Do a quick review of this rog phone five s and guys uh this one being like my typical full fetch review, because ive used this device just for about four or five days, but i think so. I got most of the points. What you guys are looking at and in fact guys, if you notice this rog phone five is uh, i would say just iteration. For example, if you recall the iphone 6 and the 6s, the iphone 6s was exactly the same as the iphone 6. But some of the internals were changed thats the same case even with this. In fact, if you look at the box also, the box is also very similar to the rog phone five. It just says rog phone 5s over here and again republic of gamers, its a gaming centric phone, but i used it like a normal business user and i think so for some heavy users. This can be useful thing ill talk about that and in fact i will also compare some benchmarks, because the big difference between the rog 5 phone 5s and the regular rog 5 is just the processor chain. Uh the older one had the snapdragon 888. This one has the snapdragon 88 plus, which is clocked slightly higher uh, well see a difference. I have the uh oneplus 9rt, which has the snapdragon 88. So i also ran some benchmarks to give you an idea. Is there any significant difference? So we look at that.

In terms of physical looks again guys, this is very similar to the rog phone 5. Exactly the same, you wont find any difference in terms of low because, as ive told you its just a s version, i have two main things: the processor has changed and in fact, in terms of cooling, they have improved. The cooling the in internal vapor chamber has been made bigger so that it dissipates heat a little bit uh. There were some complaints about some heating with the extended usage of the rog phone fiber. So i think so they fixed that in this video uh. So let me talk about the physical overview first again, guys the build is the same metallic builder, so this is metallic uh and we have the volume rocker over here. Power on open build is solid guys in terms of build. They have done a very good job at very substantial. It feels i like that. It has actually proper two speakers front firing and i have to say this is the loudest uh. What do you say? Stereo speaker that have to said it beats the iphone 13 pro everything and bottom. If you go, we still have. What do you say? 3.5 mm headphone jack. So i like that, i think so, if youre a hardcore gamer, you will appreciate it even the best of the best bluetooth have slight latency uh, so you can avoid that. I tested it with bluetooth, headsets, also the xm4s, the new yamaha, that im testing.

So the bluetooth range is good, no issues with that a type c port. We have over here and uh your sim tray over here. No, i know uh. What do you say? Sd card on this one, the base variant, the prices havent been changed from the rog phone five, so as this is replacing it so the base variant comes with eight gigabytes of ram thats, the one that i have with 128 gigabytes of storage theres, also one more Variant and thats for 50 000, one more variant, thats for 12 gigabytes of ram and 256gb of storage, but they have also launched a pro version of this one that actually comes with a whopping crazy, 18 gigabytes of ram. I dont know why anybody needs 18 gigabytes of ram, and that comes with 512 gigabytes of storage, but this is the standard one that i have and on this end we also have again the same. If you open this, you can add extra gaming accessories, uh again its compatible with rog, 5 gaming accessories, so aero cooler, those gaming controllers, etc that you can put back. We have a triple cameras and uh set up exactly the same as the uh rog 5. Here are some of the specs guys to give you an idea what the smartphone is all about now lets uh get down. What do i feel about this one, and this one has a big screen, guys its a big phone if you notice its having a 6.

79 inch screen, and i like the amoled screen, what they have put its a custom panel uh that is being built by samsung For rog, specifically for this phone and its 144 hertz panel, very, very smooth, i like the quality of the panel on this one. The panel is really good. The blacks are good. Even when you go to extremely low brightness, i was watching some videos. I use this. Mostly for my consumption, because the speakers are so good, even at the lowest brightness uh, you dont have that black crush or whatever or strains to your eyes or something like so. The display is very good uh again a highlight of this one touch again as a gaming phone very fast touch. 144 hertz is the refresh rate you can set it to lower. Also if you want, but why would you do it? It has the massive 6000 milliamp hour battery, so battery life is actually not an issue with the smartphone uh. Next thing that i noticed on this smartphone is the haptics uh, the haptics, the vibration motor is done very well. I think so because gamers appreciate that so again, that is very good one of the better haptics on this one, and one thing i noticed this – is an improvement compared to the rog phone five uh here in display fingerprint scanner is way more responsive. So i think so they tuned uh this well, i think so. For some reason this works faster, i would say, and were more reliable.

So that is something that i notice again. Speakers are very very loud one of the loudest that i have seen on a smartphone. It goes crazy loud. Actually, you cant keep it on the max its that loud uh. Now i was also very curious about this one, so i ran some benchmarks again. As i have told you, this is the oneplus 9 rt and lets just look at some of the benchmarks so that you have an idea. The oneplus 9rt is having the standard snapdragon 888, whereas this is having the snapdragon, 88 plus and again guys. If you know the rog phone x, uh actually has this thing: when you do gaming or something this is the x mode, the x mode is it uses the entire processor? It doesnt try to like clock it down even on one plus. Actually, there is a performance mode, so i ran the benchmarks. If i go to, if i recall, if i go through um, what do you say battery therell be that option on the oneplus? You can also do that and then here in the bar advanced settings, if you go high performance mode, so i didnt the benchmarks even on the oneplus 9rt at the high performance mode. So it was running at the max the process of what it can do. So random benchmarks ive got some pretty interesting results, and if i go two words, you have to use the google photos on this one i mean uh.

One good thing is: this is almost like completely stock, except the rog gaming, app that we have for customization of cape, so very stock android experience that youre getting on this one uh. And if i go to photos – and here i love – let me just actually dont back up. Let me just show the photos. If i go to the library, screenshots, okay, uh lets start when okay lets start to ill use the same benchmarks. Okay, here we ran okay. This is the uh geekbench uh score and again, as you can see, even the oneplus was running on the high performance mode and, as you can see, yes, it beat the oneplus. We got 1172 in single core and yes multicore. There is a significant difference of over 200 points, so, yes, this is slightly faster. Lets, go to another benchmark and lets go to this. This is a pc mark and here again, as you can see its significantly higher it goddess code. So yes, the snapdragon 888 plus, is slightly faster in day to day operations. You might not notice it, but if youre sort of that hardcore gamer, yes because of the cooling – and you will get that higher consistent frame rates on this one, if youre that and two two also, i ran – and this was interesting and through two – whereas the introduce Score and as you can see on this one plus nine rt, we got a score of seven lakh, thirty, eight thousand, where here we got a score of eight lakh, thirty, seven thousand, so almost one lakh better.

So yes, the snapdragon 888 plus is fla slightly faster uh and again in day to day performance. You will not notice it, but again, if youre sort of hardcore gamer you can uh talking about gaming guys. I did because i did some gaming. Mostly. I played call of duty because thats the game i, like, i dont, play any other games and i played it for just about 25 minutes and you also have that triggers and all those things the physical triggers on this smartphone, so thats. Actually a nice experience. I would say, and it did not heat up or something it got a little bit warm, but no heating. In fact, i would say uh for gaming uh check out uh chaitan bhavanis channel. He put a new actually channel entirely dedicated to gaming, and i was just chatting with him earlier and ill leave the link of the gaming what he did with this one and he told that he even played the games on the smartphone continuously for seven eight hours And he did not have an issue. So again, there were some issues with the earlier version of the rog phone five. If you continuously game uh, it became used to become very, very hard, i think so thats where they actually solved that again watch chetan bhavanis channel. He played that btmi for continuously, for a very, very long time ill leave the link in the description so thats regarding the benchmark and the gaming on this one.

Another thing that i noticed is that again, as i was using this as a regular phone uh because of the 6000 milliamp hour battery generally on the other flagships or whatever you are hovering about four thousand five hundred four thousand or max or four thousand seven hundred Milliamp hours of battery, because this one has six thousand milliamp amperes of battery the battery life i was getting on this one is excellent, for example, on the oneplus 9rd, which comes with the snapdragon 888. I was hovering anywhere about five to five and a half hours of screen on time with my regular usage uh. Even on the what was that samsung galaxy s21 fe, which comes with the exynos 2100, which is closer to the snapdragon 88. I was again hovering about five and a half hours of sot. With my typical usage guys, every everybodys usage is a little bit different, so im talking about my typical usage on this one uh. Definitely i got better sot. I was hovering anywhere about uh, seven and a half to about eight hours of sod. So definitely yes, that six thousand milli amperes of battery is making a difference. So this was a one phone, even with slightly heavy usage continuously using gps for three hours. Outdoors and stuff, like that, i never had an issue. At the end of the day, i was getting anxiety that the battery is falling less so easily about one and a half days worth of battery life.

It was giving to me and uh, if even a sort of a heavy user, you will not have a problem and, if youre sort of a gamer, in fact, you can remove this this port and actually charge it while gaming, its designed for that so battery life, Is one thing that is just crazy: this is the highest battery capacity that you can get for a flagship processor, so that way, battery life is not an issue. Uh next thing is uh. Now lets move to some of the things that uh again moving to the camera guys, the camera is exactly the same as the rog phone five. The main camera is a 64 megapixel, then uh. We also have a 13 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel macro, and here are some of the samples random samples that i took with this one and camera is decent. In fact, these are some of the samples that i was taking on the samsung galaxy s. 22 uh launch – and these were taken in dull lighting in my drawing room, pretty dull lighting and in fact i was surprised that the results came out, uh good uh, so the camera, i would say, is decent. But again, if you are buying this smartphone specifically for camera, then i would not say the samsung flagships or the other flagships that specifically cater towards camera, will get better results and tricky lighting conditions compared to this one. But this one i would say the camera is no slouch in a pinch.

If you want to take some photographs and stuff like that and post it, itll do the job. But again this is this. This smartphone you will not buy specifically. If camera is your highest criteria, just want to get that very clear. Uh next thing is uh. One thing that i do not like. In fact, i got one ot update just today morning, uh before shooting this video. So let me just show you – and this is where i i am like they should have been better. I would say if you go to system and about the phone uh android version is still on android 11., so they should have launched. Yes, i checked with asus team. They told that android 12 will soon be coming on the smartphone, but i feel they should have launched the smartphone directly with android 12, because some of the other brands, for example, uh the real me uh. What was that? Not even the flagship that came uh with android 12., so they should have actually got it with android 12.. Slight nitpicking that i would say next thing is again: you have to be aware about this one uh. This is definitely a heavy phone guys, a pretty heavy phone uh so again uh its 238 gram, so you have to get used to it and uh uh. Lastly, i completely forgot about about this one. What do we get in the box? So these are the accessories that you get.

You get this case in the box itself, so its a nice very light case. So you can just put this in and it will protect the edges of your phone and the back so looks. The case actually looks pretty cool on this one, and you also get this charger in the box. Actually, uh here im slightly disappointed, because this is a regular 30 watt charger, but the smartphone supports 65 watts of charging and in international market theyre, giving a 65 watt charger. So here they could have also given us the 65 watt charger dont get me wrong. It charges pretty quickly but its not that 65 watt charger uh by the way. This does support uh power delivery charging. So many of the laptops these days are coming with the type c charger. So if you have that you can charge the smartphone with your laptops, speed charger uh. Another thing that i like – and i dont recall this one correct me: if im wrong this one, we are getting a braided charging cable. So i like that these are a lot more clearable, so this was a nice thing and, lastly, i would say uh. I also use this smartphone quite a bit for media consumption, and the reason for that was the speakers. Let me in. Let me give you an idea, lets just open youtube lets just go back and, and actually also this uh on the oneplus 9rd. This also has stereo speaker so lets try to actually around the same video so that you can get an idea about the speaker, so lets do that.

Lets display it first on the oneplus. This is the max volume guys. Let me check yes, this is the max one, one plus now im gon na play it on this one im gon na pause, this Music. You have base and depth on this one, but this is not the max volume rights. Let me just increase it Music. So as you can, this is normal and this is extra Music again to give you an idea, let me pause this. Let me Applause Music. So definitely i would say speakers are among the best and in fact, not only stereo speakers. The balance is very good because its front firing its not like. Okay, if 60 volume comes from this, so very, very balanced and in fact the speakers are so good that you get slight bass also on this one, so excellent for media consumption. In fact, i watched a lot of videos and even movies uh with this smartphone uh. So to sum it up, i would say uh. This smartphone is for people who are specifically gamers, because this is a gaming, centric smartphone and also for people who consume a lot of media online, and they want that long battery life. If youre, that kind of a person, you can certainly have a look at this uh smartphone its available on flipkart and the base variant starts at about 50 000.. So guys this was my quick review of this rog phone 5s. I it comes with the snapdragon 88 plus.