6 inches versus 6.1 inches. You get the same features you get the same camera slightly different battery capacity because less space for a battery on the smaller one. So you can generalize to the smaller model which samsung didnt send us this time around as a review loader. So i guess you could say it was the best of times it was the worst of times, but the thing is its really. Neither you see because, yes, this is a fairly iterative upgrade last year. They did a big redesign of the phone and did some nice stuff with it. So this is more incremental, so its not really the worst of times either. Is it, but if youre, somebody with an s21 and youre thinking about upgrading to an s22 or s22 plus youre, not changing sizes, maybe less of a point now going to the ultra, which we have a first look review. You can check out well have a full review coming soon. Then there are certainly more differences, but back to this one right here, so the middle child. In fact, at times, was my favorite, the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra. They tried to go big with the cameras and they didnt really succeed. So i personally went with a s20 plus at that point, because you get that kind of big screen but easier to hold and most all of the features is this still. The case now were going to find out first in his favor versus quite a few other phones on the market.

Android phones is the fact that you get straight size again, no curved glass, a lot of people like that and its as pretty as ever. You still get the camera outline over here. I think it looks nice and there are a variety of nice looking colors its gorilla glass, victus plus front and back with an aluminum frame and some recycled fishnets inside to be environmentally woke. I guess so. Thats all nice – and you know, of course we dont always see our phone because of cases, but sometimes you can. Of course the phones actually come in attractive calls. You want to see which leads to our video sponsor esr and their clear cases. They make both standing cases with a metal kickstand and just straight clear cases. The kickstand one is my favorite, its a u.s patented kickstand, and it has three different positions: portrait, landscape and then a zero to sixty degree adjustable angle. They also reinforce corners for strong bump protection and the clear case is anti. Yellow and ive actually been using esr cases for several years now and in fact, they really dont yellow as much as the average clear case, its quite thin at 1.5, millimeters thick, but hey its still protective and has the same bumper guard protection. And lastly, they have protection for your lenses too, and these are tempered glass very thin. So, ideally, they wont mess with the clarity that you get from using the cameras both available for the five lens configuration and the three lens configuration for the non ultra models.

So be sure to check out the link in the description to get 15 off or just go to amazon search for esr samsung galaxy s22 case now back to our video all right. So we know that its a pretty looking piece. What about whats inside we have the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1, which is the latest and greatest flagship cpu that replaces the snapdragon 88 and if youre outside of the united states and china, then you get samsungs own exynos 2200, which is a four nanometer cpu. Just like the snapdragon, i hear it this year, its more competitive. I know the last couple of generations havent been as exciting for exos, but it sounds like its good. You get eight gigs of ram and your choice of 128 or 256 gigs of storage. If you need more than that, youre looking at the ultra or some other brand of phone that offers more storage, the pricing is 7.99 starting price for the s22 and 9.99 for the s22 plus. So these are not cheap phones, but despite inflation and everything else at least theyre not more expensive than last years models. As you come to expect from samsung, you get a lovely amoled display, which now is called dynamic, amoled 2x or whatever its a full hd plus resolution 120 hertz variable refresh display variable refresh doesnt go as low at the refresh speed which can save you. You know some battery life if youre just staring at a static screen.

Theres no reason to have it refresh 120 times right, but you can go 48 hertz to 120 hertz, not bad subjectively. Looking its a gorgeous display with the usual normal setting or vivid mode setting its hard to resist vivid mode, it doesnt make the colors look garish, it looks awful pretty. There is no s pen here its not supported theres, no digitizer layer to support the pen. So if you do want an s pen, it is the ultra model. For you, the cameras on the back hardware wise, are largely the same as last generation, samsung reworked the back cameras a bit now the telephoto isnt the highest resolution. The main camera is and thats a 50 megapixel main camera. You have a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 10 megapixel 3x optical telephoto. So not a bad collection and pretty much matching other phones in this price range. In terms of the selection of cameras that you get in terms of the quality differences versus last generation, despite the increased megapixel rating for the main camera, i honestly dont see a huge difference between this and the last generation s21 plus now theyre. Fine cameras are some of the the better cameras that are on the market today, so it doesnt mean its bad, but again upgrading not so much. And yes, there is a difference between the s22 plus or the s22, since they show the same cameras and the ultra its noticeable, even if youre talking about just the main lens, not the fancy extra telephoto lens and that sort of thing the s22 ultras photos.

Look more dlsr like they look more alive and more dimensional, whereas the s22 pluses look like very fine. Looking, obviously, camera phone photos and the portrait mode is more convincing to me on the ultra as well and night mode, which is one of the things that samsung did improve along with video quality. Night mode is very good on this, but youll see it automatically offer to kick into night mode when, when youre outside in the dark, taking pictures, for example, where the ultra doesnt need to so sometimes you get more natural shots. You dont have to stand still for six seconds and you dont have as much motion blur people or things are moving around while youre taking the picture so thats this versus the ultra. When it comes to the camera, not that im poo pooing on this camera again its quite nice, if youre, comparing this to the pixel 6 pro, i think it would be fair to put the pixel 6 pro up against the ultra, because its camera quality is overall, A little bit better, more naturalistic, though samsung still brightens up photos. A lot does a bit of the hdr thing lifts the shadows, which means brightens the shadows and adds a little more color saturation, where google, with the pixel, tends to go for more naturalistic, more muted. Looking stuff, which you can edit to add zing, if you want to, i will say that i think the samsung does a better job of the portrait mode, which is another thing that they have improved here.

Things like the frizzies, the fly away, hair that sort of thing its not giving you as much of a haircut. If you happen to frizzy hair like i do, for example, or you dont notice, oh wow, an ear, just kind of disappeared, part of it and the usual test shot of standing like this to see if it bokeh is out whats in here. Yes, it does do that, so there certainly are improvements to it, and the video quality looks better too. We know that the iphone is being kick and booty when it comes to video quality versus android, and i wont say that samsung has surpassed apple yet, but theyre getting better and better, where other than the fact that things typically still to me, look a bit too Over sharpened, when youre shooting 4k video, which you can do at 30 or 60 frames per second, it looks pretty nice and the stabilization is top notch. On this, you can shoot 8k at 20, 24 frames per second too, but but why you know its sort of like a party trick, how many of you have 8k tvs out there and also plan to look at the video you shot with your phone on your Tv i dont know for other standard bits. Of course you have nfc here, bluetooth 5.2, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner embedded in the display which works fine, its pretty quick. If you want to be even quicker turn off the animation for the fingerprint, unlocking and you have 2d facial recognition, which is not a super secure kind, but it is very quick and since its android, you also have location, wear unlock if you want.

So, if its at home – and you want it to be unlocked when youre at home, you dont even have to bother with any of the biometrics, you have samsung pay onboard wi, fi 6 on the s22 wi fi 6e on the s22 plus, and you have stereo Speakers with dolby digital, sound and actually the speakers are quite good again. You know the iphones kind of class leading for that. You get more bass, maybe a bit more fullness, but these actually sound pretty good a little bit louder in my ears than the previous generation. So go samsung yay that, right speaking of audio, there is no headphone jack. There is no micro sd card slot either rip both of those. We just dont see these in phones anymore when it comes to display brightness by the way you get the same outdoor max brightness mode of 1750 nits for the s22 plus only 1300 nits for the s22. Why this is i dont know it does not that big a difference in battery capacity. I guess theres a reason why theres a 200 price difference between these right. There you go speaking of battery and the s22. You get a 3700 milliamp battery in the s22 plus you get a 4500 milliamp battery. The plus model obviously has a bigger screen to drive, so it does need a bit more battery power. Both of those are down about around six percent for battery capacity size versus the previous generation, but in my tests so far, theyre actually running about the same as the last generation.

Obviously, the goal here was not to leaps and bounds, improve battery life or to defeat the iphones wonderful battery life, where apple has complete control of the ecosystem and the hardware its easier for them to do. That said, its been lasting me five to five and a half hours for screen on time and ive been using it a little on the hard side, obviously, because im testing out photos and gps and every feature thats on the phone. So thats not bad by any means, especially for a powerful phone with a fairly big display of 6.6 inches, which is by the way just a little bit smaller than last years, two, which was 6.7 to make the phone a little bit smaller. I suppose all right! Well, so you get the idea, i dont see a reason really to upgrade from an s21 plus to an s22 plus, but if its been several years since you got a phone and its time for an upgrade, you might be thinking about other brands of phones right. So i mean obviously if you have like an s9 or something: oh, yes, totally. This is going to be a lot nicer, a lot better in all sorts of ways, but if youre thinking about the pixel 6 pro, for example, well, pixels used to be really solid, reliable, not crazy features, but this time its been a bit more buggy and the Cameras have not been a hundred percent in terms of still needing optimization stuff, so i dont say that thats an easy call, even if youre a photo buff, though, if you are a photo buff theres, probably more of a nice bass line for slr, like imaging with The pixel 6 pro, but other than that, i think i would probably pick the samsung, especially because it has the faster fingerprint scanner and 2d face, unlocking and typically samsungs software suite these days is pretty good.

In fact, you even get google messages now on the phone and, if youre thinking about the samsung galaxy s 21 fe, which weirdly launched not long before the s22 line. My guess is: kovit has just screwed up the timeline for these things and thats. Why that happened? Its a hundred dollars cheaper than an s22 and but i think size wise, is at 6.4 inches its a little bit more competing with the s22 plus so youre going 699 999. It might be worth saving some money. You get the last gen cpu there, but really no big deal in terms of performance. Overall. On this, you get a plastic back, which is a plastic back. Thats meant to look like glass. So if that matters to you, that would be a drawback for the fe and then at 9.99. You know there is this samsung galaxy z, flip 3, for those of you who are flipping out for a new foldable phone um, and you know i do have a z, flip 3 and its still fine it hasnt cracked. I know some people are worried about that sort of thing. I want to wait a few more generations. I cant totally assuage your fears about that sort of thing, but thats also an interesting thing, though right youre, going with less capable cameras there and a slightly older cpu, which isnt a big deal but youre getting a foldable phone for the same price. So you know how you feel about that, if thats worth the leap over into the fold and flip zone so thats the samsung galaxy s22, plus its a fine flagship phone with a nice 6.

6 inch high resolution, not the highest but still high enough resolution fast display. Very competent cameras. It basically does everything that you most people want. I would say you know if you want the super top of the line, camera options. There is the ultra. If you want an s pen, there is the ultra, but barring those two things honestly, you know its a really solid, very likable, very reliable phone. Oh and one more thing, samsung has now said that these phones are going to get four years of os updates up from three thats, pretty darn good and by the way, if you have a galaxy watch four family device. The same is true. There huh selling point im lisa from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and thumbs up.