So we are going to talk about its design, features, build quality, camera performance, gaming, performance battery life, battery charging, speed and all of its pros and cons. So here we go so first of all lets talk about the design and build quality poco m4. Pro 5g is a beautiful looking smartphone and comes with nice build quality. Considering its price segment, the screen is protected by cotton gorilla glass. 3.. The screen also comes with a thin screen protector pre applied on it for dual production. You got the plastic frame and plastic back panel and the device is ip53 certified for being a splash resistant and a 6.6 inch smartphone with 5000 image battery is still not heavy at 195 grams. It is easy to use, feels very solid in hand, and the slightly curved back panel edges provide a very nice grip. The matte finish back panel is very beautiful and quite unique, also because of the camera module design. The matte finish back panel feels nice in hand while holding it it attracts no smudges or fingerprint and its pretty eye catching. The camera. Module is a bit misleading because it gives the impression that the poco m4 pro 5g comes with quad camera, but in reality we got just two lenses on this camera. Module and rest of them are just dummies, and then we got an ir blaster studio, speaker setup and a 3.5 mm audio jack as well on poco, m4, pro 5g.

So, overall, in terms of design and build quality, this device is pretty solid, beautiful, unique and provides a nice user experience. Talking about the display, we got a 6.6 inch, ips lcd screen with full hd plus resolution, and it comes with 90hz refresh rate dc ip3 color camera and 240 hertz touch sampling rate, so the colors are sharp and punchy and provide a very nice viewing experience because Of the high refresh rate and saturated color space, the screen is also pipeline, l1 drm supported, so you can stream full hd resolution content on youtube, netflix, etc. On poco m4 pro 5g, you will get a bit more than 500 nits brightness and outdoors under the bright sunlight. So the device is pretty easy to use. Even on a bright sunny day, the 90 hertz refresher provides a nice weaving experience and the 240 hertz touch sampling rate is quite helpful when it comes to gaming. Poco m4. Pro 5g comes with a 5000 image battery along with 33 watt fast charging. So it takes nearly 65 minutes in charging the battery from 0 to 100, and the battery performance is quite impressive. It also comes with various power saving mode that you can use to improve the battery performance and even on heavy usage. It can easily survive a bit more than one day and once it goes down, you can quickly charge it. Using the 33 watt fast charger provided in the retail box, the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the power key.

It is super fast, very accurate and you can use it not only to unlock your smartphone, but also to lock unlock the smartphone applications. You got on your device record the studio speakers setup on poco m4, pro 5g, that you wont find on many smartphones in this price segment. The speakers are not enough, but the audio quality is not that great, but still considering the fact that poco is providing the studio speaker setup in the budget, smartphone segment, its still a pretty nice thing. Talking about the performance, it comes with. Mediatek diameter 810 processor, 6gb ram 128gb storage, android 11 miui 12.5, so overall performance is quite nice and one of the best in price segment. Considering the benchmarking scores we got on this device, you will be able to play most of the high end games on the low or medium graphics setting, and you will get good fps as well. Performance of the cpu is quite impressive when it comes to throttling, as in our cpu throttle test. After one hour, the performance was still at around 80 percent and in our 3d market stress test, the stability was 99.5 percent, thats very impressive. So considering the price segment, you will get one of the best performance from poco m4 pro 5g in the budget smartphone segment. You can watch our gaming performance test of xiaomi poco m4 pro 5g to get the better idea about the performance of this device. Talking about the software, it comes with android 11 miui 12.

5.3 and, as we know, xiaomis miui is very feature rich, so pokem4 pro 5g comes with lots of software based features and options that you can use to improve your productivity and user experience while using this device. The user interface is pretty smooth, you wont, feel any lagging in your daily usage and you will love the customization options that miui 12.5 provides to the smartphone user. Now talking about the camera, we got a 50 megapixel primary camera, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens and 16 megapixel front facing camera, so xiaomi has removed the quite useless the depth sensor and the macro lens from this device and is providing the ultra wide angle lens That is really an impressive thing, and it would be just awesome if there was a dedicated telephoto lens here as well. The camera performance is quite nice, as it captures good amount of details. The ai mode helps in improving the saturation and contrast a bit. The dynamic range is nice: it comes with hdr, but auto hdr really works, so i would prefer to keep the hdr option turned on all of the time. The quality of the wide angle lens is pretty impressive. It captures lots of details, but the color reproduction is a bit different and more saturated in the ultra wide angle, lens mode, even without the depth sensor. The poco m4 pro 5g captures very nice portrait shots and the low light imaging is okay as well. It also comes with the night mode that helps in improving the low light imaging capability of the device a bit for sure Music.

The front facing camera performance is also quite nice. It captures good amount of detail. The dynamic range is nice, it also comes with hdr and in the portrait mode. The subject. Separation and the background player is also pretty nice when it comes to video recording poco m4. Pro 5k can record 1080p results in videos at 30, fps from all of its camera. The 60fps shooting is available only on the main camera, and there is no 4k option available at all the primary camera. Video recording is quite nice, but if you switch to ultra wide angle lens, the video recording capability goes down and performance is quite poor. So, overall, the camera performance of xiaomi poco, m4, pro 5g, is quite nice, considering its price segment, both the primary camera and the ultra wide angle lens capture, very nice images with lots of details, and the same goes with the front facing camera as well. The low light imaging is not that great and there is no 4k resolution video recording available on this device overall xiaomi poco m4. Pro 5g is one of the best smartphone in its price segment, as it comes with solid, build quality. The huge 90 hertz display with dc ip3 color space is very beautiful. The battery life is impressive, and so is the battery charging speed. The android, 11 and miui 12.5 provides a very smooth and nice user experience. The fingerprint sensor is very fast and accurate. The overall performance is pretty impressive and one of the best again in its price segment and the overall camera performance is nice as well, and on top of this, we got a studio, speaker, setup, ir blaster, fm radio, 3.

5 mm jack and dual 5g capability on xiaomi Poco m4, pro 5g, so thats all for now.