i like the red one as well, and then you know the sideways as well like horizontal. If you want to keep it that way and also do notice for those who, like nfc when you go to the hot spot and tethering uc nfc option is also available. Bluetooth, tethering, ethernet, tethering, usb tethering all is available. Even the android beam is available in this one next thing that you see is a 64 megapixel triple ai camera. Next, to this little screen a flashlight and also this camera can shoot night vision photos. It has a night vision. Yes, so you can get night vision, photos in black and white and video in black and white, which is only 720p.

The standard video shot with this camera is up to 2k resolution and the pictures are taken in 4, 3 ratio, not 16 by 9 ratio. So if youre looking for 16 by 9 ratio pictures, this is not the phone for you, so we have a second screen right here. We have a 6.4 inch hole, punch display very immersive, very nice, clear display, look at that man. This is beautiful and very, very responsive screen very responsive screen. Okay, so this is 6.4 inches screen. Then, at the back side, as you have seen, this is 1.05 inch, rear, mini display, okay and uh. When i were talking about the night version, camera thats, a 20 megapixel night vision camera the amoled screen that you see right here – has 2400x 1080 uh resolution on the screen right here i would say this looks really nice and clean a very, very responsive screen. I actually have no issues using this screen and im very, very familiar with this android, yes, by the way, its running an android 11 system on this. Now, when we talk about the build of the phone, they claim that this is the military grade. Carbon fiber, the v20, is really sorry. I dropped. The v20 is really tough, durable dust proof, waterproof wear resistant, i mean you name it. They claim it. I look at that cross pattern design. I actually like the carbon fiber, looks on this one and military grade or not im, not sure, but we do have aluminum uh part right here.

Then, at this side we have a button. Well talk about that. The phone is available in phantom gray night, black and wine red colors. I believe i have the night black carbon fiber finish, and i simply like it man now when we talk about the battery in this phone is six thousand milliamp battery, which offers 28 hours of calling 18 days of standby time and two to three days of normal Use huh thats, actually a bold claim we got ta put it to test phone, has 8 gb ram and 256 gigs of rom. So you have a plenty of storage right here and also with lp ddr4x super fast ram. They claim the v20 can actually run games at high resolution without any issues. So i have one game right here: war tortoise which im gon na run right away. It actually takes a lot of processing power, this game on my other phones and makes them warm, but lets say how well it will play on doogee v20. No thanks! I dont want to watch video look at that its actually playing at a very smooth range. So yes, the phone does have enough processing power to play games at higher resolution or the games which are really demanding on the hardware. You can play those games on this phone without any issues. Now let me give you a very very closer look. So we have a screen. We talked about that theres a little camera right here for you to take selfie pictures and, to be honest, it actually takes very nice pictures and videos from the front.

If i compare those videos from my oneplus 7t front camera, i would say the doogee v20 front. Camera takes better pictures and better videos, but when it comes to the rear, camera, oneplus 7t wins when it comes to the rear camera, because it has better quality. However, is still im gon na show you some pictures and videos that ive taken with this 64 megapixel ai camera on this phone, and you can decide all by yourself: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. Now, at the right side of the phone you have buttons to increase and decrease the volume you have the on off button, which is a fingerprint sensor as well, very nice. You would appreciate it. I have recorded almost all my fingers on this, including the middle one. So i can actually turn the phone on by the middle finger. At the left side, we have a custom key that you can customize and assign some things on it. Then we have this little slot right here, where you will insert your 5g card. Okay phone card uh at the bottom right here we have lanyard holes and then uh usb. Ah, this one is really difficult to open you. You might break your nail trying to open it. Trust me its really hard, and this one is for you to charge the phone of course look at that you can charge the phone with usbc right here. We also have a microphone. Okay, and the speaker system is quite good on this one.

You can play music and enjoy music um listening to music using this phone. The speakerphone is really really nice and good. So, overall i would say this is really nice. I just like to throw it around. Overall, i would say: doogee v20 is looking really nice and sweet okay and having to have dual screens. Look at that. You know a lot of people like yesterday. One of my friends saw it so wow you have a screen on the back side, man, which phone is that i said doogee v20 bro. This is the newest dude v20 and he actually loves this one. He said: look at that rugged. Nice screen triple ai camera and dual screen wow well theres a lot more to talk about this phone. We will skip that im gon na go and talk about ruggedness of this phone. Now all right. Welcome to my face and now lets talk about the ruggedness of this phone, the doogee v20 as a rugged phone. They have claimed already that you can drop it. You can put it under water. You know in extreme conditions and extreme temperatures, dust and stuff like that. You can still use it, but how rugged it is. I was asked by the person who actually arranged the phone for the review and he says what, if you dropped it from a drone from an altitude of 50 meters. I said i would love to do that, but, honestly speaking, i would say this will break now.

Lets take a look at the doogee s95 pro. What i liked about this phone was that the corners right here are raised and they often protect the screen when the phone is dropping by hitting the corners first or hitting the face down. First, those corners are missing from this phone and, to be honest, if you drop the doogee v20 straight, somehow you get lucky to drop and hitting is straight, not corners. Just a straight screen down theres nothing raised that will touch the screen im, not talking about the scenario where theres something on the floor which is raised and the screen touches directly. No, if theres smooth surface and the phone drops straight on the screen, because you dont have those side things somewhere, there are chances. Things will go wrong. Also, i wonder without those corners if the phone drops down hitting the corner, what would happen? Well, we will need to do some drop tests on this phone. Obviously, these phones are not designed for you to drop from. You know higher altitude, its just normal when youre using your phone. If you happen to drop it, it will surely take that drop underwater theres, not a problem under dust and dirt is not a problem under extreme weather conditions and temperatures is not a problem for this phone, but when it comes to dropping, you might want to be Careful dropping this phone, i really want to drop it like you know, throw it on the ground, but its not advisable anyway.

Thank you very much for watching this video. I believe this is enough. Talk about the doogee v20. If you like, this phone well go ahead and check out the site, links are in video description and if you want to pre order, go ahead and have fun with the pre orders, stay tuned for more videos. Coming on my channel give this video a big thumb up and dont forget to subscribe and hit that little bell icon and stay updated for all the upcoming uploads. I believe im gon na give away the doogee s95 pro very very soon and, of course, the doogee wii 20. Also gon na go on give away so stay tuned for upcoming videos. Come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there. I know you can do it. Oh while you are at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.