Ive been using this phone for about eight days and its time for the truth, starting with the unboxing. I just have to mention this its so so nice to see the old unboxing experience. We actually get a 67 watt crazy, fast charger right out of the box, with the usb usbc cable, a clear case and a screen protector, definitely a plus value, especially considering the price which, by the way, is 329 and once again, as expected. Xiaomi over delivered in terms of specs its an impressive list of specs as always, but this time they paid more attention to things like the design. This right now is my favorite budget, smartphone design. I absolutely love the boxy size, probably more than an average person. It actually feels really good in hand. Weve got gorilla glass, 5 on the back with matte finish. We even get headphone jack and ir blaster along with stereo speakers, and the whole design is ip53 splash resistant. We still have a side pigment scanner, which i actually prefer over a in display optical scanner. I got ta say this. New boxy design is by far my second best favorite feature about this phone, because the first one is. It definitely is battery and fast charging speed, which is 67 watts. You can get about 50 battery in just 15 minutes, which is crazy and not to forget that 5 000 millibar battery promises a comfortable day plus usage without breaking a sweat im, really glad that they included this 67 watt, brick for free inside the box and not Sold it separately now display wise once again its a bright amoled.

120 hertz screen with 360 hertz touch sampling rate 6.7 inch in size punch hole in the center, a pretty bright colorful screen with a peak brightness of 1200 nits. I was really curious to see if it can keep its smoothness consistently throughout the usage and im happy to report that there were no issues. The chipset inside is the most efficient chip we have ever seen in a redmi phone, so its a six nanometer snapdragon 695 processor, its a balance of efficiency and decent performance ive been able to play all the games with no lag on medium to high settings with 30 plus fps, it does get a little hard to the touch when you do prolonged gaming sessions, but it didnt really affect the performance of the game, its not a huge step up from the previous generation, but its a good one and its also efficient. Now, out of the box, this phone is running android 11, but as of now, xiaomi is rolling out the android 12 update. So you dont have to worry about the latest version. Now miui looks pretty fresh. A lot of people like this look personally im, not a big fan of his ios inspired appearance, but i do like some elements of this software ui. Also, you do get bloatware applications which you can uninstall, so its not an issue at this point, its just a trade off for that super, affordable price now lets talk about the cameras.

We have the 108 megabytes samsung hm2 sensor on this thing, its actually the same sensor as the last years model and thats, not a bad thing, because its still a pretty good sensor for this price. You can totally depend on this main camera to perform in almost all kind of situations, especially the night mode. Now i wish they upgraded the ultra wide angle lens its still coming at eight megapixels, which is kind of soft in tough lighting scenarios. I mostly stick to the main lens. For the most part, we also have a 2 megapixel macro lens, which is slight downgrade from the previous generation, and it still produces usable images and good lighting, but nothing more than that. On the front. We have a 16 megapixel sensor, which is another area where i wish they did some upgrade overall. Considering the super affordable price of this phone, i think it still got a pretty good camera experience, so whats the verdict. Well, the redmi note 11. Pro 5g is once again a solid budget phone, possibly the budget phone of the year. I think it was pretty hard to top last years model considering how good it was value wise, but i still felt that the design language needed to be said which they did with the new redmi note 11 pro. It feels extra premium in hand thanks to those boxy sides, crazy battery life and amazing, fast charging plus 5g ready experience for ultra fast internet performance, which is of course great for longevity.

For me, this is definitely the peak of how good a redmi phone can be as of now with the current price. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.