Samsung hasnt said its killing the galaxy note, but it doesnt have to the galaxy s22 ultra is a spitting image of samsungs, older, stylus, equipped phones, the entire look and feel of the new ultra is just like the galaxy note and, most importantly, it comes with an S pen, that you can actually store inside the phone galaxy s21 ultra buyers, on the other hand, had to buy the s pen separately last year. Many of the other upgrades that you get with the galaxy s22 ultra are pretty standard issue, a newer processor, a slightly better camera and faster charging Music, its not just the s pen itself, thats new samsung also says its reduced. The latency of the s pen and the s pen should also be better at predicting where youre going to scribble next, it feels pretty smooth to write with, and i havent had any issues so far, but the s pen always felt pretty responsive so im, not sure How much of an upgrade this actually is so far, ive been using the s pen, a lot for jotting down reminders and grocery lists and ive also used it for taking notes during the course of this review when im not near my computer. Still, i do feel like the s pen probably would have been more useful, pre 2020, when i was still doing a lot of my meetings in person in the past. I used to use the s pen to take notes during an interview or meeting when i didnt have a laptop nearby, but now that most of my meetings take place at home over zoom.

I never find myself in that scenario anymore, but if you are an s pen fan youll get a lot of the same features that you used to get with the galaxy note that includes the air command menu just pop the stylus out of its holster and youll, See a list of apps and features that work with the s pen. You can also just jot down a quick note by taking the s pen out of its slot, without even unlocking your phone another hand me down from the note thats a big part of what makes the s pen so useful in the first place, you can just Take it out and already start writing something down without having to unlock your phone or open an app if youre, not already an s, pen user, the galaxy s22 ultra probably wont convert you, but its still. A nice bonus, especially since samsung hasnt, raised the price of this years phone compared to last years s pen, aside, im a big fan of the galaxy s22 ultras new design. Ive always preferred the more boxy angular corners of the galaxy note over the galaxy s. So this really feels like an upgrade in my book, but, most importantly, the new look makes the galaxy s22 ultra feel distinct from the s22 and s22 plus, as it should considering the gap in price. Youll also notice that theres no more camera bump on the back of the phone, the lenses sit almost flush against the back of the device which gives it a more streamlined.

Look overall samsung also says the galaxy s22 ultra has one of the brightest displays. Its ever put in a phone and im not doubting that claim so far, ive been using the phone with the brightness set to about 25 and its been plenty for me. Samsung is also making a big deal about the galaxy s22 ultras camera like the s21 ultra. It comes with a 108 megapixel main lens, a 12 megapixel wide lens and two 10 megapixel telephoto lenses and also like the s21 ultra. It has a 10 times optical zoom, its generally pretty similar to the galaxy s21 ultras camera. So you might be wondering whats different. One of the biggest upgrades has to do with taking better photos at night, thanks to some under the hood improvements. Unlike the s21 ultra, the new phone can combine two different camera functions that together produce better photos in dark situations. It blends the detail from the 108 megapixel sensor with a process known as pixel binning, which improves brightness. In other words, samsungs older phones were able to improve brightness through the pixel binning process, but they werent able to combine that with the detail from the main sensor. Thats changing with the galaxy s 22 lineup. To put these claims to the test, i took several photos with the galaxy s22 ultra and the galaxy s21 ultra. First, i snapped some pictures in my apartment, with all of the lights turned off, and then i took some photos in a candlelit bar.

The galaxy s22 ultra was much better at taking photos of people in the dark. The subject looks crisper and theres a lot more detail, but and had a harder time focusing on still objects in the foreground, like this stack of books. These night photography changes also apply to the regular s22 and s22 plus, but since the ultra has a higher resolution, main camera that works to its advantage, still the cheaper galaxy s22 plus also takes decent photos in the dark. Although this photo, i took doesnt have as much detail compared to the ultras photo. You also might be wondering how the galaxy s22 ultra stands up against the competition. The s22 ultra was better at taking pictures of people than the pixel 6 pro, but googles phone was able to focus better on still objects, even though the picture was darker overall, the iphone 13 pro, on the other hand, was better than the s22 ultra when shooting Still objects but not low light portraits. You can check out our full written review for more details about the s22 ultras camera Music. The galaxy s 22 lineup, is also getting a new processor. The qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1., its qualcomms latest smartphone chip thats sure to arrive in a bunch of new mobile devices throughout the year so far performance on the galaxy s. 22 ultra feels exactly like youd expect from a device at this price. The camera launches quickly, games, run smoothly and scrolling around the interface feels fluid thats, also likely, because the display can boost its refresh rate up to 120 hertz just like last years.

Phones and yes, the galaxy s22 and s22 plus – can do that too. I imagine most of the improvements that were seeing with the new processor are actually being put to use in specific features rather than raw performance. For example, some of the new camera features like the nighttime photography, are probably partially powered by the new processor in this phone. After a little more than a full day of use, the galaxy s22 ultra had 43 of its battery left. That sounds about the same as last years: galaxy s21, ultra, which lasted for about a day and a half in our testing thats, not bad, but it would have been nice to see some improvements over last year, Music. Overall, the galaxy s22 ultra is really a successor to the galaxy note. 20 ultra sure it does have some things in common with the s21 ultra, especially when it comes to the camera, but in terms of what sets this phone apart from the other galaxy s22s, the design, the giant screen and the included stylus, are a big part of That, in other ways, the galaxy s22 ultra is just an iterative update on the galaxy s21 ultra sure it has a new processor, a fresh design and faster charging and samsung did deliver on its promise to improve low light photography. But those camera upgrades are kind of incremental plus you can also get them on the s22 and s22 plus the photography improvements are much appreciated, but theyre, probably not enough to get pro photographers, really excited about this phone again.

There have been some really great changes to the way photos are processed that make them look more detailed, but theres, nothing that feels truly new about photography on this phone. Since this is basically a galaxy note, you might also be wondering how it compares to the galaxy note 20 ultra from 2020. The display is a bit smaller than the note 20 ultras, but the s22 ultra does come with a new processor, a sharper selfie camera. An extra telephoto lens, a bigger battery and twice the optical zoom range plus dont, forget about all those night photography improvements, but again these are more or less improvements to existing note, 20 ultra features, rather than something thats entirely new. If you really like big phones, were a fan of the note series and have a galaxy phone thats older than the s20 ultra or note 20 ultra, this will be a nice upgrade for you. But if you already have one of samsungs recent ultra phones, you probably dont – need to rush out and buy this right away.