Today we have to compare two new hot phones. latest Realme 9 Pro vs Xiaomi 11i, which phone is better Before starting. The comparison lets check the prices which phone is getting at what price. 6128. You are getting this phone for 24999 correct. You are also getting the same 6128 variant of the Xiaomi 11i in 24999. Both the companies are asking for the same money. So today we have to find out which phone is the best value for money.. Comparison is a bit long because there is a lot of stuff to show, But believe me, if you see everything, then your money will not be wasted. That is guaranteed.. Both the phones have a different design in the glass back panel. Theres a bit of a starry design here. But if you just go up theres a complete flat glass slab., The design here is totally different Right now your phone looks a bit bluish type, but when you go to outdoor and when sunrays fall on it, then it turns a bit red. Sometimes it becomes orange in color, mostly it becomes orange color only., Some different looks have been given, Sometimes turns dark blue too In hand feeling which phone is better. The weight of Realme 9 Pro is 182 grams., While the weight of Xiaomi 11i is 207 grams.. There is a difference of 25 grams, but in terms of weight, the Xiaomi 11i is a bit heavy, But there is also a difference here that Xiaomi 11i is a bit thicker.

Youll notice that its a little too slim. This phone feels a bit bulky and this phone is a bit too slim, So I found this phone a little more comfortable to use, because this phone is also light weight. It is also slim so, overall, it is good to use This phone has indisplay fingerprint sensor. You get a side mounted fingerprint sensor in this phone.. It is up to you to choose how much you unlock by the way both are better., But the indisplay fingerprint sensor feels a bit more premium, Because indisplay fingerprint sensor is available in expensive phones. It is given here Which phone is more comfortable on the table By the way, both the phones are not comfortable to touch and type, so you will have to put a case. In Xiaomi 11i. You get IR blaster, which is mostly in all Redmi phones.. If only IR blaster is your priority, then you have to go to this phone. There is nothing like this in this phone, but a different feature has been given in this phone that, While using indisplay fingerprint you can measure heart beat here, It is mostly accurate, 95 accuracy. You can believe as much as my smart watch. Shows. Same is showing here too, By the way in terms of design. Realme 9 Pro looks a bit better because it is light, weight slim and looks a bit easy to use.. Compare the display of both the phones, which phones display is better.

Both the phones are full hd super amoled Technology wise both the phones are same super amoled, But there are two big differences here. The first big difference is: If you go to the display option of both the phones, then here you can see that In Realme 9. Pro you can set 60 90 and auto option. It is a bit better in battery saving. Xiaomi 11i has 60 or 120. Also, The maximum brightness of Xiaomi 11i is too much. Xiaomi 11i can deliver a peak brightness of around 1200 nits, While the peak brightness of about 1000 nits has been given in Realme 9 Pro The average is 600 nits. So from this point of view, this display is better and I personally like the display of Xiaomi 11i better because it is a bit brighter and I feel more colorful. Let me show some more things before comparing two important features. Lets talk about software out of the box, Which phone is coming on, which version. If we talk about Realme 9 Pro, then here you get android 12 out of the box, whereas in Xiaomi 11i you get android 11.. If seen in this way, then Realme 9 Pro can give you a little more support.. Here is android 12. Then you should get android 14 guaranteed In Xiaomi 11i. The company will give maximum Android 13 only. If you want to use the phone for a long time like atleast 2 to 3 year, So I think Realme 9 Pro can get a bit more software support.

If software is a priority for you, then, By the way I find both the phones fast for personal use, but I think Xiaomi 11i is a bit faster.. How is it fast now? Let me show you the speed test. If you talk about extra applications, then you will get a few more applications in Realmes UI. As far as I have felt. Extra applications in Xiaomis phone have reduced a bit, but still there are 10 12 extra applications available here.. You can uninstall most applications Here, which is always on display. You can keep it complete., But here the always on display goes away after a while Which phone has better performance. Today I am showing you speed test after two and a half years, thats. True Last comparison. We did Redmi note 8 Pro Vs Realme XT. Now after two and a half years lets do a small comparison again.. If you want to see speed test comparison in future, please tell in comment: You get the same processor in both the phones, the Dimensity 920. So now I am showing you the first app launch which phone launch the application first. Round. One then Which phone resume all applications in round 2, Which phone has better memory management Same ram, is available in both the phones at the same price. In both the phones. You get virtual ram, ie dynamic, ram, expansion. have the same cpu, So here we have to see which phones, software is better because from there you will get memory, management and other factors.

correct so see If seen, Xiaomi 11i is running a little fast. Now you can see now at the last launch the game By the way, how much dynamic ram expansion helps practically. I cant tell you that, because I have kept the maximum level in both. Still, I think Xiaomi 11i will do a little better, see bgmi launched first in Xiaomi 11i and it is launching later in Realme. 9. Pro Clock is running at the same time in both the phones. Now the main thing will be which phone gives you better memory management lets see Round. 1 is running almost evenly. No Xiaomi 11i has been launched a little earlier, and here you will see that wow. Just 1 minute, 28, second And the other phone is still running in the background. Realme 9 Pro and Lets resume the application see here, which phone is getting better response so far In Xiaomi 11i, most of the applications are in memory. I mean In comparison. If we test this thing in Realme 9 Pro So here also, you can see how many applications are in memory.. Some applications are removed in Xiaomi 11i, like adobe rush was removed here And most of the applications are getting refreshed in Realme 9 Pro too., as you can see, NetflixAmazon Prime Most applications are getting refreshed and See in 11i. The game is also in memory bgmi and its all in memory. I think there was a camera and an application Except two to three applications in Xiaomi 11i.

All the other applications were in memory, but in Realme 9 Pro only few applications were in memory. I beleive Facebook Instagram Twitter. It was after that All these OTTapplications were getting refreshed.. I think setting and camera are in memory, see its in memory Lets see. What is the story of the games? Games are not in memory. Neither this nor bgmi, which is to come. Looking at this way, Xiaomi 11i is doing a better job. Xiaomi 11i is faster, more fluid and memory management is also better in this phone.. By the way, the issue of memory management can be fixed in the future, but it is not guaranteed. Right now. The clear winner in the result is Xiaomi 11i.. Now the main point is to compare which phones, camera is better.. Talking about the numbers it looks like. There are five cameras, but 108 8 2, its a fake camera. It is led Triple camera. There is also a triple camera here: 50 megapixel, 8 megapixel 2 megapixel. First here is the Realme 9 Pro, and Here is the Xiaomi 11i, its red flower. It is a little pinkish in Xiaomi, 11i pinkish. Ok, another sample, Yellow color is coming fine in both the phones, but the detail is better in 9, Pro ok, Bloody red color, Mostly both are close. There is a slight color change in Realme 9 Pro But see other details. Wow nearly great detail is coming in both the phones. So Here the Xiaomi 11i looks a bit too close.

50 megapixel Vs 108 megapixel. Here you can see how much you can zoom. So mostly you can do great zoom with both the phones.. So the color accuracy is almost fine in both the phones, but the sharpness and detail is a bit better. In Realme 9 Pro Lets compare in outdoor. This photo was taken from main sensor, just non higher megapixel. If you look at the details here, the details are coming very good in the Realme 9 Pro and the 11i looks a bit faded. Both have 8 megapixels, but the 8 megapixels of the Realme 9 Pro is a bit better. If you zoom twice, then here, you will see that a little quality is good in Realme 9 Pro Colors are coming a little better in realme 9. Pro Again also see here. There is a small difference, not a huge difference. You can say that there is a difference of 19 20 Realme 9 Pro has a slightly better shot. You can see some more shots. If you see the details in the background, then in 9 Pro you can see a little more good. Color is fine. There is a slight color change in the 11i. Some more shots lets see As of now better detail and sharpness is in 9. Pro, I think, color accuracy is a bit good. You can see that it has become a little pink type, here. its a little too red, Actually its Red Pot. A little change has come here.

Ok, Compare portraits in both shots. I think the portrait of the Xiaomi 11i is a bit good, Which phone has better edge. Detection i think same is coming in both phone. There is not much difference. Portrait shot of both the phones is good. Lets check, which phone has good performance in low light.? See Samsungs 108 Vs 50 megapixels of realme. You can see clear winner. You can see how great the IMX766 is working with night mode. Here you can see that the shots are not that clear.. Here you will see there is a photograph of about half past nine. In the night. Here you can see which phone has better detail. Xiaomi 11i looks a bit good in this shot. If you look at the fine details, The details are coming here very well again. Another angle Here you can see that the performance of the Xiaomi 11. I is a bit poor in complete low light, while the performance of the Realme 9 Pro is a bit better.. So clearly, Here the sensor of Realme 9 Pro is performing better. You can actually see here how great the details are coming in the Realme 9. Pro. Also Talking about video capability, you can make videos up to 4K 30 Fps with both the phones., but now You are watching video quality of realme 9 pro I dont know. What is the reason for this absolutely canvas type video is coming complete, like The feeling of paint job is coming.

You can see for yourself that Realme 9 Pro has a little better stabilization, but the video quality of Xiaomi 11i is coming completely natural.. There is no overexposure very natural feeling is coming. The video quality of the Xiaomi 11i is better, but the stabilization is a bit better. On the 9 Pro In both the phones you get 16 megapixel selfie Selfie is coming fine in both phones, Theres, a slightly warmer tone here. Theres, a slightly cooler tone here. Portraits are good in both Hair detection and smoothing at the edges is also being done properly. Picture quality is better in Realme 9 Pro performing better in low light. Xiaomi 11i has better video quality, Which phone has better battery backup and charging specs wise Xiaomi 11i gets around 5160 mAh battery 67 watt charger is available in the box. You get around 4500 mAh battery in Realme 9 Pro The charger that comes with Realme is 65W, but the phone supports maximum 60W charging.. I have got the same charging rate of both the phones in about 35 minutes. Both the phones get fully charged. Backup wise. Both the phones cannot be called exactly equal, but Xiaomi 11i is a bit better. I think Here the rom optimization is a bit better and the battery capacity is also a bit high.. This phone can be considered as a complete 2 day phone., and I have to charge this phone after a day and a half Lets compare speaker which phone has louder speaker.

Dual speakers have been given in both the phones. There is a slight difference in the placement.: 11i has one on the top and one on the bottom In Realme, one is on the earpiece and one is on the bottom. If you do gaming, then the front speaker will give a little better experience. While gaming. It may happen that if you are gaming like this, then this speaker may be a bit off. For Gamers. This placement is better and for just music lovers. I think both are equal, so at the end guys, which phone is better by the way? There is a very close competition see Both the phones have different signature features. right. If you go for the same variant of both the phones, then it is a bit more. Slim compact, Easy to use Its a little big bulky. Its display is better Its a little bit less good, 90 hz and Brightness is a bit low correct. This is on latest android its a year behind The performance of both the phones is nearly the same. Camera is the main priority for you. You want better photos., then this is the phone for you. Memory management of this phone looks a bit better. This phone may be improved in future. The sound output of both is equal charging and battery are also nearly the same. There is not much difference. Now you have to decide like Realme, UI, Vs, Xiaomi, MIUI, And the brand difference is also everyones, which brand do you like.

If you have a Realme phone, then you can get more discount by exchanging. If you have a phone from Xiaomi or Redmi, then you can get a little better. Phone. Tell me by commenting what do you think? Which phone is better for you? Thank you. So much guys and stay tuned for many more.